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Monday, October 28, 2013

Science and Religion

Many people fail to realise that God and religion is very much related to Science.

Whatever it is that man study about our own selves, the earth or the universe - is actually a study of God's creations which should make man come to realise through His Creations, God's Perfection and Power over all things.

For anything so perfect, there MUST be a Creator. Perfect things don't happen just by chance.
Just like how you would never imagine a snowman becoming a snowman by chance. What more a human with all the perfect and intelligent inner workings?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Opening a Maybank Account in Malaysia for Singaporeans/foreigners.

To avoid the hassle of going back and forth to the bank and all over the place, here are some tips and pointers for those who want to open an account.

This is from my understanding and my experience.

You will need :
Introducer form, endorsed by introducer and introducer's bank branch.

I was told I cannot open a savings account, since I'm a foreigner. So I must open a Current Account. For Muslims, you can choose an Islamic Current Account.

If you don't have a Maybank Account in Singapore, then if you want to open a current account in Malaysia, you need to have an 'introducer'. The introducer MUST be an existing current account holder in Malaysia, who has issued a cheque in the last 6 months.

This current account holder can be a company or an individual. There is a card form that needs to be filled by the introducer - which they can obtain from their bank branch. Then they need to fill up their account details and for the individual, sign with a signature matching the bank's record. If it's a company, then all signatories required for the banking account must sign the form PLUS the company stamp that was used to open the current bank account.

The bank branch of the introducer will validate the card and endorse it. (sign and stamp).

Only then, with the introducer card, can the foreigner go to Maybank to open a current account.

As for those with a Singapore Maybank Account, I understand from my sister in law that you can apply to open the Malaysian bank account online.

Minimum RM2000 is required for the foreigner to open a current account.

You may as well now apply for phone banking and INTERNET BANKING at the same time. You only need to put a check on those options in the bank account opening form.

At the counter, apply also the TAC (setting your phone number in which the bank can send approval code for your INTERNET BANKING online payments/banking). You'll need to sign a form.

Once you're done, you will get a Maybank Debit Card, and dummy password. You need to go to the ATM (normally outside the bank) to set your Maybank ATM password.

If you have also applied for the internet banking, then you also need to set your INTERNET BANKING activation password from the ATM. You will need this to access your internet banking for the first time online.

When completed, you can only collect your first CHEQUE BOOK in about 3 work days from the day you open the account. They will call you when it's ready and you'll need to collect it within Monday-Friday banking hours.

For internet banking, when you first login, you will be requested for the ATM card no, and the internet banking activation password. Thereafter you set your username and password, along with other security validations.

You should be good now.

That's all I have encountered and learnt so far. I didn't do it smoothly as above, because i had to learn the hard way by going back and forth with my cousin to her bank branch and office, and having delays in activating my internet banking and hitting the TAC problem when trying to pay my bills online for the first time.

So I hope, insyaa Allah, with this it will be smoother for you all.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Like your own bus

On Monday I took the public back to JB, from Singapore. I reached Jurong East about 10pm, and did not wait long to board the Causeway Link bus - CW3. Fare was $4

It took me approximately one hour to reach home. One hour doesn't seem that long, now that I'm commuting daily from JB to Singapore.

At the customs, some passengers from the bus would dash for the immigration counters. My son told me about it previously. He said he felt compelled to run with them when he saw them running. haha. I didn't - I kept my cool.

After the JB customs, when we reached the housing estates around Bukit Indah area - passengers were going up to the driver and telling him exactly where they want to stop, anywhere along the bus route. You don't necessarily need to stop at a bus stop.

One male passenger, went up to the driver, a distance before his stop to tell him where to stop, then started chatting with the driver.
At one point the driver asked all of the passengers if anyone was alighting at a certain neighbourhood, cause he thought perhaps he could skip that route if no one was alighting there. A couple of passengers responded that they were. The driver acknowledged and went that route.

I am actually quite amazed the whole thing. It makes us more human, don't you think? There are interactions and helping others. This is in contrast to Singapore where most services are by the book. People don't communicate with each other or oblige one another. They don't need to speak to each other - it's almost a mechanical robotic routine to board a public bus in Singapore - well the few times I did. To be fair, I have heard of friendly bus drivers in Singapore, who greet their passengers.

Well, I'm glad I took the public bus that day, to experience this normal human contact. Hope to see more of that.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A good email subject

Something very simple such as giving due consideration to having a clear subject (title) in your emails, can improve productivity and reduce frustrations in life.

It is also, I would like to define as, a good email ethic - thinking of it's impact on the recipient and even on yourself when you try to search for the email in future.

A few considerations when thinking of an email subject.

1. When the recipient sees the subject, they immediately know exactly what the email is about.

2. When we look for the email, we can easily identify it by the email subject.

3. It's not too short, nor too long.

Some scenarios of irresponsible email subjects :

a) Have you ever received an email with subject : "PO", when in your work, you receive 20-30 Purchase Orders per day?

b) Or the subject is RE : Lunch at Aiman. But the content is about a factory's request. Of course it didn't start off like that. In the email correspondence, they trailed off to discussing about work, but didn't border to change the email subject.

In the end, say after a few weeks, when you want to refer back to the email for the conclusion, who would have thought it'll be in an email titled, Lunch at Aiman??

c) Email subject shouldn't come with exclamation marks, like : SHIPMENT INFO!! like it's an emergency, and then the content reveals that it's only asking for details of a future shipment.

If email subjects are clear and informative, it could be a good source for knowledge management, which was the buzz a few years ago. (Don't seem to hear much of it now. I guess academic and worldly knowledge ARE replaceable). It could also mean that it will be easier and faster to look for emails.

So.. be.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Take time, analyse honestly and deep in your heart, what your intention and your thoughts were, when you call people derogatory names,
e.g. with words that describe a person negatively?

Is it a form of arrogance, that you're not like that?
Though you do have a lot of other flaws, you know - one of them being ignorance.

You think it's just a 'harmless' joke? 'gurau-gurau aje'?

But you HAVE hurt the person's feelings, whether you admit it or not, and it will be accounted for in akhirah.

As for the person on the receiving end, Allah will reward you for patiently taking the crap and forgiving them for their ignorance.