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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Excerpts of Senandung Ramadhan

Finally, after almost a week of waiting for the Senandung Ramadhan clips, masyaAllah, I got the clips at last. But alas, SB did not record all songs. We missed the rap i was telling u about, and some other good songs, including one 'Rasa Sayang (Ramadhan nak datang)', which my kids enjoyed.

Excuse the quality lah eh. Cause kita ni semua bukan lah professional camerawomen kan.. furthermore a digital camera was used to video tape. But takdelah teruk sangat jugak.

I tell ya.. these past few days I've doing quite a few video editing. But it was fun. If you all got nothing to do, and want to be entertained, the other video is here.

For now, here are excerpts of the available songs - for those who couldn't make it for Senandung Ramadhan, and for those who wants an encore of their performance. I've saved it to the most appropriate file size so that the video will not take a whole year to load.

Enjoy and listen to the messages too!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Too much hands?

Hubby has always said that I use my hands too much when I talk. But I've never realised how much, until I saw myself in this video.

It was taken by my not so professional camerawoman colleague, in our meeting these few days.

Too much?

Maybe a little bit la..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Who is your God?

Sorry eh. I really wanted to upload those clips, but I haven't got the video clips from SB yet. Kita merancang & Allah SWT menentukan.

I've been feeling quite melancholic the last 2 days actually. Rupanya PMS - I should've known.. it's that time of the month already. Can't fast, can't pray - but can at least still read the Quran. Hopefully the Iman tak merosot teruk.

The outlook at the office is also quite bad. This week is the start of a big project that I need to be involved in. A whole new system. But I'm determined to make this one turn out good. Good as in, we get what we expect to get, by making sure all the requirements are properly documented. Sometimes I feel like a Sherlock Holmes, asking questions after questions, grilling for answers - to both users and our vendor. If not for the migraine, I'd have enjoyed the whole session better.

Yup, been having migraine since Sunday. But I can't quite pin down the cause of this 'head-banging' thing. Few possible causes:
1. Lack of sleep or too much sleep (can't tell - sunday slept too much, monday?.. ntahlah..)
2. Trying to think of too many things at the same time?
3. Anticipation of this few days meeting at work?
4. Or the spectacles that sometimes feels tight..
Walaubagaimana pun.. ok lah.. no big issue. Saje nak ngadu sikit. Just pop 2 panadols, and it's normally much better.

Apa lagi eh.. Macam nothing much is happening. Or maybe I'm feeling like this, cause last Sat and yesterday Monday, no classes whatsoever. Oh yes! Hanaa started to read the Quran, so we went out to buy her, her OWN Quran. I hope the enthusiasm to read stays on. Ameen.

And talking about Quran, the other day, I came across this ayat and translation in the Quran:

Hast thou (Muhammad SAW) seen him who chooseth for his god his own lust? Wouldst thou then be guardian over him?
Al Quran, Al Furqan, 25:43

Na'uzubillah. Taking other gods than God, does not only mean that a person actually prays to god-idols or trees or fires, or put their trust in tangkal or penyapu tepi pintu. Letting our lives be 'controlled' by lust and our wants is also like worshipping our lusts/wants. Because they come as top priority in your life. They control your life. Lust for wealth, status, enjoyment, ekseteraa, ekseteraa, ekseteraa..

During Ramadhan, is the time for us to fight our wants, our lusts, kasi dia tahu SIAPA boss. This can be achieved through fasting and restraining ourselves, insyaAllah. So let's think about our choices, our actions.

Who, is to us, the real God in our lives?

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Senandung Ramadhan

Forum Irama : Senandung Ramadhan"Thursday night 8:38pm, bro HJ (bukan Haji.. jauh dari perkataan Haji) sms: Wanna go 4 d forum Irama bertema Senandung Ramadhan? Bsok mlm 7.45pm, pat Payar Lebar mrt post ofis buildg.. Gonna b cool, cos d vry young ustaz2 r gonna sing n perform! Personally i da dngar. Baik woo! N they r sharing gd msg to prepare us 4 ramadhan! Outside d tix r selling at $30. If u go w us Saff, in grp of 10,it's just $20! Amcam? Nak ikut gi ramai? Jom aah! (Mak ai!! panjang jugak eh sms dia ni.. macam email.. dan bersemangat!)

