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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

effects on the unconscious mind

I was watching Little Mosque on the Prairie - Rayyan was calling Amaar, asking him for coffee (she's engaged to someone else). And I found myself thinking - oh hmm.. it's quite OK to do that. But then I thought some more - and it's not as straightforward as it is.

I guess visual examples, be it on the media or in real live, can easily influence how a person thinks or behave - if he is not conscious about it.

That is why, we need more media materials (movies, dramas, advertisements, novels) that portrays good examples - because whether you admit it or not - it does affect your line of thoughts.

I'm reading 'Blink' and some part of it seems to explain this effect. If I have the time and the mood and the inspiration - I'd like to dwell more on this.. in writing.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Two in one birthday party

Sarah is six, and Nadiah is eight.....een.

Held as Sue's place - for her open house, cum birthday cum pre deepavali holiday celebration.

I just got an additional flash, (lower end) - with hope that it will improve my indoor shots - especially at night.

Ok lah alhamdulillah.. ada improvement sikit.. kalau tak, I have no confidence taking night photos with the DSLR.

As usual the cake expert did the cakes. This time the theme for the smaller girl is 'High School Musical 2'

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My graduation from PPIS

Actually.. it's Nadhrah's graduation lah. But it's my graduation in a bigger way.

See..when Hadi was ready for school, we put him in PPIS. Then after that Hanaa, then Eema, then Nadhrah. So for about TEN YEARS, I have been attending PPIS' Sports Day.. and other PPIS events.

Now that my last child has just graduated from PPIS - I guess I've graduated too.

Hmm.. macam sedih pulak.. sikit.

ANYWAY... here are some photos, and more can be found HERE.

Friday, October 24, 2008

the trip to damansara

I didn't take much photos. We didn't do much either, except attend the golf event, watch movie, eat and shop.

As usual, I enjoyed the journey.

kittens at kawasan rehat jejatas near melaka. (jenjatas ke.. jejatas?)

breakfast at this place is VERY nice.. i mean the ambience. food also. :) when we walked out to the outdoor area.. I went 'waaaah...'. And I heard another family did the same. :)

At this place.. too bad, I didn't have a good first impression.

this place is better.. an uptown mamak stall.

we went there, for an event actually, which involves this man who has obviously bought the wrong shoe size - he just don't want to admit it.

A bit of jam.. at the second link, but we got through in about 45 mins.

That's about it.. for this time's short trip, where i managed to spend most of my free time, spending.


Thursday, October 23, 2008

somewhat creepy

We HAVE thought about the same thing or blurted out the same word, at the same time before.

We have found that we sent each other emails, at about the same time before.

But today is little bit more creepier.. Right after I sent her an email, a new email, I'm diverted back to my mailbox, where i see 2 identical email headings, at about the same time. One, was my copy of the one I sent to her. The other one was from her.

Yeap, she had sent me an email, at about the same time, with the same title.
How creepy is THAT?

:D MasyaAllah.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

..and my handwriting describes me

Erni is moderately outgoing. Her emotions are stirred by sympathy and heart rendering stories. In fact, she can be kind, friendly, affectionate and considerate of others. She has the ability to put herself into the other person's shoes.

Erni will be somewhat moody, with highs and lows. Sometimes she will be happy, the next day she might be sad. She has the unique ability to get along equally well with what psychology calls introverts and extroverts. This is because she is in between. Psychology calls Erni an ambivert. She understands the needs of both types. Although they get along, she will not tolerate anyone that is too "far out." She doesn't sway too far one way or the other.

When convincing her to buy a product or an idea, a heart rendering story could mean a great deal to her. She puts herself in the same situation as the person in the story, yet she will not buy anything that seems overly impractical or illogical. Erni is an expressive person. She outwardly shows her emotions. She may even show traces of tears when hearing a sad story.

Erni is a "middle-of-the-roader," politically as well as logically. She weighs both sides of an issue, sits on the fence, and then will decide when she finally has to. She basically doesn't relate to any far out ideas and usually won't go to the extreme on any issue.

