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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what happened last night

Last night, I was awaken from my sleep, after midnight by my stomach spasms. It was quite painful. I even considered going to the 24hr clinic.. but decided to wait till morn, which was a very long time, since I cannot sleep properly, thanks to the every now and then spasms.

I even dreamt about the pain and in the dream, I was with my mom at some kind of hospital. I was suppose to accompany her and I asked an agitated nurse which doc I should see for my stomach problem. And she said.. on the same floor, but I told her, ok I'll send my mom first.. and we went on this lift, where you can see outside, and it went to the top most floor like 10th or 12th, then suddenly the lift went sideways and around the building and through staircases - it was like a mild roller coaster and I enjoyed it very much. We ended up in a big hall of an old building that looks like a library, and I like the place a lot, and then I was awoken by another stomach spasm.

Finally it was morning and I woke up groggy and weak. Took me 2 hours to psych myself up, to get up.. bath... get ready.. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Dr Masayu in Clementi is good - she always explain to me in detail, showing me the chart of the human anatomy to explain exactly what's wrong with me. And she's quite quick.

I just told her I had this pain that comes and goes around 'here'(showing her my upper abdomen) and she immediately asked if I took anything spicy last night. Well, I did.. I ate the black pepper chicken. She says it's acidic and some combinations make it more acidic.. then I remembered that I drank orange juice with that. 'Ah-ha she says - that's the culprit.. these 2 combinations".. plus I went to sleep not long after - so the acidic stuff, didn't have time to travel down my digestive system, and got stuck there (I forgot the name of that place in my tummy) - causing it to react as it did.

So, now I have to stay off spicy food for at least 2-3 days, to allow that area to heal - cause there's probably a bit of ulcer there already.

Then I told her about the sudden dryness on a part of my face.. she felt it and asked.. if I had applied anything new to the face.. or ada perfume ke.. then I remembered that, YES, I accidentally sprayed perfume to that area two days before. So she said, the facial skin is the thinnest and most sensitive compared to other parts of the body - so.. it reacts like that. Just apply moisturizer.

See, she's quick. I like.
And I get MC for today.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Today, I want to fly.

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for two?

just now we went on a double date. my fren-her hubby, hubby and me. we were going to watch 'couples retreat'. the guys went to get the movie tix.

at the ticket counter, the counter guy looked at them both, then asked,'for two?'


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

i want to write

I read of people writing volumes of books, taking a whole year to finish a book..and I really admire them.. why can't I just sit down and write every night?

But what do I write about? Even though I may read fictions like Time Traveller's wife aaaaand.............. Da Vinci Code aaaand.......... Is there Anyone out there (or something to that effect) and I enjoyed these books, I don't think I want to write a fiction.

Well, Da Vinci Code is quite okay because it deals with some historical facts so there are some historical lessons to learn there.. Time Traveller's wife.......well, it really provoked my thoughts about life and time, end of time, meaning of time.. what life and time is all about. And 'Is there anyone out there' is really by accident - it was an exchange with my cousin cause she wants to borrow my book and so I thought.. whatdeheck..just read.. and I liked the story. Oh yes, the Kite Runner.. but that was also quite educational, cause you learn about how they live there, the struggles they go through..

Ok, so IF I write something fiction - it has to give some value (not just pure entertainment and definitely not to create unrealistic expectations of others, through unrealistic romantic stories and made up struggles-with-major-accomplishments e.g like twilight and harry porter and even that 'Is there anyone there' even though it's nice.)

But what I REALLY enjoy is non-fiction... books like Fabric of the Cosmos, Road to Mecca, Angela's Ashes, A Year of Living Biblically etc etc..- I mean, these are REAL stories, REAL stuff.. and even if you get engrossed in it.. it's something REAL y'know.. it makes you think about how we live our life, it affects the decisions we make, and how we affect the lives of others. It makes us understand ourselves better, it creates empathy.