"Hmm... apa eh ni.. best ke?? Nak kena bayar pulak tu.." I haven't had the chance to answer, at that point, hubby said he needed to use my hp, so I let that sms be.

Next day, Friday, I smsed back, 'Budak2 tix berapa?'
I was thinking that I should spend some time at home with the kids, so if I want to go, then I think I want to bring the kids along. Then dia jawab.. budak2 tix same price. HA?? terkopak la gitu!! Furthermore, I'm still skeptical if I'd enjoy the event. Actually dilemma jugak, between saying no to HJ or leaving the kids behind or bringing them, then they get bored-takut kecoh pulak.

Then HJ said pay for 2 tix, diorang dah genap 10 so can get 2 tix free, and I can have them. Hmm.. apa alasan lagi aku ada. I asked hubby, dia kata OK - but he's not going cause he's tired. Ok lah go.

So after work, went home to fetch the kids and we went, not with high expectations. I was mentally prepared to layan kan budak punya kerenah and patiently and courteously sit through the whole event.

The auditorium was not very big, maybe it has a capacity of 500 pax. But macam full house. Hmm...not bad...but I'm still skeptical. Then the show started.

The sound system during the earlier part was not good, they were adjusting volume and what not. I was trying to keep an open mind, don't be judgemental.

Then they started introducing themselves, these ustaz2 ni.. There were :
Ustaz Sofyan Mohd Yadi
Ustaz Mohammad Bahrul-Ulum
Ustaz Mohd Effendy Suparde
Ustaz Mohammad Dzariff Abdul Wahab.
Ustaz Mu'adz Dzulkifley (he is from KL. They say he has an album already.. hmm..must buy)

They were natural, funny, cracking jokes about each other. They interacted well with the audience. From that point on, it only got better. Tak lah perfect merfect, but then again, so are other live concerts - tak perfect. To my own surprise, I actually enjoyed the show. Even Hanaa enjoyed it very much.

Between informal talks on Ramadhan - it's virtues and what we should do in the sacred month - the ustazs sang songs of various genres. Ada pop, arcapella, rap. Ya! RAP! can you believe it?!?! ustaz2 rap? but they DID! and not bad at all! Such an innovative way to reach out to the younger masses! MasyaAllah.

I think everyone in the auditorium, enjoyed the whole event. In the end, the $20 ticket (X 2) or even if I had paid $30 for each, was worth it. SERIOUS.
So, HJ thanks for asking and arranging for the tickets!

I don't know how to describe the performance of each song (or maybe penat and macam leceh pulak nak explain satu-satu kan...) so u all just watch some excerpts I'll post here IF i get the clips. Watch this space, insyaAllah besok lusa ke bila dan kalau dapat the video clips from SB. She recorded, but she's too busy to send to me :(

And again, RAMADHAN MUBARAK - tonight's the night! Turn on the lampu lap lip and turn on your heart towards Ramadhan.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Free Offers!

Ustaz Ali yang diminati ramai pelajar2 wanita, said:

Awak semua imagine eh.. kalau Sheng Siong (a big store - macam GIANT) satu hari tu, dia kasi FREE offer.. Boleh amik apa benda pun kat dalam kedai tu..
Stock dia takkan abis - kalau nak abis aje dia tambah.. amik lah berapa banyak awak semua nak amik.. Takde polis tangkap.. halal semua amiklah semua.

Mesti ada orang datang bawak LORRY, ada datang bawak van, semua kan? Tapi ada jugak datang amik sikit2, and ADA yang datang tengokkan aje.. senyum aje.
RUGI kan?? Dah orang kasi benda free free camtu, datang senyum aje..

Gitu jugaklah Ramadan. Allah dah kasi macam2 offer.. rugi lah kalau kita tak grab these offers...

(Disclaimer : Ok lah, the accuracy of what he said may not be word for word. but sikit lebih kurang cerita dia macam gitu lah. And by the way, he is well liked because a few tutors have attempted to teach us Arabic, and by far, his enthusiasm and his method is the best. He also teach us Al Quran, di mana dengan tak ku sangka2 dia suruh kita, yang dah tua2 ni, repeat examples like 'baaa-ta' after him! I suddenly felt like I was in primary 1. But but but.. the whole lesson was very effective, I must say. This disclaimer is starting to look like a post of it's own. stop.)

