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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

On autopilot, on the expressway.

Pan Island Expressway. Entrance from Toh Guan. Three lanes. I was fully aware when I got onto the expressway and filtered all the way to the fast lane. Then I was thinking of something.. and got into a deep thought.. so deep that, the next thing I knew I was back in the slow lane, ready to exit from the expressway to my home. I was genuinely surprised to find myself on the left most lane cause I TOTALLY don't recall the part when I filtered back to the most left lane.

The amazing thing is.. the BRAIN, it has the 'procedural' memory that gets stored in the head, and it's being recalled even without my conscious effort. I'm sure "I" signalled and checked for traffic before I filtered to the left most lane. MasyaAllah. A clear example of how the eyes, hands and legs can do things, without our consciously 'instructing' them to do it. The subsconscious mind just took over, when my conscious mind was busy.

Really, Subhanallah.

Trippy, again.

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