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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lord, forgive me when i whine

i realise i've whining in the last few many entries.
For now, whine, i shall not.

Want to read an assortment of totally unrelated stories?


t'was 930pm thereabout.

me to nadh : Nadh, gi bilang kak eema.. main computer 5 more mins, lepas tu, smayang, pastu tidur.

nadh went out to tell : Kak eeeemmaaa! nanti dah 5 yrs old.. smayang asar! abis lepas tu, tidur!


listening to english nasyid, zain bikha, I heard..
'salt.., & sugar are wonderful things..'

salt and sugar? lagu pasal apa ni?

checked the title.
'sabr and shukr'
(patience and gratitude)


Men, should avoid wearing colourful and interesting shirts. I'll tell you why.

That day, Fuzz couldn't pay attention to the GM (i forgot.. GM ke AD lah gitu) - that man was wearing a colourful shirt, with numbers, some more. Instead of listening to the man talk, fuzz was trying to see if all the numbers (1 - 9), were there on his shirt.

how interesting.
and distracting.


masyaAllah, friday again.
how fast.
how much more time?

have a good jumuah and a wonderful weekend.
oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marliza!

*a bit unplugged*

Thursday, March 29, 2007

nur teddie


Yaa ayyatuha al-ukht,

al yaum, anti akbaran. i'lam, ana uhibbuki kathiran, lillah.
ana la a'lam, urid atakalam ma shai' fil lughah.
muslimah khairan! =D

afwan, lughah maksur.

Happy birthday Teddie!!

no lah.. i didn't make those pretty cupcakes. Courtesy of darling mai. :)

Friday, March 23, 2007

weird busy

i am so busy
that when i took a short nap just now
I dreamt that I was working,
working on exactly what i was working on, before i took the nap.

And in the dream, i was wondering..
if i was dreaming or if i was really working
and then i force myself awake, and realise i was in fact dreaming
and the work still lies in front of me.

i am so busy
that i forgot today is friday!

i'm looking forward to april.
before that..
i'm looking forward to tomorrow and sunday
and before that
i'm looking forward to tonight

if i'm so busy, why am i blogging?
taking a break.. can or not.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

too many papers

After a hectic time at the office, i come home to a pile of unopened letters, brochures, pieces of leaflets saying that there are people who wants to buy our house, among other junk mails.

I asked the girls to help open the letters, but i guess I shouldn't have.
Because I only had to do more work, clearing the mess and segregating rubbish from letters.

The pile of what-was-once-a-tree-from-forests-that-are-fast-dissappearing-from-the-face-of-this-earth, now sits there.. waiting for me to sort out.. to file or throw, or read, or act upon.. or post, or admire (the girls drawings were also in the pile). Why oh why, do we have sooooooo much paper?!?! Do we really NEED this much junk??

Why is our life made complicated with these 'thing-that-was-once-a-tree-from-forests-that-are-fast-dissappearing-from-the-face-of-this-earth'(s)? Can I just go sell the house then go live kat kampung.. tanam sayur sendiri..and live a simple life?

oh but I still need broadband internet connection.

but you know, life without so much....err...letters.

I know it's impossible. illa masyaAllah.
Because hubby would definitely not agree to that - the part about living kat kampung.

I think we have to consider employing a part time home-clerk to do this.

No wait.. we already have a part time home clerk.


Monday, March 19, 2007

music to my ears

M Nasir's Suatu Masa, is one of my all time favourite. Ruffedge's Membebel, in fact the whole album is ok for me, S07, I think peter pan only sound good on records. and the only album i like is Bintang di surga. I like Spider too, thanks to Hadi (his favourite band). I like Mariah Carey's old songs - her first album - (before she decided to bare most of herself). I like The Beatles - i think all singers should learn their music.

I like some of P Ramlee's songs too, sung by him. I like Rabbani. I like Zain Bhikha - very melodious voice. I do listen to, and like some of Scorpions and Rainbow or Pink Floyd, or the likes.

