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Friday, February 22, 2008

..and about our Lord.

As I was playing scrabulous this morning on, my random opponent suddenly typed on the chatbox, 'The lord is my shepherd, what about you?'

Ok. I knew that as a common Christian term. So, I was thinking.. what would be a good answer to that. I wanted to reply, "The Lord is my shepherd too, but my Lord is not Jesus, my Lord is One". But I thought that sounded a teeny weeny bit sarcastic, not very nice.

I wanted to think of a nicer, better answer, but then, I was also trying to think of what word to put next on scrabble, so I answered, ' :) Muslim.'

And then, he/she went, 'oooooooooo'. I didn't count the exact number of 'o's but i think it was about that long. Perhaps he/she has never known or come in direct contact with any Muslim before. Perhaps.

Then he/she went on to tell me that he/she's from Sacramento. He/she asked where I'm from, so I told him/her. I was actually in a rush to finish the game, because I WAS winning getting late for work.

The game finished soon after (and I won), and I said, 'good game, thanks. I'm late for work!' and logged off.

Now I'm thinking, it would have been interesting, to let him/her tell me about her beliefs and I'll tell him/her about mine.

Maybe I'll try to look out for him/her, next time I'm on scrabulous. But shoots.. I vaguely remember his/her nickname.
I hope I see him/her again, maybe I'll recognise the nick.

Maybe next time I can explain to him/her about My Lord.

He is the One God;
God the Eternal, the Absolute;
He begets not, and neither is He begotten;
and there is NOTHING that could be compared with Him.

Al Quran, Al Ikhlas 112:1-4

p.s. Oh no.. I'm no expert. I lose more than I win in Scrabulous.
Oh..yeay! A.L.I.F!
Salam Jumu'ah!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The abc's

Aspiring, I am.
Alarmed, I'm not.

Bored, I am.
Busy, I'm not. Not yet.

Cheerful, I am.
Childish, I'm not. I don't think so.

Dazed, I am.
Delighted, I'm not. Not so.

Equipped, I am.
Elated, I'm not. For now.

Finite, I am.
Fruitful, I'm not. Not this very moment.

Gracious, I am...trying to be.
Gorgeous, I'm not. Not like that.

Hungry, I was.
Happy, I am. Sort of.

I....should stop.

~madame blossom~

oh. .which reminds me of Dadha's tag.

Describe E.R.N.I.

E - evolving.
R - reasonable.
N - nice.
I - introspective.

Agree? :p

To find others eh.. hmm.. That's going to be quite tricky.

E - I don't have a friend whose name also starts with e. Ok, adalah.. Erwin, but he doesn't have a blog. Pass.
R - Raudha, she gave this to me. Rihana.. nah..not my friend. Pass.
N - ..... N2f!!, Nurfizah!
I - .. err.. I... I... Idham? He's not technically 'a friend', though he always calls us 'teman-teman'. He's our ustaz.. and he has no blog also. Pass.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A disclaimer on o-k

I'm normally an at-least-2-letters-answer person. Meaning, I'll avoid answering a person with just 1 letter. I don't answer 'k' or 'y' in sms or instant messaging. Unless, it's unavoidable, like if you're asked, 'what letter comes after j?'

If I have to answer with just one word, then it will be at least 'Ok' or 'Why?' But, if my answer involves a sentence, then, I might use single letters e.g. 'So y do u do that?'

Somehow for me, that's how I express that I care for what was said and that I am not just giving my half attention.

But no, I have no negative impression, or at least I hold them back, on people who DO answer with the single letters. Husnuzon. So no worries.

Lately however, the 'o' on my laptop keyboard, at the office - is a little bit faulty. It's seeking more attention from me - I have to strike it a little bit harder than other letters. Sometimes, I'd forget and it refuses to come out even though I've typed it. And you know.. I'm super-fast sometimes, I would have already hit the 'enter' key before realising the 'o' didn't come out in 'ok'.

So, if you're on YM with me, and you see me answer 'k' - please know that I am NOT being 'lazy' or nonchalant.

Hadi! how's sports school?

When Hadi gets out from school on weekends, and we meet people, they ask him the standard question.

"Hadi! How's sports school?"

So, I thought I'd answer it here, on his behalf.

He said, it's fun. Sometimes he looks forward to going back to school on weekends. He looks forward to monthly evening outings with his friends. No, they don't have special sporty textbooks for their lessons like Maths, saying "If you hit a golf ball with a 180deg swing, how far will the golf ball go?" No..they use the normal school textbooks.