IF I write, I want to write books that will give that kind of benefit to the readers. I do not want, yes I'm repeating, to drag readers into unrealistic visions and expectations. No, no, no, nothing feculent.

...IF I write... I should change that to.. 'When I write..' but.. I'm not that strong enough yet.. not that confident and diligent to start.. and I can't even decide on something to write about. I AM working on something right now, but it's not a story.. why don't I go see if I can even finish THAT first, before I waste my time further on talking about writing a book. pfft.

Right. Shut up erni, and just do it.

Monday, December 14, 2009

getting what we don't need

Can we not have basic electronic products as prizes? Unless it's luxury products..maybe.. but even then..

Basically, if it's basic and required, people would have gone out to buy it themselves and not wait for events. Plus they would want to choose one that fits their requirements best - e.g. size of rice cooker, functions of microwave ovens... It's better to provide cash vouchers instead - so that people can use it to get what they really NEED.

Grocery vouchers are are also good - cause that is definitely required every month - and it's really a relief to get some, which means more balance cash for something else.

Isn't it funny that people who can afford things, are getting all those stuff that we can do without- as prizes or gifts, such as electronic products, trophies (I hate them, dust collector), golf bags, mugs, cups, bags, pen, pencils, colour pencils. I wish I can collect them all and send it to places where they TRULY need them - not in Singapore I think.

I wish I can bring all those mugs and glasses I have and give them to those living in slums in Indonesia - so that they have something nice to drink in.. (but... do they even have clean water to drink? would drinking dirty water in nice cups make them feel better? :( )

:( don't mean to complain.. just a bit tired with all these wastes, just because we don't think that far before we get these things and give them to people who won't need them.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

the quest to go up petronas tower

And so, we were in KL for a few days and me, for almost a week. KL sakan, I say. I stayed there until I didn't feel like I have to be peeled from the place.. I was ready to go back home by the 6th day, cause by then it's like 'been there, done that'

Went with Leen.. (and takde photo together eh??) for Teater Natrah on Monday - not bad - shown from the 3 perspectives - Natrah, the real mother and the foster mother. Acting is good. blunders handled well, and leen was excited over Remy Iskandar..who I learnt, is an actor from Nur Kasih.

Oh and did I tell you.. people in Malaysia and Singapore are all 'crazy' about NurKasih - including 2 girls from there who I wouldn't imagine, watching a malay drama. I didn't know it was so big..they should have a Nur-Fan and Nur-Mum and all that.. :p

A nice surprise for me, was to see Dr Siti Hasmah in person - she was in the audience. No, Tun Chedet was not there.. and I didn't get the opportunity to have a photo taken with her.. not with all the bodyguards around. :p

Oh, Leen convinced me to go to Masjid India and I survived and I actually bought some kain, which I don't know when I'll send to the tailor and which tailor. I hope it will not stay in the closet that long. However, when she said she wants to go again to Masjid India, I..... just couldn't. :p

I got to catch up with a few good sistas in KL.. and the family joined me on Wednesday. Then it was all rides and more rides.. Sunway Lagoon, Cosmos, movies, Subway etc. It was Hanaa's first time, to be able to ride on the roller coaster (she passed the height limit) - and she was all excited and I had to go on the roller coaster TWICE in a row.

Then on the last day, Saturday, the far-fetched plan was to wake up EARLY and go to KLCC to pick the tix to go up petronas tower, which after so many times we've been in KL, we have never succeeded to do. The official website says that they release the tix from 830am onwards and other sites say it's usually gone by 11am. So when we were all ready by 10am.. I thought.. MAYBE..there's hope.

Then, when we about to leave, hubby found out that he misplaced his Thule keys, and now we can't pack our bags into the car. He spent 3 hours settling the issue and I was in the room, thanking God that it wasn't me who lost the keys - because I think I handle other people's mistakes better (provided i'm not having pms). So, again we failed in our mission to go up the Petronas Towers.

But we had fun anyway, as always. :p

Thursday, December 03, 2009