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Saturday, April 21, 2007

a conscious choice

Actually kan, one of the reasons that I like to go to Malaysia, is to play a small part in supporting Malaysia's economy. =D

But seriously, last time, i used to buy things blindly - maksudnya, buy without thinking. But suddenly after america's response to the 9/11 episode - i was quite angry with their reaction, and jadi menyampah sey, nak beli their products. But now the anger towards america, except for a certain monkey pax, has subsided. But I've become more conscious in my choice, when I buy products.

Between BOH and LIPTON, which tea would u buy? Between MILO and VICO? kaza wa kaza..
It looks like some trivial choice right?

In every choice that you make, no matter how simple, mesti ada reason, behind the choice. Tak kan lah kita beli Lipton because the TV says that we look good drinking it, and we believe it. KAN?

Maybe for the local/regional products, diorang takde budget sebesar companies held by big giants to create such incredible advertisements, but the local/regional products are, sebenarnya, just as good.
(extra info: In Msia, Permanis Sdn Bhd, spent about RM6,000,000.00 on marketing JUST lipton ice tea alone. Have you ever wondered, who is covering the costs of these?)

So, when you buy something, you should give the local/regional product a chance - and if it is just as good, support them - they should be your first choice. Time nak beli groceries ke.. or apa2 barang pun la.. make a conscious choice. don't just buy because it's advertised widely.

I'm not saying we totally boycott western products..i'm saying our first choice should be our local or regional product. MasyaAllah.. omputeh2 tu.. da cukup kaya.. dah terover kaya. It's time that we support ourselves.

cakap pasal tea/teh ni, i can already imagine Sheila on 7's "kau kini ada" jadi advert song for some tea product.

semua kecupan darimu cukup membuat duniaku terasa lebih terang
secangkir teh hangat darimu cukup untuk awali hari terindah dalam hidupku

have a good weekend, and if u're getting groceries.. ingat eh pesan makcik.

*globalisation - makes the rich, richer, and the poor, poorer.

Monday, April 16, 2007

manly or lady?

(based on a true story)


At the shop, to buy disposable contact lenses.

so ar.. u want manly or lady..


u want manly or lady?

BLOSSOM (blur..)
err..u mean there is a lady's one?

SHOPOWNER monly or..(interrupted)

Oh! You mean monthly or daily?...
heh. Daily please. =D


Sunday, April 15, 2007

fast food fusion

when they disagree on what fast food to have, the only place to go to, where u can conveniently get all of them, then sit down and eat together..
at Lido Theatre - it's like a fast-foodcourt

green day

traffic light


the cousin

kids & adults section

the past

This past week, i've been contacted by...not by people from the 'other' world.. but by people from the past.

Just last week, a secondary school mate, 'sila' found me on the internet. she says, i look the same.

Then yesterday, my kakis (ita, liza) from college called me on my handphone. They say.. i sound the same, talk the same, laugh the same. I'm not so sure...

Right now, the image of them, in my mind, is exactly as how they looked last time.. but i guess, that wouldn't be, cause people change, right?
I know i did.

Maybe it's time for a reunion - with them. Don't know if I'm ready.
Maybe i'm quite anxious to come face to face with my 'past'.
Maybe, I should.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

shapes you as He wills

هُوَ الَّذِي يُصَوِّرُكُمْ فِي الأَرْحَامِ كَيْفَ يَشَاء لاَ إِلَـهَ إِلاَّ هُوَ الْعَزِيزُ الْحَكِيمُ

He it is who shapes you in the wombs as He wills. There is no deity save Him, the Almighty, the Truly Wise.

Al Quran, Al-Imran 3:6

I was reading this verse.. and I was thinking of all the conjoined twins, and babies with 3 arms, or with 3 legs or with odd number of fingers that one, you don't say.. quite common.

Allah SWT shapes us, in the womb, as He wills.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

coffee in KL?

Planning their Kl trip..

WANITA 1 (excited..)
OK! so.. what do we want to do in KL?!

WANITA 2 (lagi excited..)
We can sit at Starbucks!

WANITA 1 (err...)
oooh okaay... we can go aaaalll the way to Kl to...

ok lah.. Coffee Bean also can.
I want white chocolate dream...(dreaming..)



So what do you all plan to do in KL?

WANITA 2 (gleefully)
sit at Starbucks!


WANITA 1, in the office toilet, overhearing her 2 female (of course la female.. in the female toilet mah.. ni bukan toilet macam ally mcbeal) colleague discussing something beside her..

Ok.. so you book the bus and I'll book the hotel.