People that write their letters in an average height and average size are moderate in their ability to interact socially. According to the data input, Erni doesn't write too large or too small, indicating a balanced ability to be social and interact with others.

Erni will be candid and direct when expressing her opinion. She will tell them what she thinks if they ask for it, whether they like it or not. So, if they don't really want her opinion, don't ask for it!

In reference to Erni's mental abilities, she has a very investigating and creating mind. She investigates projects rapidly because she is curious about many things. She gets involved in many projects that seem good at the beginning, but she soon must slow down and look at all the angles. She probably gets too many things going at once. When Erni slows down, then she becomes more creative than before. Since it takes time to be creative, she must slow down to do it. She then decides what projects she has time to finish. Thus she finishes at a slower pace than when she started the project.

She has the best of two kinds of minds. One is the quick investigating mind. The other is the creative mind. Her mind thinks quick and rapidly in the investigative mode. She can learn quicker, investigate more, and think faster. Erni can then switch into her low gear. When she is in the slower mode, she can be creative, remember longer and stack facts in a logical manner. She is more logical this way and can climb mental mountains with a much better grip.

Erni is a practical person whose goals are planned, practical, and down to earth. This is typical of people with normal healthy self-esteem. She needs to visualize the end of a project before she starts. she finds joy in anticipation and planning. Notice that I said she plans everything she is going to do, that doesn't necessarily mean things go as planned. Erni basically feels good about herself. She has a positive self-esteem which contributes to her success. She feels she has the ability to achieve anything she sets her mind to. However, she sets her goals using practicality-- not too "out of reach". She has enough self-confidence to leave a bad situation, yet, she will not take great risks, as they relate to her goals. A good esteem is one key to a happy life. Although there is room for improvement in the confidence catagery, her self-perception is better than average.

Erni has a healthy imagination and displays a fair amount of trust. She lets new people into her circle of friends. She uses her imagination to understand new ideas, things, and people.


I have to say, it's quite accurate!. About 95% correct - or maybe 99% but I don't want to admit some points.
Want to try?

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I'm starting to twit twit twit on twitter.

The interface is so unbelievably simple, and yet this application is becoming so popular. The developers must be laughing their.. away.

Among all the web applications out there that I know of... twitter has the SIMPLEST interface. So simple that I think even a 2 year old can twitter.

I guess after ALL the numerous advanced features, the hypes, the blinks, the hoos and the haas... it really feels good, almost a relieve, to get back to basics... and feel grounded.



the rainbow song

If you look at my office desk, you'd think that my favourite colour is yellow.

If you look at the car, and the stuff in it, you'd think that it's purple.

If you look in my kitchen, you'd think it's green.

If you look in my room, you'd think it's brown.

If you look at my wardrobe, you'd think it's black.

If you consider the fact that I love the sky and the sea.. you'd think it's blue.

I don't have a 'favourite' colour actually.
I think ALL colours are beautiful, *sigh :)*.. and I like them all!

.... and now, I feel like breaking into this song.
If you know it, sing along!

Oh I like red! It’s the color of an apple
Orange, it’s the color of an.. orange
Yellow, its a lemon and the beautiful sun sun sun

Green, its the color of the trees and lots of living things
And then there's blue for the sky
And purple! That’s a color that’s fun fun fun!

And when you put these colors side by side
What do you think you’ve done ?
You’ve made a rainbow,
and it’s a really beautiful one.

Subhanallah. :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the power of blog

I have long been aware, that the newspaper or the magazine is not a good source for unbiased views. There are actual people behind the articles in these prints - people like you and me - people with their own opinion on how a certain event affects the rest of us - or about how the event turned out. And therefore, they write it in the way THEY see it, based on what limited information they have. And then there is the editing, and the censorship from the government. In fact, it's the media as a whole - we cannot just accept what is written, just like that. You need to read and view them with an open mind - and ready to hear the other side of the story.