I like some of the classical music or anything that sounds classical. If only akon's 'smack that' had more decent lyrics, i wud have liked it too. Micheal Jackson's songs are also nice - he is talented.

You get it. I can listen to all kinds of music - catchy tune, decent, bearable lyrics.

but these few weeks, the volume on my car stereo is set to '0'. No radio, no CD. Just the sound of the car engine and tyre against the road.
It's been hectic, stressful, these few weeks.
And some peace and quiet is what I want, when I'm driving, alone in the car.

currently listening to : Misyari's recitation of Al Baqarah.

Here are some overdue and recent pictures. :p

apom and tose.., drowned tose..

Saturday, March 17, 2007

processing a question

My mind can get overworked. When I'm thinking of way too many things at the same time. And sometimes like the computer, it slows down the processes. (or the computer is like the mind?) Like, when too many programs are running in the background, your machine slows down.

I feel like that sometimes. Like yesterday as i walked into the meeting room, my boss asked me, "How is the EDI testing?"
I stopped, and I stared blankly at him for a while.

No, I was not stupid. Actually I was thinking.. let me break it down for you.

1 - I was thinking about the issues with the front end testing. So I had to "switch channel".

2 - Then I had to process the words he said.. E-D-I? Oh EDI. ok..

3 - But wait, there's 2 EDI testing.. so which one is he referring to?

4 - tried to remember if he last spoke to me about any EDI - ah yes,.the customs EDI just now.. testing it halfway.

5. - Ok, WHAT is the status of that testing?

6. - ah yes.. i finished it.. but something is missing.. now what was it..

7 - Oh yes, one of the issues cannot be resolved.. pending my boss reply.

8 - The answer to that question is : "done, pending 1 issue from you."

That simple question/answer, took me about 4-5 secs to process.

So tired, my mind was.

Yeap.. that is considered slow.. 4-5 secs to process. Isn't our mind amazing..Subhanallah. so much information can be processed without you even realizing it. In a matter of secs, or even less than that, information can be retrieved from your brain. e.g. questions like 'have you eaten?'

Did you know that a simple question like 'are you happy' is actually very complex, that even computers cannot be programmed to answer. It involves too many things, the heart, the mind, the spirit, the iman - the computer cannot grasps all that.
Actually it's the man who program computers kan.. so men have not reached that level of intelligence yet - to be able to do so.
- illa masyaAllah. (unless God allows it to happen).

وَجَعَلَ لَكُمُ السَّمْعَ وَالْأَبْصَارَ وَالْأَفْئِدَةَ قَلِيلًا مَّا تَشْكُرُونَ
And He gave you (the faculties of) hearing and sight and feeling (and understanding): little thanks do ye give!
AlQuran - As Sajdah 32:9

It's saturday. And i have to work.
And I am not too excited about it.
I'm looking forward to spending time with the family later at the beach. And taking photos!
yes.. photos coming soon, insyaAllah.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

human being.. and fish

an afoolme once said, "I know that human being... and fish... can co-exist peacefully."

what's that fish again????

An american/iranian comedian said, everytime he sees this fella on TV, being president and all, he's just waiting for ashton kustcher to run out and say,'Y'all have been punked!'

But, it's so unfortunate that it's not to be. It's for real.

What's an 'afoolme?
Oh I don't know..
HE said it:
"..Fool me once. Shame on.....shame on you..........afoolme can't get fooled again"

Yeeeeeaaaah.. sure. whatever lah.

Have I told you before, I hate this guy?

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ever since I watched Cicakman, sometimes, I would pick up my coffee mug to drink, and I'd stop, to check with my spoon, if there's any foreign object inside the mug.

I don't want to be cicakwoman. No matter how fancy the costume looks.

