Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

to be patient

Eema was telling us in the car last night, about how some kids were distorting her name and calling her that. Hanaa, Nadhrah, Eema and me, discussed about the options for responding to those. She could tell them off, like "would you like others to change your name and make fun of it?" Or.. she could just totally ignore them, until they call her by her proper name. I also added, that she could be patient and forgiving too.

Then, she asked me a very good question. HOW to practise patience? (translated from "umiy, macamana nak 'sabar'?)

I told her : by remembering that Allah knows and Allah sees and Allah hears. Allah is observing how we are reacting, see if we are patient. So, on the positive side, we can get more pahala for this!...if we are patient. THAT's something to be happy about.

Then, we can also pity them (who distorted her name), because only childish and narrow minded people do these kind of things - it's a handicap we try to avoid having. InsyaAllah some kids will grow out of it - but there are others who carry the handicap throughout their adult life. Kesian kan?

When I was younger I was quite stubborn and emotional and sensitive sometimes. But now, I'm glad I am able to control any situation better than before. It may not be the best yet.. but better than before, masyaAllah (with Allah's will). When I find myself getting worked up over anything, I stop myself, I take a deep breath, and sing think ~everything I do.... I do it for God.~

Yes, it's quite simple really, when it sets in.
Oh, but.. terms and conditions apply.

Terms and conditions.
The person must believe in God and Judgement Day.
The person prays and remember God always. When he remembers God, God will remember him. And he will then be guided to the right and successful path, as God wills.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

get over it

today they talk about whether wong kan seng, who is the minister, should resign, because of mas selamat's escape. Like WHAT??? Bukan dia tu yang jaga mas selamat hari tu.. bukan dia tu head of that fact - even orang yang jaga mas selamat that day pun, should be SPARED. it's a mistake, learn from mistake. dah tertulis pun.. get over it. just go look for him la.

wah piang - must create so much drama meh?

Monday, April 21, 2008

looking forward

"This year, has been bad for me, you know. Since late last year.. it's been problems. one after another. I'm just so stressed up," he said. Looking seriously stressed. You can almost feel it yourself.

Then I remembered what Aa Gym (again) said. So I told him, "You know we Muslims... we fast?"

"oh yes.. during Ramadan?"

"Yes Ramadan. Totally no drink, no food, during the day. Even kids can fast. "

"For one month right?"

"Yes, one month. You know one of the reasons why we can endure it? It's because we know, 7pm, will come. (InsyaAllah, provided the world don't end and/or we don't die - but I didn't mention this, didn't want to scare him or give him other ideas) So we bear with it, because we know it will end - we know there is something to look forward to. THAT is the daily goal, then whole month goal - is the festivities at the end of the fasting month. That's when we feel we have triumphed."

"Oh yeah.. that makes a lot of sense."

"Yes, so you should look at the end of it all. These current stressful stuff and troubles - it will end right?"

"Yes, hopefully around June"

"Good. So look forward to that, while you're tackling it."

"hmm... yeah... I should start planning for a break, a holiday."

"Yes, do that! Go pick a destination - print a picture and place it at your desk."

"Haha.. hmm.. yeah.. I may do that :D"

He actually looked more relieved, like a burden is slightly lifted.
I sure hope he feels better.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a good morning

This morning, i sent hadi to school in woodlands.  chat a while with him, before i left him - it was about 810am.  this timing is not very ideal actually.  It's like... "to be or not to be'.   If I go to work straight - I'll be too early. If i go back home first, then leave for work - I may be late.

I was still deciding as I left and headed towards the SLE, going on to BKE, getting out at KJE and passing by CCK.  I decided to go straight.. towards the PIE, for a totally speed-limit-abiding drive straight to work.   Ok, I just realised I passed through 4 expressways this morning.  Anyway, I was in the middle lane most of the time.  I found that I was stress free.   Since I was not rushing - I totally don't mind giving way, even to rude vehicles, I don't have to bother about fast cars, I don't mind the slow traffic, I don't mind getting stuck at the traffic light with the red coming on twice before i could go.  I enjoyed the drive.

I still reached office 15-20 minutes early.  Made my drink and read my book, sipping my drink slowly.  (Oh! 'drink'.. which reminds me.. Kim is going to come in soon, with a cola for me.. i'm quite sure of that.)  

The morning's good - alhamdulillah.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy about cola?

It all started last Wednesday, when my vendor Kim (it's his surname.. he is from Korea) first came to the office to work on a project with me.