When Pak Lah, first became Prime Minister - and I saw him on TV, leading a prayer at the mosque - I was very moved by that image. I imagined that he probably lead prayers at his home too. It influenced my opinion of him greatly - I think of him as a great person - a great leader, honest, sincere and would probably base his rulings on what has been shown to be the right, the good and best way, throughout the history of Islam. I had a high expectation of him. Perhaps the expectation was too high.

When I saw on the media, and read in the papers - about how Mahathir was criticising his actions, sometimes using harsh words - I was thinking, Mahathir should just let Pak Lah rule the way he sees fit - his time has gone. Though I still admire Dr Mahathir for all that he has done for Malaysia.

Of course, I did not have any other source of information - other than the media.
Then Dr Mahathir started his blog.

I read all his articles, his feelings, his views, his advice - and now I see him in a different light. These are his own words, uncensored, unchanged by the media. And from his writings, now I see him reacting, only like a very concerned 'father'. His opinions of what is happening in Malaysia and around the world, is his own - he is not influenced by the 'greatness' of the Western countries - or afraid of what others might think about his opinions. And now I wonder, if Pak Lah can give the same kind of intelligent yet simple insights and clear directions for the country.

Sometimes, you can tell from reading the person's writings, what kind of a person they are - if they are arrogant, ignorant, vain, only going after power, if he knows what he is doing, and what he is thinking, if he is thinking coherently.. you can tell, insyaAllah. And based on what I've read - I think I still admire him more than the other current Malaysian leaders.

But who knows, perhaps when Anuar or Najib or Pak Lah - start their own blog and we can read their personal opinions - my view may or may not change. Yes, my view is dependent on the information that I receive. New information, may change my view, like how it changed my view about Pak Lah and Dr Mahathir now.

Anyway, I sincerely hope and pray that Malaysia succeeds in raising the standard of living of the poor and common people. in improving their economy, in advancing the country, in keeping it peaceful and comfortable. Ameen.

Monday, October 13, 2008

win some and learn some

An incident last week, shocked me and made me so angry and disappointed, and has forced me to make a tough decision.
I was not at peace with myself - and so frustrated that I even have to make that decision.

However, as my mind clears itself of the initial shock and anger - I begin to see the hikmah, the goodness, behind the whole incident.

It WAS a decision that I have avoided taking from the start - giving myself excuses, even though I was not so comfortable with the situation. The truth is now, I am quite relieved to have to make this decision, and that there is a strong reason to support it.

I still don't agree with how the incident was being handled by a family member. I found it too harsh. But then again - I wondered, if the reaction was not that strong - if the incident had not been that grave and affected me that much - would I have pushed myself to come up with this decision? I begin to see that, that in itself, is a hikmah perhaps. MasyaAllah, and Allah knows best. And may Allah SWT forgive us, our sins. Ameen.

I think about some of the doas and incidents that went before. The situations/experiences I've been made to go through; the things that I asked for, which was actually granted; situations that I have been saved from, subtly but surely - make me see how much Allah loves me. I feel it, and I know it. Sometimes I even feel like a pampered child, but one who is still being disciplined, and one who's been made to go through some hardships, in order that I may learn.
HE, my Rabb, has let me win some, and learn some.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Look at that.. I wonder how much they have to pay, to make that piece of promotion pamphlet, which they mail to hundreds of thousands of their customers, and I even got TWO copies. Must cost a lot... that thing which I normally trash right after I open it. It's hard quality paper.

Of course, that cost will go into the price that people pay, for purchasing that thing, including the costs of fat bonuses for their CEOs, meaningless or trivial but expensive overseas travels and stays by their executives, eksetera eksetera eksetera. That would also explain why some lesser known hardwares or softwares which may even perform at par or better - are much cheaper.

It doesn't matter that you have just bought an expensive server from them just 3 months ago, you still get these pamphlets telling you about their 'latest' servers. Companies are always finding ways to make more AND even more money - by constantly telling you, you need to change this and that - or that you cannot live without their useless items. This is simply GREED - they can call it 'growth' all they want.