Yeah, in syar'u Ramadan, Allah promises a reward beyond anyone's imagination and comprehension. Every good deed is rewarded multiple times over. Every charity given, is repaid many times over.
Ask for forgiveness and you WILL BE forgiven.

It's the greatest month for Muslims, I tell ya. It should be received, di sambut dengan meriah nya. Colourful lights are turned on at every mosques, and the same should be done at Muslim houses. This will reflect the greatness of this month for the Muslims, to the Non-Muslims. Excitement fills the air around those who understands what Ramadan can bring to them.

Resolutions, determination to become better, can be declared and worked on, during this sacred month (bukannya Gregorian new year..). Of course lah, nak buat baik bila2 pun boleh start. But if you are planning to start soon, then start in the month of Ramadan. InsyaAllah if ikhlas, it will be easy to achive.

Besides, the actual fasting and payment of zakat fitrah, some people set targets such as, :
- to read the Quran from end to end (if you're just starting, that means 1 juz a day).
- not to miss terawih/witir,
- to bangun tahajjud at least twice a week,
- to spend $1000 from savings to the needy
- to pay off all your zakat harta..
kaza wa kaza....
InsyaAllah, I pun nak lah jugak try set some targets to achieve, insyaAllah.

Ada yang pre plan for Ramadan, by preparing for Hari Raya way in advance, so that they don't bother about Hari Raya preparations in the month of Ramadan, and concentrate on buat ibadah. Good idea. Oops.. that reminds me, I haven't ordered the all time family's favourite kuih tart! Kuih ni, kena have at least 300-400 - orang2 kat rumah ni semua hantu kuih tart. Kuih lain tak sangat.. but in the last few years, I'm beginning to like kuih makmur too. Itu dah order, cause Pink punya mak yang buat - SEDAP... Hmm.. now, where was I? Right, during Ramadan.. we should try to concentrate on our ibadah.

Ramadan is also the month when the Quran, was revealed. It's good if we can read the Quran during Ramadan. Even Rasulullah SAW pun 'revise' the Quran with malakat Jibril AS on every Ramadan. So why don't we?

Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
The Prophet was the most generous person, and he used to become more so (generous) particularly in the month of Ramadan because Gabriel used to meet him every night of the month of Ramadan till it elapsed. Allah's Apostle used to recite the Qur'an for him. When Gabriel met him, he used to become more generous than the fast wind in doing good.
Sohih Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 61, Number 519

Besides reading the Quran in arabic, you all should also try reading the translation or transliteration of the Quran (since kita tak paham Arab), to grasp more of the miracle of the Quran. Kalau lah boleh baca Quran in arabic and know the meaning sekali, i tell you, the impact is greater. However, it is important to note that these translations/transliterations are in the view of that particular translator, as he understands it. So one shouldn't take bulat2 - word for word translations of a Quran. The genuine message of the Quran is still in it's arabic language. Sometimes Malay or English words cannot describe the words used in Kalam Allah perfectly.

wow.. is this my longest post ever? I should stop.

May all of us be able to do the good deeds and accomplish the targets set. May Allah SWT help us in our attempts to do good and reward us with the best in this world and the Next. Ameen!!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Woman in distress

Saturday, I managed to complete quite a lot of tasks at home, in the morning, albeit the stress I felt. Then I sent my girls to their cuz place, before I went for my classes.

At night after class, Pink, teddie and baby nur, followed me to my car cause I thought oklah jugak send them back, since I was going to pick my girls up in the east. When we got to my car, SHOOTS! the hazard light was blinking. It was ON for what?...the last 7-8 hours!?!

Anyway, all of us got in the car. I turned off the hazard lights. Then teddie kata, she needs to buy food for her parents.. oklah kita semua got back out, gi kat kedai makan yang berdekatan to minum2 while tapau food is being prepared. Then one of the girls pointed to my scarf, my favourite brooch was not on my tudung anymore. It must have dropped somewhere. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun. Ok lah.. tak kisah.

Dah minum2 and makanan da dapat, we went back to the car. Everyone got in, and I started the car.

The sound of a 'semput' car greeted us. The car wouldn't start. No prize for guessing, it must be the battery. MasyaAllah.. my first time.

