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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Msia Trip 2006 Part 2

*sorry tak sempat update earlier. In KL - no time. Returned to Sin on 24th past midnight, then sibuk la sangat.*

The drive to Penang was also nice. Since we left Jusco about 8pm, we reached the ferry terminal at 10 plus. The next available ferry was at 1130pm. Even though there's that long Penang Bridge now, I still personally think that taking the ferry to Penang is the best, real Penang way.

At last we reached Parkroyal Penang about 12plus. Nice room. Beyond my expectations. :)

Kat hotel tu, we enjoyed the swimming pool and sea-sports. The children also liked the Koko Nut Kids Club. Breakfast buffet was also something to look forward to.

macam a group of secret agent baru balik spy diving mission eh?

that's ME and hanaa parasailing! we felt like we were birds.
Time landing, mamat yg jaga tu kata.. "Waaa adik akak landing cantik ah!"
Kembang kejap akak..=D

ya, some people prefer to just laze around, looking cute

Besides playing at the pool and the beach and eating, we also explored town. Tried the infamous Nasi Kandar. Nasi kandar is actually nasi kedai mamak. "Kandar" refers to the carrier that the sellers used to carry in the olden days, selling this nasi, so orang panggil nasi kandar. (as explained by my father)

There was a loooong stretch of pasar malam just outside our hotel, lots of good stuff. Got myself a sweet jewellery box. The thing is, whatever price they put, most of the time, can tawar up to less then half the price!

oh look!

Then, mak saya kata, kalau ke Penang, tak sah kalau tak naik Bukit Bendera.

We actually extended our stay in Penang. Stayed there 3 nights. We left Penang by ferry also.

bye penang..

Nadhrah asked, "Kita ada kat hippo?"
"No sayang, kita baru balik dari Penang. Ipoh yang hari tu"

After that, we headed to KL. Sempat jugak singgah rumah sedara my father.

Charlie's Chocolate Factory?

Kat KL.. korang pun da biasa la eh..itu jugak la.. Bt Bintang, Sungei Wang, Times Square, KLCC, Kg Baru..

We always feel like there's not enough time, kalau kat KL ni. I think shopping takes a lot of time. And then, the kids still nak swim kat hotel la, nak play at the kids club lah.. where got enough time?!

In total, we spent 8 days in Msia. I think this trip is so shiok, cause it's quite long. I almost forgot the name of the company I work in.

Alhamdulillah, we had a great time. Now, back to normal routine.

p.s. Alhamdulillah also, we were not affected by the flood and heavy rain we kept reading and seeing on the news. Our prayers for the flood victims.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Msia Trip 2006

Here we go..

As expected, we left later, that Sunday morning, I think it was nearly 10am. For 1/3 of the way, the children were asleep. So we had less of that 'Abah, lagi berapa minit sampai?'

The thing that I love about driving up Msia, is enjoying the sceneries, especially the hills and mountains. Subhanallah.

During the drive to Ipoh, there were more of them.

We reached Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Resort, Ipoh - about 6pm. After the long drive, we just relaxed and enjoyed the room. The room is overlooking a beautiful lake.

The next morning, hubby and Hadi went for a round of golf. Hadi played 9 holes only, while hubby did 18. The kids, they played, cycled and Hadi went fishing.

We stayed there for only 1 night, we checked out after hubby finished his round of golf. Then we headed to the Lost World of Tambun.

Although The Lost World, was suppose to be only 30-45 mins away, we got lost. Hubby asked a few locals. The shopowner of a convenience store, I guess don't get out of town much, he didn't know.

So hubby asked a man on a motorcycle. I tengok kan.. lamanyeeer dia explain. I was wondering if hubby had asked him how to get to Thailand, instead of Tambun. Then later, hubby cerita kan, that this man was very detailed and also considered traffic conditions and all. So hubby just courteously waited for the man to finish :

'ah...ok. abang nanti kat sini abang belok kiri.. lepas tu, traffic light yang ke....kejap eh, saya kira....*visualising*..satu, dua, tiga.. empat.. lima.. Ah! traffic light yang ke lima, abang belok kanan. hmm. tapi kat situ mesti banyak kereta..... Ok ok.. abg lupakan pasal traffic light tu tadi.. abang ikut jalan kanan ni.. nanti abang akan nampak kedai tayar.. abang JANGAN belok kat situ.. abang jalan terus aje..sampai nampak traffic light, lagi satu simpang baru abang belok. Nanti abang akan nampak Jusco.. Eh! bukan, bukan Jusco.. Macro.. ah kat situ pun abang JANGAN belok.. abang terus aje........"

Meanwhile, a guy who was delivering some bread to the shop, overheard the conversation. When he saw that hubby finished, he approached hubby. 'Abang, saya dengar abang nak pegi Tambun eh? Ok, abang ikut aje truck saya - saya pun nak keluar ke highway ni.." And so we followed the truck.

Da nak masuk highway, dia signalled to stop kejap, and asked hubby out.. he opened the side door of his truck. I thought that he wanted to sell some of his bread, rupanya dia nak explain further and draw-kan the way to Tambun.

hehe.. panjang eh cerita pasal 'lost' ni.. but it was one of the highlights of my trip. Ok, anyway, AT LAST.. we found the way, and reached our destination about 3pm.

The Lost World of Tambun
There were only about 5-6 different types of pools/wet rides, but to me, what made it very nice is the real backdrop of the hills behind. A good place to spend half a day.

There are 2 types of long thrill slides, the longest lazy pool passing by the big rocky hills, the children's pool, a cute 'river', the wave pool, the 'hot spring'.

I lost count of how many times, we went on the slides. Hadi nak turun dgn ibu, hanaa nak turun dgn ibu.. Ibu yang turun berkali2! Nasib baik tak semput. But of course, Ibu enjoyed jugak.

We left the place when it was closing, at 6pm. After that baru kita gi makan kan Jusco. The children were starving, and finished many many plates of sushi. With the children all tired and fed, we made our way to Pulau Pinang. The children, of course fell asleep.

Right now, we're at Parkroyal, Pulau Pinang. Watch out for Part 2 of Blossom's Msia Trip 2006, where I'll cover this place pulak. Sini pun shiok jugak.. beach resort. We extended our stay. I'll do Penang, while I'm in KL.. tomorrow we're heading there, insyaAllah.

Till then, tchiao! take care, u all.

love, from penang.
"Kirim salam kat Singapore!!!!"