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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 10 (30 day challenge) - Photo of favourite place to eat

As mentioned before.. I don't have a favourite. I have places I like to eat. I don't really ENJOY food, cause I eat to live or to pass time. So if I have a few favourite place to eat, it's not because the food is awesome - of course the food has to be acceptably good lah - but it's because I love the atmosphere or the ambience.

Among them are

Changi Gurame - by the sea, open only at night. You can see planes landing.. many planes landing - it's like seeing the 'airport controller' game LIVE. And then the boats and the sound of the waves.

West Coast Park Mcd (I hate having to include 'Mcd' - cause I avoid the food, but I love that place). Nice breeze, a lot of greeneries.

Pacific Coffee - Vivo - overlooking Sentosa. Nice place to sit and do work.

Aiman Cafe - A coffeeshop bawah block, with a good variety of food, and very cosy and comfortable. Must be the wooden flooring look. Very airy and bright and clean.

Azhar - near and convenient.

Arab Street - Sarabat or KG Cafe - nice local place to chit chat with friends.

Simpang Bedok - good place also to lepak and be with friends for the cheap drinks/food (compared to the the first 3 places)

Ok I think that's about all yang lebih regular. I don't mind other places too, cause like I said, I don't have a favourite. As long as the place fits the mood of the moment - ok go. OOOH.. of course must be halal.


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