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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the butterfly

MasyaAllah! I just realised it was a dream, what I saw just now. For a while, at the back of my mind - I thought it was something that really happened.

I was out 5am in the morning, then I got back home about 7am and I slept a bit before I woke up again about 830am..

Before I totally forget, in my dream..

I think I was at a gathering at some house, my aunts were there, and we were going to leave - but they took their time, so I walked out slowly first. As I looked ahead to where I should pass, I saw the surrounding is a jungle (must be the topic last night) and the path we 'normally' would take has thick growth now. A few bushes had fully grown. But I saw that I could probably squeeze through by the side, between the bushes and the railings, so I walked through, brushing the bushes, and stepping over, what I don't know could be underneath, cause you can't really see.

Then I looked by the railing and I saw there was like a basement floor.. someone was there.. Can't figure out who. They were taking pictures. I got to the other side where there was a clearing.. Then I thought, I better go back so that I can guide the others. And suddenly I saw this beautiful butterfly on a leaf of one of the bushes that covered the pathway. As I walked nearer, it flew away, and it landed on some wall now, and it's bigger and it's very colourful, and it's the most beautiful butterfly I had ever seen. I wanted to take a photo, but I don't have my camera with me.. I only managed to take it with my phone. It flew and it could transform into an insect, then it turned into the butterfly again when it wanted to fly.

I walked back to the other side.. and met my husband. Then we went into.. what seem like an indonesian buffet restaurant - two floors. and while waiting for our table, I sat with two older ladies, and we were talking about how she liked the food there.. I think. And then I went to look for a table to sit.

And then, I woke up.


See.. the thing is, this morning, nyai (my husband's grandma) had just passed away. I'd love to think that she is the beautiful butterfly I saw in my dream.

May God forgive her sins, bless her soul, let her be among the blessed and grant her a blissful Afterlife. Ameen.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.

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