At that point, tak ingatlah pulak apa nama benda wire panjang tu yang boleh help to start the car. Pink and teddie offered to go around the carpark, pouncing on approaching people to ask if they have 'that thing/wire that can help start a car'. Nobody did.

Pink, macam news photographer, boleh sempat pulak amik gambar this damsel in distressI dread to call hubby, cause dia dah berapa kali pernah warn.. 'Don't forget to turn off the car lights.. nanti battery abis' And now that sort of thing really happened. Anyway, talipon aje lah..

At that time, Pink and Baby Nur dah terduduk kat the curb macam orang mintak sedekah. Kebetulan, Pink's friend with her family passed by where we were. (By the way, si Pink ni.. kita kat mana2 pun, mesti ada aje orang yang kenal dia, kalah superstar. But last night, it was very much welcomed.) Kawan dia tanyalah what happened blah blah, then diorang kata diorang ada jump start cable. Yes! THAT'S the thing! GREAT! Alhamdulillah.

Nak dipendekkan cerita yang panjang ni, kereta pun boleh lah start. We thanked the people profusely. We all got back into my car. As I was about to close the door, I found my favourite brooch, just outside the car door. Alhamdulillah again!

Picked up my girls late, but they were ok. By the way, classes were also good.

Itulah cerita dia semalam.

The funny (as in weird) thing is, despite the 'mishaps' that happened, the happy endings, made me feel that it was a good day for me. Yup, ada hikmah disebaliknya.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Banks again

Bank : (In a story-telling-time tone) HI! I'm calling from !*$@*$# Bank! May I take a few minutes of your time to explain to you our new LOAN facilities? (it sounded like a question, but it may have been a fullstop)
Me : Err.. I..
Bank: (interrupted) Well, we have this new loan package, that allows you to take up our loan at a very attractive low interest rate of (i-forgot-how-much)%. You can easily apply for this loan to make some downpayments or for your personal purchases or pay up some bills. So ma'am would you be interested to sign up for this loan with us?
Me : Well, no.
Bank: Oh, are you holiding any loan with us currently?
Me : No.
Bank: Oh, so why don't you take up this loan, the interest rate is very attractive, and you may want to buy something and make some downpayment first or pay off other credit cards?
Me : NO.
Bank: But we yada yada yada yada...
Me : I'm not interested in taking up loans.
Bank: Oh. ok then, thank you.

Nasib baik incoming calls free. Hari ni aku good mood sikit tau, kalau tak, kau dah kena cut before you even finish your first sentence....ceeeehh!

Not THAT good..

People say, "you have a family, you're working, studying. You're very good ah.. can juggle all of these!"

The truth is, I'm NOT. I'm not that good. I have to do more with time management and MY OWN discipline. It's a constant struggle.

I love Allah and His Rasul. I love hubby lillah, I love my children lillah, I love my family lillah, I love my sisters (in Islam) lillah.
But I also love myself too much. Need to shed a bit of that.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Movie ratings

When the movie Cat in the Hat, was released, I was quite sure the children would enjoy it. Then the review of the movie came out in the newspapers. It was a bad review.
So hubby didn't want to go waste his time watching a 'bad' movie.

But I begged to differ. I went ahead to watch the movie with the kids. And we enjoyed the movie. In fact, lepas tu, kita beli DVD dia and watched the movie quite a few times. The movie was cute, witty, hilarious - for the kids (and kid-at-heart like me).

So, how come the review in the newspaper was so bad? I'll tell you how come..

Yang tulis review tu adalah seorang adult yang boring, yang ingin mempertegakkan keaslian Dr Seuss agaknya, yang memang tak faham tengok cartoon agaknya, yang lebih suka tengok comedy bangsa 'The spy who shagged me' agaknya.. agaknya.. agaknya...

Kalau nak buat review for a movie meant for kids, they should get the opinion of a kid, the target audience. How can a boring adult person be writing a review on a movie that was meant for kids kan? Sure he'll give a bad review, because he has no sense of humour - or his is the adult sense of humour.

Not everyone likes Star Wars and all the sequels and prequels (I do).. not everyone likes Matrix and it's sequels (I don't), not everyone likes Pirates of the Carribean (I thought I don't, then I was forced to watch it and I did). See?

