Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the day after shooting my first short film

Firstly, as I have mentioned, I feel so grateful, alhamdulillah, to be equipped with such passionate, hardworking and fun crew and casts. Having a good and accomodating Director of Photography - DOP
was also helped me a lot. Then there's the detailed Art Director cum Make up Artist, the lighting and sound guys, all the other production assistants, the still photographer, and of course, the
experienced casts. I love them all.

But surely, it's not perfect lah. Nothing is. There is still SO MUCH room for improvements on my part. There were quite a few things to ensure and see, that I think I didn't pay enough attention to
how I want the whole story to feel. I forgot some details that I've thought of when writing the story and imagining it. At some point, I concentrated on each scene only, not thinking about the

I think a monitor to allow me to have a good view at the look of each scene would have helped more. I did bring, but didn't have the correct cable - Duh!.

But all is not lost, yet. A lot can be done during post-production. My teacher said that a movie or film is not made when we're doing the shoot. Those are all collection of materials. A movie is
actually being made during post production. This is the most important part. So shooting is like you going to the supermarket to get your ingredients, and the post-production is you're actually
making and baking the cake. Of course, shooting is also important, I mean you cannot get just ANY ingredient - it has to be of good quality also.... you get the picture. So..

I think I'm going to spend more time on post production. I should.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

do you wanna p?

"D'ya wanna pee?"
"Do you wanna pee?"
"Do you want to pee?"
"Oh.. err..ok"

This was overheard at work, not in school. Quite cute.. but not cool.

She could have said.. 'Do you want to go to the ladies with me?' ... hmm.. ok maybe not. That might give 'another' kind of impression in this upside down crazy world. Or maybe she can say, 'I'm going to the ladies, you wanna.. join me ... come also...go too?'

Why am i even blogging about this.

Oh! 515! time to go home!

Friday, April 09, 2010

a typical Melayu in Singapore

I was in a cab in KL, on my way to a course I was attending there. The cab driver was a middle aged Malay man with white kopiah. He started off the conversation by asking me if I'm from Singapore. I replied affirmatively.

Then he started.

He asked me, how I was, as a Malay living in Singapore. I immediately knew what he is trying to get at. Anyway, I told him, I'm...err.... fine? Things are normal, I'm okay, we're ok. Then he asked if Malay Muslims are discriminated in Singapore e.g. about practising their religion. I told him, it's more about making others aware, or educating others about what we do as Muslims, and that... no, we don't carry bombs and our peers will understand and accept.

"Tapi.. takde rasa terkongkong ke?"
"Hmm.. rasanya, tak. Kita okay aje nak tunaikan ibadah kita, nak puasa, pergi haji.. takde siapa larang. Kira okay lah, selagi kita boleh jalankan ibadah2 kita, ada rumah, ada kerja.. alhamdulillah"
"Abis kerja semua macam mana?"
"Kerja pun rasanya biasa aje.. kalau si Melayu nak usaha, insyaAllah, takde pulak siapa yang larang dia dari nak berjaya. Antara dia nak usaha dengan tidak. Takde kongkongan or larangan dari pemerintah untuk Melayu aje"
"Abis dia tak cari orang dia aje?"
"Kalau ada company2 kecik, mengikut individu tu, mungkin adalah yang nak beri peluang dengan orang sendiri. Tapi sama jugak lah dengan orang Melayu, mesti dia nak cuba tolong kaum dia sendiri dulu. Tapi kalau dah company besar, jarang kita dengar hal2 macam ni"
"Abis, azan boleh laungkan kat luar?"
"Tak cik, tak boleh"
"Abis hari tu, dengar pasal budak perempuan tu, nak pergi sekolah pakai tudung tak boleh? macam mana dengan hal tu?"
"Ya, tak boleh cik, tapi budak tu boleh masuk madrasah ke.., madrasah tak dilarang"
"Abis kat situ, takde pembangkang Melayu?"
"Cik, kalau tengok kiraan peratusan bangsa, susah jugak lah orang Melayu nak jadi pembangkang pemerintah.."
"Abis pembangkang yang Jayaratnam tu.. dia kena tangkap eh?"
"Agaknya lah cik, salah2 cakap pasal pemerintah Lee, boleh kena saman, kena tangkap"
"kalau gitu, tak adil lah sangat"
"Tak sangat cik, tapi alhamdulillah, kita Melayu hidup kat Singapore, takde rasa kena tindas. Terpulang masing2 nak usaha untuk berjaya atau tidak..."

And we reached my destination. Phew.

I guess, his perception of Malays in Singapore is like, we're suffering and being 'bullied' by the government. But as a typical Malay in Singapore, I'd like to state that, I don't feel that way. I am quite happy to be where I am, under the current government, as long as I am not stopped from practising my religion, driven away from my home for no valid reason, denied of education and the right to succeed - then I'm fine. Alhamdulillah.

As a good Muslim citizen, I am expected to respect the governments and it's rules, as long as I'm given my freedom to practise my beliefs and not driven away from my home and family. Am I 100% satisfied with the people in the government? The Lees in particular? No, of course not 100%.. I wonder and question some of the things that is happening at the top. But then, the citizens are being taken care of. And then again, tell me is there ANY perfect government in this world today? Even the Muslim ones?