WANITA 1 (kaypoh sikit..)
waaah.. you all going for holiday? where to?

FEMALE COLLEAGUE 1 (quite excited)
We're going to KL!

Really?! when??

End of the month..

WANITA 1 (excited..)
REALLY?! We're going there too! me and my girlfriends!

FEMALE COLLEAGUE 1 (.. all excited)
SERIOUS?! Eh! then.. we can meet up with each other there?! want?
You give me your hp number la.. we call up and then we can go sit at STARBUCKS.

WANITA 1 (?)
Oh wow. heh.. ok.

What is with KL and starbucks or other coffee/teh tarik joints yang sewaktu dengan nyer?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my mai

May Allah SWT keep you in guidance, in iman, in health and wealth which you will use fi sabilillah.

Friday, April 06, 2007

dalam bag ada cinta

i just watched the movie 'CINTA' last night. all alone. kat my laptop, on my bed, with earphones on.

It's not bad at all! I love it! ok.. maybe that's exaggerated. i like it, a lot. but not all of them. You see, there are 5 stories inside this movie. the one that most touched me.. (part yang aku paling touching sangat) is the story of the husband whose wife left him & the pasal cikgu and cik rubi. betul.. boleh hujan. memang hujan pun.

Don't know lah if that kind of such a romantic husband-who-goes-thru-the-whole-trouble-of-setting-up-dinner-in-a-restaurant-yang-da-closed-down-and-hire-waiter-some-more-for-the-wife-and-mind-you-after-7yrs-of-marriage, *catches breath* still exists.. macam tak percaya gitu.. but the point is - to learn to accept the fate that Allah SWT has set for us. And to know that, insyaAllah, Allah will replace our lost with a BETTER one.

Then there is a story of the kakak and the adik.. which i felt macam tak kesampaian sangat.. because there are 2 stories inside that 1 story.. about her relationship with her bro, and about he relationship with a married man. kesian. memang part having affair with a married man..most of the time, the girl tak salah.. just vulnerable. yang parah tu.. the husband. sebab tu, this kind of husband, the wife shud just let him get another wife, then to live in maksiat and to tanggung dosa camtu. Allahu'alam.

I just wish that these movies portray a more islamic way of life. after all they are suppose to be Muslims kan..

Itu lah.. my own review yang tak seberapa..
Gi lah tengok.
beli vcd yang original.

p.s. Watching that movie, reminds me of KL.. (duh!) ya lah.. nak pegi2, plan da berbulan2 belum pegi2 jugak.. So girls, I hope it'll happen soon.

dalam bag ada cinta. Take it before you go.

ok, nanti i bukak bag you, amik cinta.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

hadi's new groove

My first-born. i think before the end of the year, he'll be taller than me.

Yesterday was his birthday.
Today, he got a new phone.. his new groove.

In his golf attire.

Seems like just yesterday (balaghah.. takdelah like yesterday sangat), that he was featured in a local magazine - this was in the year 2000.

My beloved son,

You can do whatever you like, as long as it's not contradicting your religion. Remember i told you, you can succeed in what you love, like golf - but then use that opportunity, to be the khalifah of Allah SWT. Remain humble, and don't forget your obligations. Be a good Muslim example. Tak guna a Muslim succeeds and become famous, only to stain the image of Islam - nau'zubillah.

And in anything that you do, remember, Allah SWT determines the outcome. So pray to Him and ask for His assistance and guidance, always.

Don't leave your 5 daily obligatory prayers. They will help you constantly remember Allah SWT, and help deter you from maksiat, and in it you constantly seek forgiveness and guidance from Allah SWT.

The world we live in, is only a temporary place. Aim high in this world, and aim also for the Hereafter. And ask Allah SWT, the best for both worlds.

May we all, be together in this world, and in the Hereafter, in Jannah. Ameen.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

a weekend filled

the weekend, was good.

i'm impressed.
in saturday's class, i was impressed by our tutor's memory and knowledge.
when he quoted a fact about a person, he mentioned where it was found. the book, author, chapter and page, just like that. amazing.. masyaAllah. ustaz hamzah jumaat.

the muslim scholars in the old days were much much more impressive that that. memorizing hundreds and thousands of hadith, word for word, including sanads and can tell immediately if just one word was wrong out of the thousands of hadith.
I'm proud that only in Islam, authencity and accuracy is very much emphasized on, in passing down information from more than a thousand years ago!

what went on in the past week or two
in pictures. and it's worth a thousand words.

after x years of marriage...

me : i love you.
he : ok

he : i miss you.
me : se-rious?