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Friday, February 27, 2009

a beautiful vision, but only illusion

Since the time I was awed by the big bright rainbow that I saw the other evening, outside my bedroom window.. I've been thinking about them. Subhanallah, the intricate wonders of Allah's creations. I can't even begin to describe the wonders, the amazing facts..

But ok.. so let's start with rainbows.. since I'm obsessed with rainbows these few days.. I read up on rainbow facts, and here are some nuggets on this.

1. You may see a rainbow when there's the sun behind you, and some raindrops/mist in front of you (that means you're in between). That's why we don't see rainbows in the mid afternoons.. cause the sun is above us.

2. The white light from the sun (white light are actually made up of the different colours), gets 'refracted' (or bended) as it goes into those individual raindrops, and turns back towards us. (just like how prism works).

3. it gets more technical here. The different colours (that makes white, of which seven looks more defined to us), are refracted/bended at different angles in the raindrops. And only one colour per raindrop, reaches us at the perfect angle for us to see the colour.

So, we'll see red on the upper raindrops.. and then orange, then yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet - giving us the rainbow, in our view.

4. The bigger the raindrops, the brighter the rainbow.

5. The center of the arc, that is where the middle of the diameter is, is actually right where the sun is behind us.

6. Interesting info.. rainbows are actually a circle. But because we are at the ground level, we cannot see the whole circle of a rainbow, because it goes below the horizon. However, people on airplanes or high altitudes have seen a round rainbow before.

7. People have also seen 'double rainbows'. An outer arch and an inner arch. This happens when the light gets refracted twice in the raindrop.

8. As to the question, whether we see the same rainbow? The answer is NO. Even with two person standing next to each other. We all see our own rainbow, because the angle, level, position where the
light/colours reach each of us, are different.

And I LOVE this idea.. the idea that we all see our own rainbow. :) To me, it has such profound meaning. *ponders a while*

9. It's not impossible to see a rainbow at night, although it's very rare. That can only happen when the moon is bright enough to create the same effect, as the sun.

10. You can make your own rainbow. Position yourself so that the sun is behind you.. then spray water or create mist in front of you.


I love rainbows. :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

i saw a rainbow

I saw a beautiful rainbow
yesterday in the evening
through my bedroom window
the colours were beaming

I felt so elated
Just because I was able
to view such a wonder
in bright vivid colours

My cousin in Johor
She saw it too
And that made her wonder
If there was one or two

Unlike the moon's glow
We see our own rainbow
Still our view is the same
as the joy that we gain

by the beautiful rainbow
that adorns our horizon
At the end of our work day
with burdens much lessened.

~madame blossom~


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

a blank page

I draft my entries or poems on a new blank page (like a notepad or email). Sometimes, throughout the day, I would realise, I had opened two or three blank pages. Which means, two or three times that day, I had wanted to write SOMETHING, but I either did not have an idea at that time, or I was distracted.

There were two today.

Oh, and I also noticed, I've written quite a few stuff, and they are sitting in my draft. Put one out today.

Ah yes.. the urge to WRITE something, anything.. is strong. But I do not really want to write something worthless.. it has to be meaningful, or make someone else's day better, or something - the very least, to me alone. The contents should not be empty, like the blank page.

AM, I'm suddenly reminded of you. I think you have that urge in you also.. you should write a novel. I believe with the effort you put, to write each day, In less than two years or even a year, you should be able to get a novel out. I think you should be like John Grisham.. share with us, in novel form if you wish.. about the life of a female Muslim lawyer, share with us the drama of a court room. :p

Anyhow, may our pages be filled soon, with wonderful things. InsyaAllah. Ameen.

where are we?

I saw an ant on the table while making coffee just now. I thought about how ants have colonys - they belong to a community, like us.

They are like humans.. but not exactly like humans.
What differentiates us people, from animals, is our ability to reason and be governed by rules of responsibility, morality, ethics, which is included in God's rules for the human beings.

As such, when people choose not to reason, and do as they will, without consideration for responsibility, morality and ethics, they are at the level of animals. When they also choose to turn away from God's rules, then, they are even lower than animals, because animals (and all other created things) follow God's decree, and they sing praises for Allah, in their own way.

And unto Allah maketh prostration whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth of living creatures, and the angels (also) and they are not proud.