That day, we went out for lunch, with my other colleagues.  During lunch, one of my colleagues asked me if I've heard of Coke Zero.   No - I haven't, I said.  You see, I have been quite successful in keeping myself free of commercials and it's influence.  So I don't know about all these new stuff.  She says she wants to try it, and asked me if I can share a can with her.  OK, I said.  

However, our colleague who went to buy it, came back to tell us that the place didn't sell Coke Zero.  I think Kim, must have picked it up from there onwards, missing the part about my colleague being the one suggesting it.  Because after that, he somehow got the idea that I'M crazy about coke or something.  Now I must tell you that actually, I don't even really drink carbonated drinks!   Ok.. bedek.. maybe once in a blue moon.

That afternoon, Kim came back from tea break, with a Coke Zero for me.  
Not sharing with anyone.  

I drank the coke anyway - it took me the whole afternoon to finish it.

Since that afternoon, he has been buying me Coke EVERYDAY he is with me. Which means the last 3 workdays of last week.  Fortunately, I don't have a meeting with him on Monday and Tuesday.  But today..... he bought me Coke Light in the MORNING. Yes, morning.  Luckily, I've had my tea at home.  

Then now, I'm drinking Pepsi Max as I'm typing this. Thanks to Kim again.  

I have considered breaking the bad news to him.. that I'm not really into cola.   But I don't have the heart to, seeing how happy he is handing me the Coke everytime.

It's ok.  I still have this week, and next week with him.  At the end of next week, I'm quitting cola.  
I hope.

Hairil... yes I know.. I still remember what u said about what cola does to rust..  

" ~ But it takes the rust to have it... poli-iished ~ "
The effects of cola and jason mraz.


Monday, April 14, 2008

of lada hitam and garam

I was exposed to the idea of putting lada hitam (black pepper) and garam (salt), also water where Yaasin is read, to the all the corners of all the rooms of a new house. This will supposedly keep away or chase away jins and syaitans.  

Almost instantly I disagreed.   I questioned, if the act could be considered syirik (that is like placing our faith from other than the One God).  I was so very sure it's wrong.  Totally.  

So, I was told to refer it to any ustaz to check on this.  I chose an ustaz whom I always refer to when in doubt - because i think he always gives clear explanations, with dalil if required.  Or if he didn't, I have no qualms about pressing him for one.  He understands that I seek the truth, and will not think that I'm being rude or biadab.  I wrote to him with zeal and such sureness that I am right.

When I received his reply, I was so very surprised.  He said, that it may be OK.  It depends on the person doing it, how it's done, and niat.  Just because they use lada hitam and garam, does not mean it's syirik.  


But how?? I asked.  Is there any dalil for this?  Is there any hadith or verses from the Quran to support this?

Then he asked me - what I think of Panadol?   When I take panadol to cure my headache - is that syirik?  There is also no dalil for this.

Ok I said, but panadol is different.  People have done research and experiments to find the effect of the medicine, and we therefore take it as an effort.. an usaha to better ourselves. then we leave it to God to cure us - tawakkal.  If we take it with niat and thought, that it's the Panadol that's going to cure us for sure.. then that is wrong.  So isn't it different with lada hitam and garam?  

At this point however, I was beginning to question MY own arguments, because SERIOUSLY I have limited knowledge in this area, also totally no experience. How can I be sure it's wrong when I DON'T KNOW.  After all, jin and syaitan are beings Allah created.. they DO exists. And I also believe that some people may have communicated with them because even zaman Rasulullah SAW pun there were some communications with jin and syaitan.  Perhaps some people were told by the jin themselves, what they dislike (perhaps the lada hitam and garam)

AND the knowledgeable mat, the ustaz i mean, said, of course it was based on studies and experiments through experiences, treating people who were possessed by these jins or syaitan. Also through conversations with these beings.  

Sooo, these are what they have studied and applied - and the niat, as in with the Panadol, is still the same.  Only God can save us, only with God's will and everything else is our effort.

I was going to relate it to the penyapu belakang pintu to keep thieves and bad people away, that i've heard of.  I thought that the lada hitam and garam case was something like the penyapu.  But err.. I SERIOUSLY don't think the thieves or bad people are afraid of.. or dislike going into houses with penyapu belakang pintu.  They don't care.  They may even use the penyapu as weapons instead.  But putting up an alarm system.. now that MAY keep them away, INSYAALLAH.  Perhaps like what lada hitam and garam would do to jins?

Now, I know I have no right to say, that it's wrong. I totally have no right to judge in an area where I have no knowledge or very limited knowledge.

In the words of Imam Syafie, which I have used before but so appropriate again now : "I am right, but I MAY BE WRONG.  You are wrong, but you MAY BE RIGHT".