They go training every late afternoons, after rest. They have supervised study times, where they can listen to music on earphones while studying. So basically, he actually enjoys himself.

And me.. I'm happy that he is able to follow a fixed routine.

Oh ya, have i told you.. da a few times, when I send Hadi back to school on sunday nights, some girls would pass by and one of them, or sometimes, all 2 or 3 of them would say in unison..'Hii Hadiii.." I'd look at the girls, and then I turn to look at my son and his straight face. And I'd ask, "you didn't reply them?" He said he did. Well, I didn't hear it.. maybe he just smiled at them.

Anyhow, the best part about sending Hadi back is that he is not embarrassed to be kissed on the cheek by me, when we part. He actually expects it. It's like not a proper 'bye' without the peck on the cheek. Even if it's in front of the girls or the other guys. I hope it stays.

My only concern with Hadi is, currently, he is not attending any madrasah. But I'm hoping that I can give him advice or subtle lessons on Islam when we're together. And we have very good Muslim youth holiday programs, like Teens A.L.I.V.E and those run by vibrant people like Pink!, which I think has more impact on the youths who have attended, compared to the weekly part time madrasah where they walk in and out like zombies and they are not affected by what they hear in class or read in the text books. So, insyaAllah. We'll see how it goes.

I still want him to be successful in what he likes doing - and more importantly be the examplary Muslim role model. Ameen.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


I finished reading starbucked by Taylor Clark. and I'm a bit starbugged.

Bugged by just the idea of monstrous, ruthless corporate american starbucks.

Remember when I exclaimed how many starbucks can be found around the vicinity of Times Square KL? Apparently having 2-3 starbucks close to each other IS part of their business plan, in most places that they 'raid'.

I agree with the author (whom by the way is an american), as with McD and many many other american products - they have saturated the world into one big america. It's difficult to find diversities in different countries' towns - except, when you look at the local's faces. Most shops and eateries in town areas are mostly american, everywhere.

Even in america they complain of saturation, what more with places like singapore and malaysia and many other countries flooded with american products and services?

Again, you hear me complain about this - and yet the irony is, every once in a while, I'll still be visiting them, just because they are providing something that local shops have not been able to provide YET. Comfort zone. I am quite sure, insyaAllah, that if there is a local store providing something similar - I'd patronise the local store.

I'm definitely not a starbucks/coffee bean fan, nor a regular customer. But, if I'm stuck looking for a place to be alone or to chat with a friend for 1-2 hours, over a single drink - chances are I'll find those coffee places to be the most comfortable around the area.

I hope that local stores can grow up to the standards, that the americans have set.

On that subject, the other day , in our bid to support local business, we finally went to Ah Mei (even though there was no internet connection, air-con or comfy chairs). I regret to report that it turned out to be a disappointment.

We ordered roti john and a fried chicken. They provided a generous amount of chilli sauce on the roti john plate. I asked for a bit of chilli sauce on the chicken plate also. The china girl at the counter REFUSED to provide. I told her to give a bit only lah.. Then she said, "Cannot.. you want curry?"
"No, we don't want curry. We just want chilli sauce."
"Cannot give chilli sauce. Curry can?"
"But we don't want to eat the fried chicken with curry, can we have a little bit of chilli sauce?"
"We cannot give you, curry, can. BUT, if you want more chilli sauce for the roti john, you can come back for more."

?? How dah dey? It's frustrating - i feel like running the shop myself.


Friday, February 15, 2008

another wonderful dream

- for my reference -

I saw this very beautiful night sky, over a bright city below.. it was as if I was looking at it from a high green mountain. As I admired the sky, I noticed that there are many spotlight kind of light, coming down from the sky.. like it was from a UFO. many of them.. then suddenly.. i was FLYING AGAIN!! I love it!!

This time, I found myself flying with hubby by my side.
Because I had 'experienced' flying before - I was more confident this time. Again, I can feel the wind against my face - it was wonderful. Then, we seem to land on some grass patch, and in the dream I somehow knew we were around Jurong. Don't ask me why.

Hubby was soo tired, he slept on the grass. Suddenly I noticed, he was sleeping inside a rotating door, and there were people trying to come in through the door, but he was blocking it. So I asked him to get up, and go home. He used the wrong slippers, I asked him to change.