So don't be so influenced by a review in the newspapers. You don't even know if the writer's taste is as yours. You judge it yourself.

In fact don't amik bulat2, any opinion you read or hear from the media or the news. It's a story, an opinion, presented from ONE person's point of view. So how can that view be generalised?

This reminds me of a story, told within the Islamic circles:

A man and his son were riding the donkey to the town market. A group of people passed. The man heard them whisper:
"What times are these ? Look at those two, have no mercy on the poor animal!"
On hearing this, the man tells his son to get off and continue the journey on foot.

Another group of people passing by and seeing this, comment: "What times are these ? Look at this man.
His poor son with his frail body has to walk while he at his best age is riding the donkey!"

Hearing this, the man tells his son to ride the donkey and he himself gets off to walk the rest of the way. A third group of people seeing this, remark:
"What times are these ? This young man is riding the donkey while his sickly old father has to walk! "

Hearing this, the man tells his son to get off the animal and they both walk with the donkey trailing behind. Another group passing by point to them, laughing:
"Look at these idiots. They have a donkey and they are walking all the way to the market!"

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bad Mondays

Tahap ke-blue-an menyerlah betul on Mondays, especially today. I feel sleepy - biasalah tu, but today is the worse - it's like the whole day. (Perhaps because hari ni 1st day fasting qadha' after quite a while). Sampai my boss pun cakap.. you look very tired today. 'Yeesssss I am'.

Something must be done to make my Mondays not so blue. I don't feel productive at all when I'm blue.

Mondays are not for real hard work. I need to put up my list of 'not-to-dos' on Mondays :

1. don't plan work that requires me to use my brain at above 50% capacity.
2. don't plan for work that requires me to do a lot of reading of materials that's full of repetition or jargons or whole paragraphs that does not have any point in it, except for the fullstops.
3. don't plan for work that requires me to talk to people in the morning, especially the first half of the morning - i really have no mood to yak on monday mornings.

Let's see......kalau dah strike off all tasks falling under the above categories...... that leaves me with................ nothing much to do on Mondays! Alright!.. that would make me feel a bit better on Mondays.

I hope.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kaifa imanuka?

Ustaz Razman bilang beritahu, yang dulu Rasulullah SAW kalau berbual dengan sahabat2, dia tanya 'kaifa imanuka?' How's your iman?

Kita slalu tanya khabar aje.. ok ah jugak. Cuma tu hal duniawi aje. Kalau concerned about both dunia akhirat, boleh jugak ah tanya ''how's your iman today?' Pasal, how our iman is today, is more important than how our health is. You can be in the pink of health and still die from a freak accident. Iman, is something that we'd have to be more concerned about. It dictates how we live the day, and if we die that day, what our fate is kat akhirat.

'And WHAT wud be the purpose of asking?' you might ask. I think asking 'how's your iman' serves more purpose that 'how are you'. Cause asking about iman initiates the person to think about the state of his iman. And perhaps do something about it. Brotherhood/sisterhood in Islam is all about reminding one another to be/do good. (Concerned lah kan.. don't want the person tu kena campak kat Neraka...)

"..Help ye one another in righteousness and piety, but help ye not one another in sin and rancour: fear Allah. for Allah is strict in punishment."
Al Quran, Al-Maidah 5:2

But of course, I don't think we can go around asking just any Tom, Dick or Harry Ahmad, Atan or Ali - how their iman is. Sure heboh - ingat kita gila pulak. So I guess we can only ask among those who understands.

SO, how's your iman today? :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Going down?!?

No, don't go lower... maintain, climb back up.

We have indeed created man in the best of moulds;
Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low;
Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: For they shall have a reward unfailing.
Al Quran, At-Tin 95 : 4-6

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Reply to Yours Truly. (Vanity)

salam awak!.. nak jawab sungguh2 dengan link dan image, leceh dan tak leh pulak kat comment tu.. So kat sini aje alrite..

si tam spider ni, lead singer msian band, yg my son da imitate siang hari malam sampai I pun dah hafal lagu dia..

i pun personally think..aku lagi hensem dari tam spider. amacam anak I boleh cakap hensem MACAM dia?? ( on!! let me get u the puke bag! tahan dulu..)