May Allah SWT guide us all. Ameen.

So, am I saying that I will tabur lada hitam and garam around the corners of our new house?  

Well, no actually. At least I don't intend to.  We all still have our choices with regards to our efforts to better ourselves.  They may choose and know of the effects of lada hitam and garam - but for now, I'm just happy to have the azan recited upon entering a new house, and reading verses from the Quran and place my faith in Allah SWT - based on advice given by Allah SWT and Rasulullah SAW.  But I will not say, that those who do it, are wrong.  I respect their choice in this matter, for which I know not much of.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

plan do check action

I'm looking forward to Sun(ny)day tomorrow.
The heart is now back to normal. Alhamdulillah.

Sometimes, I have to remind myself, the initial reason for my starting to blog. I don't want to stray away too far.

the laden clouds

Yesterday, the clouds looked full and heavy, and was the colour of wet cement. Then, it rained like nobody's business.

Today, from the view in my room, the colour of clouds, almost blended with the blue sky.. it was bluish grey. Now, it's raining again.

The weather these 2 days, seems to reflect the state my heart.

I wish I can open up and let it pour, like the rain from the wet cement coloured clouds. After it discharges all it's rain, it becomes light, free of burden.

But I can't. I still have my senses, I still know my limits.
I find that I can only seek solace in Allah SWT.

I know, soon, I'll be light again insyaAllah, like the clouds after rain.
And I am looking forward to that.

Because verily, our worldly life is a test. And I intend to pass this test, insyaAllah. So may Allah SWT give me strength. Ameen.

p.s. AM, i sooooo wanted to go to ur wedding today. Was still trying and planning, last night and even this morning. But now, it looks quite sure, I can't go. But you have my doa, for what is bestest in your married life. Ameen. Congratulations!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

hello saturday.

weekend is here. how come I'm not excited?

No, I'm not looking forward to monday either.

I should get away.

For now, I should go read the Quran.

oh no, i should eat first, I'm quite hungry.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

how many months?

You know you're getting fat when somebody ask you..'how many months?'
"You're pregnant, right?"

No, I am NOT pregnant.  And no plans to be. InsyaAllah.

I think it's the fats that comes with age.  If I have the time and the drive, I'd work out. But I don't.  
I also don't have the intention to end up like Madonna.

Why is it, that pregnant ladies can look natural and beautiful?  Why can't older ladies like me, also look oldish and beautiful as well, with tummy and all?
Why must we hide what's natural?  Who is shaping our minds into not accepting the natural?  Who is telling us, that you have to have stick figure to look pretty in that new dress?  Who?

Why do we have to adapt to the new lines of clothing?  Why can't the clothing adapt to the natural being we are?  At the obscene amount of money some people pay for those branded clothing, shouldn't they be working to make us look pretty, instead of us working to make THEIR dresses look pretty?

But of course, I have the choice of not falling for those ideas.  Cuma sometimes, rasa terkilan jugak nak pakai some blouses that were bought for me, that looks good only on the hanger.  

OK, that was my 10 minutes worth of useless rambling on the state of my tummy. Full stop.


For now, I adore Jason Mraz and some of this songs.
He seems to be smart, witty, kind of wise, kindhearted and definitely talented.
Although I'm quite sure this is going to be just a phase.  My adoration that is.
But I'll still like and respect the person and his talents.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

like a chameleon

did i tell you? I think sunrise is beautiful, even when u don't actually see the sun.

this was about 715am in the morning, taken from my balcony.

that's how one thing affects another.. the sun makes the sky beautiful. Subhanallah.

and i believe in the same way, one person can affect the other. That's why it's so important to have someone who can affect you in a good way. I know it's important to me, because i believe I am adaptable, sometimes subconciously. I can almost be like the person I'm close with.

Spend time with a poet, and I believe you'll soon be writing poems. Spend time with a person who hafal the Quran - you'll hafal some new verses too. Spend some time with a person who cares about the world, you'll grow to care too.

But, spend some time with a smoker..... naaah.. I'd still hate the smoke and not to mention, but will mention anyway, the breath and the smell that's stuck to the clothes too. I'm totally over that. insyaAllah.

ok i'm ranting.

who likes Aa gym?
who likes irsyadee?
who likes taufik batisah?
they were all GOOD at Irsyad's high tea event.

Monday, April 07, 2008

there's no need to complicate

I have been busy, either physically and/or mentally. I feel like I have been, sometimes, distant from family and friends. Maybe I was also quite distant from myself.

Anyhow, I was thinking about so many things. Most of them, I cannot do anything about, yet.