Then I noticed Hadi approaching in my car. He was driving it and he came to fetch us. Then I noticed 3 cars there, my parents, hubby's and mine. Then we got in hubby's car, I'm not sure who was driving, it could be Hadi. Then I was at the back seat, holding and kissing Iman. And then I suddenly remembered, no one is driving my car back home. So we had to turn back and get my car.

And then I woke up.. happy.

The best part of the dream, was the view of the most beautiful night sky and the flight. :)

aaahhh....:) Alhamdulillah.

:) :)

Salam Jumuah!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What makes me go to Starbucks or Coffee Bean

My fingers are itching to write/type something, although I have no idea what to write about.
It's not like my mind is empty - it's filled with so many things, but mostly mundane.

(a few minutes later...)

Oh yes.. I am currently reading this book called 'Starbucked' by Taylor Clark.

Although I KNOW why I patronise Starbucks and the likes (may as well mention la eh.. Coffee Bean..) - I'd still like to find out why OTHER people do it, or at least, what the owners or author think, people are looking for.

I wouldn't say I'm crazy about Starbucks or Coffee Bean, in fact, I'm not even a big fan of coffee! But why DO I go there?

Well, I go there because there are nice comfy seats, to sit on for hours, the place is cosy and air-conditioned, and there are free internet connection, and the place is not as crowded as McD. The signature drinks and the cheesecakes, I CAN live without them lah.

So, if you give me another place with such settings, especially if it's locally or asian-owned, and the drinks and snacks are nice and appropriate, I'd prefer that place over Starbucks (or Coffee Bean) - just because the latter is US-owned.

Today, I have an appointment with Leen, and we're going to go this place where there is Coffee Bean, and there is also Ah Mei Kaya Toast within the vicinity. If we can get internet connect at Ah Mei Kaya Toast - I think we'll be Ah Mei's. Else.. sigh.

Sometimes I feel like a traitor.. but today we NEED internet connection.
And at other times, we NEED nice, comfy seats or an air-conditioned place.



Monday, February 11, 2008

berat mulut

Right now, I really understand the meaning of 'berat mulut'.

Memang literally rasa berat. Macam, kalau dah bukak, untuk mengeluarkan satu syllable... leceh nak kena lift up the jaw again, untuk tutup mulut. A lot of that activity is involved when people talk.

I have to go over to a colleague to ask her about some issues.. but terasa sungguh 'berat mulut'. The thought of nak bukak tutup..

Maybe because it's Monday morning.

Maybe I'll go over later, after my coffee.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have not been myself lately. No, I don't mean I'm suffering from split personalities disorder - at least not so obviously.

Last week, I THINK I achieved something, but I felt so empty inside. seriously. i was not looking forward to anything. I don't remember but for 1-2 weeks, I desperately wanted to get away or be alone. No, it's not PMS.

It got better on CNY - I think about the time I went to cik alin's place.
I think i'm back to my normal self tonight. InsyaAllah.

So anyhow, are you ready for a photo diarrhea?

Here goes!

One of the nice places
becoming one of the regulars
for pink and me
it's holland v
(..i didn't mean for it to be a poem, but as i typed.. I found that it ALMOST rhymes! :p )

We checked out T3.
At some parts, it look like T2. At some, it reminded me of KLIA. Ok..the number of photos don't do justice to the new place. But I think the photo mood was not up.. yet.

CNY Eve - went bowling (no pics - it's in pink's camera - which means that I don't know if I'll ever see it again). After that, we went to Captain's which we miss so much - we realised when we were there. Also not much photo. Yup still no mood.
Let me explain their looks : they were hungry.

As I have explained before, during CNY - it's crazy to go anywhere public. We stayed home whole day right. 2nd day, we wanted to hang out somewhere, we decided on Cik Alin's place. Cik alin and cik yan was sooo sweet as to prepare a steamboat and grill session for us. I was in a better mood - a bit more pics here.

oh.. not so many pics after all.

ok.. then sat. ada wedding in JB. On the way to JB, we were waiting for my bro somewhere along Mandai road, kat Esso Station. While waiting, kita merayap behind the station, and...look what we found!

A nice place to take photos! :D

This is at the wedding. Where my bro and my daughters became superstars, only for about 4 mins each.

During the holidays, hubby was saying.. 'Eh..baru Friday eh? macam Sunday'.. 'Wah baru Saturday.. " It's like that for him, because he has been going out since CNY Eve - so macam tak habis2 gitu. So, finally it's Sunday. Suddenly teringin nak makan kat Ramen Ten, so we were at Jalan Scotts.

