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Thursday, September 15, 2016

what's in a word?

Have you ever typed a single word, and stare at it?

It'll start to look weird, and you start to wonder, how those letters can have some sound and mean something.

If you stare longer, you'll start to wonder how those different lines and shapes become something that we actually understand. Amazing.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

What sleepiness can do.

I'm reading system test cases, but I thought that they were explaining about the ocean blue, and I saw a blue ink drop at the base of the ocean...... ...
that's how sleepy I am. At times like these, i really shouldn't reply emails.
But right now.. after distracting myself with this, alhamdulillaah I am less sleepy. I think.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Forgetful Creatures

I've read and learned all about how we are tested in this worldly life. But when faced with some, I forget and I lament. I know God is with those who are patient. But I forget and I feel desperate to get out of the situation. I know that all that we go through is only for our own good - only we may not know it yet. But I forget and think about how bad the current situation is.

But God loves me. And He knows my inner thoughts and gave me a reminder, a subtle reminder.
Inna Allaaha laTifun khabir.
Verily Allaah understand the finest mysteries and is well acquainted with them.

Checking on the news of my friend's family - I learned that their family is going through tough times, having lost a male family member during this blessed month of Ramadan. And I think, how ungrateful I am right now, for all the conveniences and all the people I have around me.

May Allaah forgive me and give me strength.
Allaahu ghafuurun Rahiim.
Allaah is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.

We are forgetful creatures.
Alhamdulillaah, for subtle reminders, and the fixed reminders that we carry out 5 times a day.

May Allaah make us among those who are patient and perseveres. Aamiin.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Dear My Friends (Dear Friends of Mine)

This is the title of a Korean Drama that I'm currently watching, written by Noh Hee-kyung.

This is going to be my benchmark to write stories. I'm not saying I can write as good as this, but it's going to inspire me to try to give better.

I have not seen anything to deep and complex, touching and reflective at the same time. I must say Noh Hee-kyung is an inspirational writer.

The twist to this is that, the main characters in this drama, and there are quite a few, are mostly above 60 years old.

Almost every episode so far (now I'm at 7) are as good. I've cried in most of them, not because they are super sad, but because they touched the core of my heart. Especially of a son's love of his mother (Lee Kwang Soo). Highly recommended, if you're going to watch Korean. Only of course, after this, you'd probably be disappointed with most of the other Korean dramas.

It also makes me reflect on myself growing old - how it would apply in my context as a Muslim. I'd like for my soul to adapt graciously to my body growing old.

Back to my writing.. it's inspiring me to continue with some stories I've left half way written. :P Insyaa Allaah.


Wednesday, April 27, 2016