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Monday, March 07, 2011

We see what we THINK we see.

I have a VERY real experience of this. Actually I just finished reading a book on psychology... ok the title of the book makes it not so 'professional'. It's called 'An Idiot's guide to Psychology' But hey, it's a good start. So anyhow, in the book, it explains how the mind works and how we get information through our senses - e.g. the sight, sound, tastes. From the lights (sight), sounds and touch that we experience - goes into our brains and gets converted into information that makes sense in our mind. Subhanallah.

Which actually reminded me of how Rasulullah SAW received wahyu (revelations) from Allah SWT. But.. let's take that in another post, so that it's not undermined as an important subject on it's own.

So, the real experience I was going to tell is.. that over the weekend, my handphone was dead, from Sat night, all the way to Sunday night. I didn't touch my handphone except to take it out from my bag and put it on the bay window, Sunday afternoon.

When I told my husband that my phone was dead.. he said that he saw me reading from my handphone, in bed Sunday morning. I assured him NO, because I was and am still, now, very dead sure, my phone was dead. I didn't charge it yet, so how could I be reading from my handphone?? But he was so sure he saw me holding my phone and reading from it. And the weirdest and quite a scary thing is that, Nadhrah, my youngest daughter confirmed the same thing! She agreed and was so sure that, yes, she too, saw me reading from my iphone in bed that morning. I told them I was reading a BOOK actually, I was not holding my iphone at all. But they were still so adamant that they saw me holding my iphone. In fact, my husband said that I turned my iphone a bit to the side, so that he couldn't see what I was reading. And Nadhrah said she saw the time on my iPhone and also the background in my iPhone. But when I asked her what I was reading, she didn't remember.

The fact is, my iphone WAS dead for the whole day and I didn't read it. Imagine what this would have done to me, if I was on trial and they are called to be witnesses in the court of human law. Both of them dead sure of what they 'saw'. But surely, as in this case, what they 'saw' was actually what they THOUGHT they saw - because that's what they ALWAYS see. And this image is somehow retained in their minds, and they 'see' me doing it on Sunday morning. Everything else is the same, except for what I was holding. MasyaAllah..


And this is prove also for what constant subtle images do to our subconscious minds. It plants them in our mind, quite firmly I must say. That's why, we need to keep planting subtle positive images in our Dunia Chantek's productions. Seriously.

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