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Friday, January 27, 2017

How to apply for MACS in Johor Bahru (For JB home owners)

This information is valid as at blog post date.

You've heard that Singaporeans can no longer apply for MACS at the Tuas JB Customs office. They have to apply in Singapore, which is very inconvenient, since you cannot get your passport back immediately or on the same day. However, there is still a leeway for Singaporeans who are official home owners in JB (and business owners/partners, but the focus here is for home owners - from own experience).

If you officially own a property in JB, you can still apply for MACS (The Malaysia Automated Clearance System) in JB. Children of the owners who are strictly below 18, can also apply for MACS in JB. It's costs RM30 per sticker.

Where to apply :
Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA)  
Address: #G- Block 8 80200, 1, Jalan Bertingkat Skudai, Danga Bay, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
(MACS application counter on the ground floor to the left of the reception counter.)
Google Map :
Opening hours : Sunday - Thursday, 830am to 430pm

What you need to apply:
a. 1 passport photo
b. Your passport
c. A photocopy of your passport
d. A photocopy of the front page of your property purchase document, where your name and identification is indicated.
e. Bring the your property purchase document also, for verification.
f. Over there, you'll fill up a form.
g. RM30.00

Children who are strictly below 18 years old also may also apply. In case of children, what they'll need :
a. 1 passport photo
b. Their passport
c. A photocopy of their passport
d. A photocopy of the front page of Parent's property purchase document, where parent's name and identification is indicated.
e. Bring the the property purchase document also, for verification.
f. A photocopy of the child's birth certificate.
g. The child's birth certificate, for verification. Ensure that the identification number of parent's, matches the on on the property document.
h. Over there, you'll fill up a form.
i. RM 30.00

Alas, for children 18 years old and above, or parents of the home owners, they still have to do it through Singapore.
Information on MACS application in singapore here.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

within my neurons : 5th Jan 2017, Isya' (We are our souls)

I heard in a religious lecture once, that we are truly, our souls.  That's why when a person is dead, well, at least in the Muslim environment, we'd refer to the body, as 'the body'.  We don't comfortably or naturally still refer to the body by the person's name.   It has become the body of so-and-so.   Why?

WE, are not our body or how we look or how we are physically.  We are our souls.   Our body is truly just a container for us, for our souls.

So I had a thought just now, triggered by a drama of a person having a artificial heart transplanted into his body.  People have been known to live with artifical heart, artificial or make-do kidneys, artificial hands, legs, eyes, face - which are all just instruments for our souls.

Only so far, I don't think we can actually have an artificial brain in a person.  The brain is the window to the soul.   Without the brain, the soul has no access to this current world and vice versa.

Back to the thought, the thought is that : if everything else was artificial except for the brain - I imagine, we would still be us.  We can be like the tin-man with a brain, it'll still be us.

Although the brain is also an instrument for our souls, it is an instrument that is beyond the capability of man to reproduce - as it interacts with the soul that our human's science is still unable to access or study.

There are just some things in the world, that would be beyond man's intelligence to grasps. One of them is the soul - as God has mentioned in the Quran:

"And they ask you, [O Muhammad], about the soul. Say, "The soul is of the affair of my Lord. And mankind have not been given of knowledge except a little." (Al Isra 17:85)

*moment of awe*
Subhanallaah.. God is truly the most amazing.