They fear their Lord above them, and do what they are bidden to do

Al Quran, An Nahl 16:49-50

Where are we?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

a new day

light purple, orange and gold
against the soft blue canvas
the view as I look skyward
smiling at the sun's greetings

it beckons me to come
towards it, in the horizon
as I drive through the morning traffic
Awed by the sight that welcomes

to the start of a new day
to face the challenges in my way
with patience and perseverance
and God's help, needless to say

I pray that I can make the day
worth more than it was yesterday
The sun's greeting sets me asail
and beams me through, following it's trail

glowing brightly with the colours
that adorns my morning sky
making real, the dreams I hold,
as the light purple, orange and gold

~madame blossom~

Monday, February 23, 2009


I should have taken the other route
Where traffic is moving as it should
I thought I was making a clever move
And now I'm stuck here with all these soot

Few metres per minute is the speed
I feel like getting on my feet
And take a jog along the cars
Then smile at the drivers as I go pass

I imagine me escaping the jam
My car fixed with rockets beneath
Ascending upwards like a spacecraft
Accelerating forward, above the trees

I sing along with Jason Mraz
whose song is playing in my car
Nah, even he cannot uplift me
I am frustrated, oh I'm being silly

I take a deep breath and I resign
To the road I take, cannot be undone
Though I should have taken the other route
Where traffic is moving as it should

~madame blossom~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

stargazing, Saturn and dancing banglas

I have on and off, had the interest to study astronomy, but of course it never actually happened. The least, that I want to be able to do is to recognise and name some constellations or identify a planet. Yesterday I read up a bit about stargazing. And I think I've learnt a little bit more.

I've always wondered about those stars, how astronomers can recognise them.. I mean there are like thousands of visible stars out there. Of course, the view of the universe and what planets we can see over the months/years would change, since the earth IS rotating and orbiting around the sun. I found a website where you can view the skymap, as at NOW.

Isn't it just wonderful? That universe out there.. is not just some fantasy or a dream, it's REALLY out there - and we can SEE it plainly. However, somehow, we forget that the stars we see are really far far away stars. Sometimes we feel like it's just a backdrop in the sky. We're too busy looking at stuff just under our noses, that we forget how minute and insignificant we are and how vast the universe is.. Subhanallah.

I came back home yesterday, all excited and looking forward to identifying some constellations. But the sky turned out to be mostly cloudy. I checked the internet, Saturn was supposed to be viewable by 2am.. but of course I couldn't stay up. It's a work night. So I went to sleep, after being able to see just one star in the sky, which may or may not have been the Procyon.

Then, I couldn't sleep properly. Plus.. i had the RLS (restless leg syndrome). When I kept waking up around 3 or 4 plus.. i wanted to go lie by the window and see the stars..and look out for Saturn.. but I just couldn't move myself.. too tired and sleepy.

In the end, I did fall back asleep. I dreamt that I saw Saturn in the sky, and it was so huge and beautiful. It was glowing rainbow colours. I think I was at a neighbour's house.. and then the area in front of our houses, seemed like it's all a construction site. Then all of a sudden, some Banglas arrived on a lorry.. they got down and formed a circle, and they started dancing. Don't remember hearing any music though. I went back to my place to watch some more.. I don't know at which point i actually woke up.. but I just remember seeing the Saturn a few times and it was huge!

How did those dancing banglas got into my dreams? Here's a theory. See, last Saturday I watched an old hindi movie which everyone says is good, but I have not seen a Hindi movie since i was a little girl. So that was the first dose of a looong movie with songs and coordinated dances. Plus, we also have some Bangladeshis, working on the road just outside our estate. So.. there you go.

Hmm.. Tuesday.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the science of sleepiness?

as soon as i turned on my laptop this morning, my eyes were feeling very heavy. I could have sworn there must have been some kind of sleeping gas that was emitted from my laptop, as soon as the power comes up. Perhaps some kind of chemical reaction, with the air at the office created an effect similar to sleeping gas.

Of course, it may also be due to the fact that I woke up a bit too early this morning. I was so enthusiastic about waking up 530am, that I didn't really sleep well. I was awake at 2.14am.. surprised that it was still that early, then I awoke again at 4.45am, and couldn't really sleep after that. So effectively, I woke up at 4.45am this morning.

And so, I've been fighting sleepiness since 9.05am. Couldn't wait for lunchtime, just to sleep it off. I couldn't do much work in the morning like that. Actually it's quite a waste. If I was allowed to nap properly for 30 mins, i'm sure I would have been more productive. Then, as I was still fighting sleepiness and oh-so-looking forward to 1145am, about 11.15am, I received an email that I was waiting for.

Miraculously, my eyes were no longer heavy. In fact it was so wide awake.. for which I'm not too happy about, because it was already approaching 1145, and I would have enjoyed my nap the more if I had been THAT sleepy. But alas, by lunchtime, after replying the email and speaking to hubby.. I was not as sleepy already. But still, I took the short nap during lunch time.

Since then, I've been thinking.. about the science of sleepiness. I am quite interested to know scientifically, HOW on earth, from a whole two hours of sleepiness, I could suddenly be wide awake from something like that. I could feel the stark difference just within 1 second. It's not that the work is not so interesting. Now, I'm still 98% awake, yes with a tinge of sleepiness. I hope this stays, so that I can do my WORK productively. Ameen.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a mother's point of view

My son... da PANDAI main bola!
(My son, knows how to play soccer already!)

