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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The kecohness to register SG car for Malaysian VEP

Masyaa Allaah.. Have just registered my car for VEP at  I thought I'd go in and key in my passport, email and car no.

But no......   Just to prepare yourselves here are the list of information and documents required :

You'll need to register user ID for the VEP website.
Prepare a password at least 8 Chars long with at least 1 caps, 1 number, 1 special character (!@@$$).

Email address
Passport No.
Passport Expiry
Correspondence address (I use address of residence)
Permanent Address (IC address)

Ownership DATE
Vehicle type
Year of make
Car number
Chassis number
COE Expiry
** (You must SCAN your registration card and save it in PDF format with size not exceeding 300kb, to upload immediately, else registration of vehicle fail).

Insurance Company
Insurance Policy no.
Insurance expiry

Road Tax Expiry

PASSPORT for Driver Details:
Your full Name
Passport number
Passport Expiry
Driving License Number

PSLE Results - no need.

Be ready to print out the successful car registration letter, to bring to tag collection office (location to be advised), along with your supporting docs.

Anyone needs help to scan and register their vehicle and driver details on JPJ website,  I only charge SGD10 per car registration. >.<  (recalled those times when we had to fill in white cards, and there would be people near immigration areas, who would write your white card details for 50c each. :p)