Actually, a colleague of mine from an old workplace, have had that experience. She finished her tea to find that there is a lizard at the bottom of her cup! or was it a mug? - I forgot. (Eeuwwwh.. yoooo...blueeek... ai yoooooh!.. )

Cicakman - cerita dia mengarut la kan.. and aznil is loud - literally. Like most opinions I've heard or accidentally read, - the graphics is good, but story, hmm.. ok lah.. so-so. I mean like, what to expect of an imaginary superhero movie - of a super cicak pulak tu. Of course, it could be better.
BUT but, seriously, there are other MORE SERIOUS and REAL things to be concerned about like - am I ready for death. Da cukup ke amalan aku?!
Yeah, so.. hmm. That's the end of that.

But Hadi, has a weird sense of enjoyment. He enjoyed the show a lot. He memorized some of most the dialog. Yes, he is always memorizing dialogs of movies that he likes and he can repeat them, with the same tonation and all. I most enjoy his rendition of Madagascar. Of course everytime he does that, we'd tell him that it'd be good if he can hafal the Quran like that.

So, on Cicakman. since I've heard him repeat some of the dialog over and over again, i think I'm beginning to have some favourite phrases from that movie.
They include:

1. "Asal aku punya turn, sangkut. Asal aku punya turn, sangkut. Asal sangkut, aku punya turn."
I can use that during traffic jams..
"asal aku punya lane, sangkut. asal aku punya lane.. sangkut. Asal sangkut, aku punya lane."
"Tukar lane ah!"
(then I'll find that I'm still stuck in the jam.. and I can repeat this dialog again..)

2. "Dengar sini semua, dan semua dengar sini!"
I can use this on my children when I want to get their attention.

*Can you sense that I'm kind of stressed?

Monday, March 12, 2007

show me your desktop!

Tagged by Mya (sorry lambat buat homework), I hereby show my desktop to the world (ceeeh...)
Alah.. actually pun.. takde apa lah sangat :p

Resolution : 1400 x 1050 pixel
(right click->properties->setting)

Laptop/LCD or CRT : Laptop

Been using this desktop since : dari mula pakai laptop ni.

Wallpaper since : actually baru aje.. cause hard disk corrupted.. baru lepas tukar hard disk ni. Before that pun.. gambar pasir kat beach jugak.

Tip : Camna nak get gambar desktop? hit Prnt Scrn - pakai button yang kat atas tuuu.. tuu.. ah. Then buka software PAINT/PHOTOSHOP/GIMP/atau apa2 software yang sewaktu dengan nya, new document -> paste. After that, jangan lupa SAVE)

I'd like to see.. siapa punya desktop eh..
I wonder what THEIR desktop looks like

1. spidey

2. AM

3. Azer dah ada orang book - ha.. da buat pun dia

3. Teddie (..wondering dia tak tukar wallpaper ke)

4. FreakGeek hmm.. dia ni.. dia nak remain anonymous.. soo.. I'll leave her be.

4. Che'Fara (hi!.. I'd like to know you better..)

5. Hafizjenggo - dia ni slalu sibuk.

5. Pink - dia ni LAGI slalu sibuk..

5. Dzulrena

6. Yara

(actually 5 aje.. but.. I want 6.. boleh?)

Thereafter you all can tag another 5.
Ada orang kata, you can tell how a person is, by looking at their desktop.

p.s. Perkara ni adalah HARUS aje.. tak wajib nor sunat.
So, kalau ada time, tunjuk eh..

Saturday, March 10, 2007

vote results in Malaysia

Well, I may not know the inner workings and issues within each state. Based on what has happened for Malaysia from my point of view - I think BN has been doing quite good. Actually to me, both Mahathir and Pak Lah.. has their own strong points.

I applaud till now, and truly respect one of Mahathir's decision, for fearlessly going against the Western financial norms, and ignoring all critics, when he decided to cap Malaysian Ringgit against the USD. I think it was a brave and very good move. To hell with what the american finance 'experts' say is right. Their finance 'experts' only thinks about what's best for america alone. They don't give a damn about the people in other country - unless it benefits them back.