Eeh?! Waaaah!
Errm.. you're talking about the 6 mth old baby, right?

Yeap, she WAS talking about her only son, the six-mth old boy, Dani. Apparently, he can kick the ball .. and 'gelecek' too! Good boy Dani!

We mothers always see more in our children, kan? :p

Friday, February 06, 2009

asiaone, a serious news site?

My GOD! what kind of an image and word to put on the FRONT page of a NATIONAL newspaper site?!?!
Immediately, the thought that this paper CAN'T be having serious news, news that matters to the people, could they?

And this is a very worrying thing.. that Singapore is reflecting this kind of images on this kind of serious site.
Or perhaps Asiaone is not a serious news site?

I think they should watch what kind of image they're portraying about their organisation, if it is really meant to be doing serious news business. Do you think you'll ever see this kind of image on the front of a respected news site like or Al Jazeera?

I'm very turned off! I'm thinking this is like another lame mundane male magazine site.

One thing's for sure.. i'm not coming back to this news site. I'd rather go to more serious news site like or Al Jazeera. I'll catch local news from the talks on the streets or the news on TV.. unless they too, start to think that erotica images are news. Sheesh!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

a wife's trial

I know you think I'm superwoman
I accept the compliment
But even she can make mistakes
It's not a record I can break

I want to be home before you
So I can greet you at the door
But once at home I can't bid adieu
To our children and the household chores

But I know I must be able to
set my priorities, and one is you
You're not ignored, that part is true
Cause when you're down, I'm unhappy too

Dear I will try to do my part
I'll put more effort for a start
Making sure your dinner's prepared
And get the children ready for bed

With the limited things I do for thee
I'm sure somehow, you appreciate me
Though you may not show it so clearly
I know you're not build like that, I see

In every marriage, there are roles
For the man and the woman to hold
The one for me, I will abide
With much sincerity, with all my heart

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

mothering the studying

I don't understand how you can think
When your ears are plugged and then you sing
Can you turn it off just for a while?
Finish your homework, turn off that dial.

Don't look at the computer
Turn off the screen
You can chat with your friends later
Finish number thirteen.

Wait wait wait, what are you doing?
Avoid being careless, check that thing
Go through it once more, it doesn't sting
Think a bit more, the bell may ring

I'm not shouting at you
I'm trying to explain
I thought with raised voice
It will be more plain

I'm sorry sometimes I realise
I'm pushing too hard
But if I don't,
Will you even start?

There I go again,
I should have faith in you
and let you do your own thing

Don't say no, don't say you can't
don't give up before completing the plan
It doesn't matter what went before
Just start work now, on your future score

And I just wanted to let you know
That I never meant
To make you feel low
How can I, I love you so

I know you can achieve much more
With your heart at it, I'm sure you'll soar
I'll be here for you, if you need me
To put you into gear, without being pushy.

I'll try. :)

~madame blossom~

p.s. : did you realise that when you're mothering too much, the plural 's' gets to the front and it becomes smothering? hmm..

p.p.s. writing poems again.. kemaruk kan?
but like I said, it's seasonal. so bear with it. I just needed to squeeze my brain juice in a new way. Have a nice day.

Monday, February 02, 2009

be free, learn and have fun

Sometimes I think about
the things I want to do,
And to go to wherever I may..
but alas, I can't just slip away

I'm chained to reality,
binded by responsibilities

But how now I wish
I had done all that
before I was married
before I was attached

So to all the girls
still young and free
Don't rush into love
C'MON you girls! take it easy

Enjoy your freedom
While you have it now
Work, play and roam
Dont' make that vow

The vow that's only
between you and him
The vow that really
doesn't mean a thing

If he really loves you
It won't just be words and play
If he really loves you
He'll have you in a respectable way

So girls, before you regret
not having done what you should have
Don't waste your time upon a boy
Go for your own goals, not be their toy

This is the time for you to explore
Before you are busied with household chores
Make use of your freedom and grow as a person
There are so many things for you to learn

And when the time is right
When what God has Written comes true
You'll meet a person who will love you
For all the experiences that has made you, YOU.

With many things you've done for you
And not forgetting your parents too
The marriage will be a fulfilling one
With much experience to help it run

So really, for now,
learn.. and have fun.

~madame blossom~

Sunday, February 01, 2009

lucky farhati

to get fat should be easy
but not for farhati
she ate and she ate
but didn't gain much weight

we feed her wedges
we feed her waffles
with ice cream on top
not forgetting the choc

How do we make
farhati gain weight?
We've brought her to KFC
McDonalds and Secret Recipe

One thing's for sure
I'd be happy if I'm her
to be able to eat
and not gain a bit.

~madame blossom~

dedicated to n2f