Repeat Telecast

I was in my car with Pink, and we drove pass this particular school, she said, 'Did I tell you that 'Ahmad' went to school here?'.
I smiled and said : " hmmmm.. yes I know.... I know it by heart.... si 'Ahmad' tu, he went to school here.. this school, yes this particular school, I know. You told me that the last 4-5 times we pass by this place."
"Is it? ok lah!"

Ok lah ... actually i was also guilty of that. Many many years ago, as hubby and I went up the escalator kat Far East Plaza on the 4th floor.. that particular escalator, I told him.. "Eh! you know? LH's bf has a hair salon here tau!" And he said," Yes honey.. you told me this the last few times we went up this escalator.
"Oh? did I?" =D

Isn't it funny how sometimes, a particular spot reminds u of some particular insignificant thing. Even now kalau once in a blue moon I go to Far East and go up that particular escalator, I'd remember that LH's bf have a hair salon there. Or, it may even be 'ex bf' or 'had a hair salon', cause the last time I saw or spoke to LH was like 10 yrs ago. Allahu'alam

Anyway, the next time we pass by that particular school, i think I'll try to beat her to it. Before she can even think about it.. I'm gonna say, " I know! ..... 'Ahmad' went to school here."

Monday, September 04, 2006


Aren't we all vain?..
The only difference is if our vanity is known only to ourselves; to the selected close ones; to friends or to all.

Mine is the 2nd one.... I think. Ok..or it might be the third.

But anyway that vanity semalam telah di-tame-kan sikit. Time tengah main posing2 with my new sunglasses, Nadhrah, lying on my bed, casually said, "Ibu!... ibu hensem, macam tam spider.."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . huh? Hensem?.... HENSEM?!?! macam TAM SPIDER?!?!? Hmph! maybe I should start keeping my hair longer. eearrgh.. tapi tak tahan rimas!

Friday, September 01, 2006

A for Adaptibility

Before anything.. ME, nanti hubby balik, jgn lupa siapkan MAKAN!! Semalam, sampai dekat 12midnight, baru teringat nak tanya, if he wants to eat! Tak ke parah si ME ni..

Actually time dia balik tu, ada tutor kat luar, and dia pun belum mandi lepas badminton (oh.. dia memang macam2 sports). And I got carried away in my cyberworld. CEH!!

Now, back to the topic.


Very adaptable. Adaptable to my surroundings, to the people around me. It's good and bad.

Bad, because that means I'm easily influenced. Especially when I was young(er). I see how my chameleon state brought me everywhere not good.

Now, I am more conscious. So even though I can adapt, I have more or less, been able to restrain myself, where it's not appropriate. Ter-slip sometimes, but recover jugak ah. Alhamdulillah.

It's my regret that I don't meet the people I meet now, when I was young(er). For if I did, I'm sure I would have had more chance to travel, meet more people, learn and do more good. I think my youth was almost totally wasted dgn benda2 yang really, really tak mendatangkan hasil for me or anybody, in general.

Except for the experience. Of course, I can turn the experience, into something good.. I can analyse why I was how I was, and use that to understand and relate to the youth today, especially to my children.

Thank God, I met my hubby. A turning point for me. But it's important to note that the change is lillah, not for hubby, but he was the catalyst. ;p InsyaAllah, changes that is lillah, have low possibility of relapse, especially if you keep to your solat.

So when did I become a 'cover girl'?
Just before I married him. He didn't even ask me to, actually. I just felt a sudden need to cover (jaga aurat, as I knew it then), as an obligation to myself and to God.

For God made us females, berharga. Nak tengok? Nak pegang? Bayar dulu.. complete with strict conditions on the male to look after the girl, give nafkah, mesti support anak, rights to his wealth if any etc etc... Then why should females go around giving herself away for free shows and free trials kan? Don't 'take heart' for those yg belum jadi cover girls. For I was once uncovered too. I guess u need to seek it, that feeling, that 'calling'. Allahu'alam. Hmm..ok, let's pray that we can instill this idea into our daughters. Ameeen.

**ps: actually besok mid exams for last 2 papers. bukan dia nak bljr!! update blog pulak!? but..but..tak dapat tangkap mood bljr.. susah betul.. mood dia macam lalat.. susah nak tangkap. I'm in the mood to write, write what i WANT to write, not what I'm suppose to write (or study!) Oh, and I also owe someone an email...