I like this one.
Yes, I have.. 1..2..3..4!

Better not sleep too late. Got to prepare for the weekday routine.

May we all have a good week ahead! Ameen. :)

p.s. Yes.. I think I definitely feel I'm back to my normal self now.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

why it's err..good to be home today

just now hubby and hadi, went for golf in JB.
They left early - to beat the jam. And beat the jam they did.
But when they got to Gelang Patah R&R for subuh - the crowd was there. He said, the ladies, the children, the babies. The cars. All Singaporeans. All Malays.

I? I slept till late morning. Ate. Started to think of assignment topics. Surfed internet for any materials. Ate. Read some articles. Played Scrabulous. Update screenplay. Ate.

Hubby and Hadi came back in the afternoon.
We watched 'Cinta' on the computer. First time for hubby. I think it's the third time for me. I still cried. He agreed it's good.

After that, hubby went for soccer in the evening (yes he is sporty like that). He came back and said.. that his friend said.. this morning they went to Sentosa.. he has never seen the place THAT crowded. Then he went to East Coast. There were no parking space at all along the whole East Coast. And tents, side by side 'macam rumah setinggan'.

Ok, I'm glad I stayed home. Although I am a bit bored.
But I totally have no mood or energy to go out today.
i just want to laze around, and not smile.

Tomorrow, kita crash rumah cik alin. :D
Yes, that would be better than going to ANY public places.

So, what did you all do on this 1st day CNY?

Monday, February 04, 2008


Just now, while sharing some personal experiences with our baby sister nur, I realised how much Allah SWT has saved me. And how much also Allah has granted my doas/wishes.

And we learnt/agreed/realised that:

1. I should be so very thankful and grateful for all that was given/granted by Allah.,
2. I should CAREFUL with what I wish and doa for.
3. What seems to be a blessing in the eyes of others, may be THE greatest challenge to the person who is 'blessed' with it.
4. I can't imagine how my parents felt and what they went through before - but for that, I appreciate them so much much more. I love them so very much.
5. Basically, our life is a test.

No matter what, may my loved ones and I finally, die in iman and be saved from punishment in the grave and Hellfire. Ameeeen. May we all. Ameen.

Yeay. :| long holiday coming up.. and I have totally no idea what to do during the long break. No, we are not driving up to Malaysia this time. Ok. maybe only one of the days, to JB pasal ada jemputan.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

losing steam

I don't know if it's good or bad. Maybe it's bad. or..good?

But I can lose steam just like that.

I'd be working on something that is oh-so-interesting to me. My mind occuppied with only that for days. Trying to make the best out of it.

I finished it.
Then I lose steam.

Or maybe I'm tired of seeing it 5 days straight.

I was looking at some pictures of 'potential' people that I would have to deal with if I were to proceed.

Suddenly I'm thinking.. 'haih.. I don't know if I can or if I am up to it'.

But if I just let it be or just pass the thing to someone and apa nak jadi-jadi.. then.. my initial idea/aim/objective may not be met? Then I may as well just keep it to myself right? than let it be changed or portrayed into something else that is totally NOT within my initial idea of it.

And so because of that, it may just stay with me, no follow ups.

But SOMEBODY has to DO something in that area.

Maybe i just need to stay off that material for a while.

Maybe I'm just tired.
Don't mind me.


Friday, February 01, 2008

pictures and excuses

Sekarang ni, kerja ada, on and off. most projects belum start. Itu pun.. small to middle size. So the tasks are sporadic. Sometimes.. tiba-tiba ada.. busy giler. Then takde - boleh tulis screenplay sampai nak dekat 40 pages. Kalau lah gitu senang aku buat course assignment...

Of course, ada jugak course assignment yang belum start buat. Tapi tu kan tak boleh buat kat kerja.. nak kena bukak buku.. buat research..look for info here and there. So cannot do at work. Kalau other stuff like er.. blogging, attempting to write a book or a screenplay, playing scrabulous - those comes straight from the mind.. maybe a teeny weeny little bit of research.. but can do that on internet.

What am i doing?
Yes, giving myself excuses.


tired.. relaxing.

hujan.. memang dia suka..

wedding kat jb

cik yah kata, kawan menantu dia kata, kalau hujan, tak nampak jalan sangat, cuba pakai sunglass/shades - boleh nampak lebih terang.
Kita pun cuba try test hawil.. ok jugak lah.

Salam Jumuah!