Then I like Pak Lah, for his, what seems to me, sincere and honest efforts to resolve the country's issues. TRYING to stamp out rasuah and all that. It's not easy being up there.

Of course there are some things I wish he had implemented to immediately reduce the crimes in Malaysia. I truly believe - if he had adopted the real and honest hudud law, disregarding any 'humanitarian cries' from the west, then the crime rates will see a drastic drop - and the results of this time's vote - MAY turn out quite differently, Allahu'alam.

On the issue of the government, I think as long as the government is doing their job, and we are not deprived of our religious obligations, our basic needs and growth - then we should try as much as possible to stay united under one government and avoid chaos within.

But then again, I guess, nothing is as simple as it seems. Allah knows best.

I'm just stating my comments from the keyhole view that I have of Malaysia.

AND the vote results are out anyway - and I only pray for the best, for Malaysia.

p.s. pictures from last weekend's trip to Melaka is here.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

back to back

just now I saw this.
now, this is what i call 'back to back delivery' :)

this saturday, another 2 test papers to sit for.
it's STUDY time
- with whatever time I have left..
Rabbi zidnii 'ilman.

have a good weekend..

eh.. baru thursday eh.
have a good jumu'ah.. then, a good weekend :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

multi tasking, the next level

boss : i think we need to finish those testings by tomorrow - that's urgent. and then, the reports also, we need to clear. what about the other module - can we start tomorrow? data migration, we'll let users check.

J : testings and reports both urgent, which one to do first?

boss : it's best if you can do it parallely.


I know lah..we women can multi task. but this is taking it to the next level ...

blossom multi tasking

p.s. hafiz, and dont' tell me i'm a Drawer. I want to be a Dresser. :p

Sunday, March 04, 2007

old man johnny

Yesterday...or was it this morning?
no wait.. THIS, is this morning..
So. YESTERDAY, I was revising for the tests, and I asked Hadi to revise his school work too. Their CA test starts Monday.

I went thru his English Text book quickly, and came across a weird picture. I was thinking that it's odd. How come the old man has a ribbon on his hair... and wait.. wearing a skirt?!

After a few secs, I realised, he did it.
(disclaimer : excuse me, I was studying the night before also and continued in the morning.. my mind was a bit tired. but ok lah tu.. few secs..not that slow).

Cute sey, rayban short-haired girl/man tu.
BUT, more importantly.. budak hadi ni.. has he, or has he not, been paying attention in class?


Just now kan..during the Arab paper, we were given a question, where we had to indicate what type of a syair, it is. Since our Arabic is at the level where, we only remember phrases like.. 'i'm going to the toilet', we depend on some standard words in the sentence, to help us identify the type.

However, in the last question, that standard word, was a twist. Although it's there.. it's not there for the same reason (if a person understands meaning). And I recognised that syair! And I was feeling proud ah sikit. Smiled, as I wrote the answer down, in arabic. Wondering how many of them recognised that last syair.

Later in the evening, we discussed the paper. And I proudly brought up the issue of that question.. telling them, that standard word was a trick,

"actually the 'fi' is part of the musyabbah bih! there's no wajhu syabbah after that word! So the type is 'mursal mujmal'" I told them confidently.

"Really? eh??.... it's mursal mufassal..."

"huh? no, mursal mujmal - no wajhu syabbah."

"dear, no wajhu syabbah is mursal mufassal"

"WHAT?!?!! REALLY??? NO!!!!! then the other question pun salah!"

In that instance, i felt so silly/stupid/geram..... humbled.
Still GERAM... and humbled.

Lesson learnt - Jangan aksen sangat pun..Ingatan and knowledge is pemberian Allah SWT.


Moving on...

Fog on your camera, can produce.. quite a nice effect.

And these are pics.. i've been meaning to post.. but the past week was hectic.