And then, there is this issue at work - which has been pending like over a YEAR. And the company I'm dealing with.. is taking way too much time to respond. And it seems to me, that they are not able to provide to us, what we have requested for. Now, after many reminder emails, they are suggesting a teleconference to 'discuss' this issue. I have grown quite impatient with mindless meetings. What EXACTLY is the agenda of this meeting? Have they even decided if they can provide what we asked for? If they can't even provide what we ask for, which is the main requirement, then what is the point of this meeting? Arrgh!!

I replied like that to them.
Minus the 'arrgh!!'.

Perhaps this impatience is also triggered by a couple of events last few days.

I am feeling impatient with the ways of the world. I am feeling impatient with the ways of people who have total disregard for other's feelings. This 'feelings' part has nothing to do with that pamphlet or the email. It's some other separate events.

What to do?
Pray to Allah, to grant me, more patience.
This IS the ways of the world - it's not like we've never been told.
And.. astaghfirullah. I know I'm not perfect either.

BUT.. A.L.I.F!
AND Rus will be back tomorrow. My life can hopefully get back to normal routines. Although I do intend to have more hands on, in the kitchen from now on. No.. from after Hari Raya. These days.. I don't have much time to take care of the kitchen or do housework. I've been working, coming home only to go out visiting or to entertain our guests, except for yesterday - which is another story.

p.s. (this is one way to stop abruptly.. when you suddenly have nothing else to say).

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

details in the fabric

"..they (wife) are as a garment for you, and you are as a garment for them..."
Al Quran, Al Baqarah 2:187

I find the meaning, encompasses the total idea of being a spouse.

A garment protects the body from discomfort/danger (heat/cold).
It covers up the person, shielding the shameful parts and aurats from others. - I think this part is important, a spouse should shield their partner's weaknesses from others. It is contained within the family.
It beautifies the person. - Spouses should reflect or show the good sides of their partners.
It reflects on the person. - The reaction of a partner in front of others, may be able to reflect on what kind of a person the spouse is.
It makes them complete.

And, garments differ, depending on the details in the fabric. But one thing for sure, the details in the fabric will show that all garments are not perfect. However, we learn to live with the defects - either my mending them or by accepting them as they are - after all, it's the details in the fabric that differentiates one from the other.

Coincidentally I also came to know, from the 'eat, pray, love' book that the root word for the Italian word for 'friend', is garment. - which carries similar idea. But it suits a spouse even better.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

post raya update

*excerpt from an email and edited*

"Hello dearest,

How r u today? I bet you're quite tired today, surely? Cause I am.

So finally.. kek lapis tu jadi jugak.. cuma kaler tak prominent - so it didn't really stand out. but the lapising.. was OK. :) alhamdulillah. maybe I'll try again. Also the kek gulung, jadi la jugak.

Then I had to help my MIL cook for raya. Previous years kan rus aje yg tolong kat MIL's place.. I just had to anyam ketupats. Now that MIL's here, and Rus is not around.. I had to tolong la - kesian.

I worked my hands and fingers so much - making those small cookies (the makmur, tarts, cornflakes), cutting loads of ingredients (paru, daging, kacang panjang). So much so that, yesterday - i saw a bruise behind my thumb, kat the lower bone join situ. It was (still is..) reddish all around.. i thot i had accidentally rubbed my fingers on some make up ke apa ke.. but I don't have anything that was red camtu. When I pressed a bit.. rasa discomfort sikit. Seriously.. i didn't know that the joints can get bruised from overexertion..."

This bruise became like a 'trophy' for me. I was showing it off to almost anyone who would care to pretend to be interested.

This raya, I didn't get any bunga api for the kids.. was a bit busy, although I had wanted to. :-\ But that's ok.

More raya pics here - updated until raya ends.
Raya sebulan kan? :D