Then I teringat what the ulama' Aa-Gym said. (ok wait..I know i said before, I don't quite favour him..but I guess he is alright - he is human after all. And I do not know him well enough to judge him. In fact, nobody knows anybody good enough to pass a judgement - Allah knows best - teringat criter Nabi Khidir. No, it has nothing to do with Aa-Gym's polygamy issue. I'm fine with that).

Let me see if I can recall his 5 points to a....err..i forgot the title of the ceramah, maybe it was.'5 points to a happier life?' Anyway, that's not important. What's important is the 5 points, which to me, applies to our God-conscious life in general. I'm going to summarise like crazy here.. his talk was about 45 mins long. Here goes.

1. Siap (Ready) - ready to face whatever comes.. how?.. as follows..

2. Redha (acceptance) - things happen by Allah's will, and is a test for us.. so redha and get on with it.

3. Jangan mempersulitkan diri (Don't complicate), Eh, macam dalam lagu jason mraz.:p So anyway.. yah.. most of the time, the problem is bearable, but it is made bigger, by the person himself - the complains, the exaggerated heart ache etc.

4. Evaluasi diri (Evaluate yourself) - find within yourself, the reason for the thing that happened and how you can change that.

5. Hmm.. frankly, I don't REALLY remember point 5, but I'm quite sure it's Berdoa and 'Tawakkal', berserah pada Allah SWT. - it's only logical and natural. We go back to God for help.

I'll have to take his advice. I've already set my plans for if/when something happens. I cannot do anything about it NOW, except doa. So yup, I am ready, I accept, I won't complicate, I'll review, i'll doa and tawakkal.. and relax.

p.s. I have some pictures of the beautiful sky and clouds at sunrise, and the Irsyad High Tea event last Saturday (which is in no way related to the sunrise). Irsyadee and Taufik Batisah performed, not at sunrise, at the high tea of course. I want to try to post those later from home.. if I'm not mentally and/or physically busy. :p

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

flat for sale

I'm selling my house. I'm not THAT excited about it though. Given a choice, I want to KEEP this house. But we can only afford to have only ONE house, and everyone is adamant about moving to the new place.

Bedek ah kalau cakap i tak excited about the new place - I am. But this current house has something that money can't buy. Sunset, and view to die for. ok lah tak sampai 'to-die-for' lah.. but it's beautiful.

This post is about selling my house.

Let me tell you a bit and show you around.
It's a 123m2, 5-room flat on the highest floor, 19th. I affectionately call it my 'penthouse' =D

This, is the hall, and beyond the white glass doors, is the balcony.

The room you see on your right, is the study room, which turns out to be more of a playroom.

This is our dining area.

Aaannd.. this is the corridor to our bedrooms with low ceiling.

Okay.. here we have a view of our kitchen from the dining area.

And this is our kitchen with the island cooking area. The island concept creates an image of a bigger kitchen. The fridge is placed where it is, so that the kids can go back and forth to get something from it, without distracting the cooking area on the other side.

And here is our kitchen balcony, where we have the washing machine, and the open cabinet. Don't be deceived by the plainness, this is also the place where you can watch the beautiful sunset. Pictures later.

Okay, now we'll proceed to the rooms.

This is the girls room, as you can guess from the flowers at the door.

It has a mezzanine bed (there, on top) with wardrobe and a study table below, bookshelves on the right.

This is another room. Very simple, no fixed furnishings.

the pic i took tonight was blur, so i've used the valuation pic. This is the master bedroom. The fixed fixture is that black 4 doors wardrobe with drawers at the other end.

And now, I'd like to show your my FAVOURITE part. The views.

This is the view from the main balcony, during the day. See how FAR you can see..

These are the views at night.

Oh yes, you can see err.... half the stadium from the balcony.

AND THESE.....are the spectacular sunset views are from the kitchen balcony.

Nice right??!?! It's almost like watching the northen light.
Subhanallah. this is what I'll be missing THE MOST. :(

ok.. so. anyhow.

We have a VERY good, friendly-but-not-over-friendly neighbour, right in front of our house. They are as good a neighbour as you can get. Of course, this opinion is subjective.

The Yew Tee MRT is a 10 mins walk - a good exercise for mornings and evenings. Shops are also nearby. And so is the swimming pool..and the stadium.

Ok, that's about it I guess.

So, if you know of anyone who would be interested in buying this house, kindly let them know of this place in Choa Chu Kang, and ask them to contact Mr Dean at hp 81137717. This sales info is valid only up to 2 months from this date, 1st April 2008.

And NOOOOO... this is not an april fool's joke. Tak main ah.

thank you all so much for your attention. ;)