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Saturday, November 12, 2016

PHANTOM DETECTIVE Trailer (Action - South Korea, 2016)

I actually LIKE this action movie. Screenplay is good - quite a genius, especially on the quick thinking process of the detective... masyaaAllaah. Cinematography is good. I'm also impressed by some of the scene arrangements. The phase not too fast, not too slow.

There is NO love story. And not many of the common traits of Korean dramas - totally no kissing scene, backhugging, piggyback-ing, soju drinking, hidden mistress child, handsome chaebol guy, eating ramen almost every other day - ok there was a scene where they were eating jajangmyeon.

Other than that, it's just pure detective story and cute children.

For me, this is much much better than American detective movies. Must watch.

p.s. This is my personal opinion, I hope I am not overrating it for you all. :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

within my neurons on 11 Nov 2016, Syuruk - Hold your station.

I cried a little just now, just to let some of the stress out of my system.

I think of our struggle with increasing costs and the hassle of commuting to and from JB. The stress when we are late, like just now. I feel like giving up. Move back to Singapore - or migrate to somewhere where life is simple. I imagine living in faraway places, perhaps in the mountains, where there are not many people. Life should be simpler, no hassle, no challenges.

'No challenges'... A life with no challenges... that didn't sound right. How can there be no challenges in life? How can there be no tests? Things that forces you to practise patience, perseverence, gratitude and make you a stronger and better person. Alhamdulillaah.

Patience & perseverance - this reminds me of the irony the other morning... when I was at Tuas Immigration, going into Singapore - reciting the last few ayats from Ali-Imran. A car tried to cut in early into our lane where cars queue from the back. I horned, as I was robotically reading the last ayat that says : Oh those who believe, practise patience, be patient and hold your station. After a bit, I realised what I had just recited when I was sounding the horn. Astaghfirullaah.

That's a nice ayat by the way.. the translation also sounds poetic : practise patience, be patient and hold your station.

Hold your station - to be very firm in your position - like when you are at war, you don't leave your station because you give up or out of fear.. you HOLD your station. That's how great the level of patience is in that last level.

Beautiful ayat. it goes from the verb - practise patience (which means an action you may do once in a while), to a noun - be patient (that is to be a person, known to be patient), to this description, greater than the noun itself : hold your station - this is even more than being patient, this is perseverance. Masyaa Allaah.

May Allaah make me achieve this. Aamiin.

You know what.. I feel a bit better already. May we all have a good day, and a good life.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

within my neurons : 05-Nov-2016 : near Maghrib - a little taste of paradise

I imagine that one of the feelings you get from enjoying paradise would be sakinah - peacefulness, calmness, assured, happy, safe. In order to feel sakinah when it's there, is to be quiet. Absorb the moment, the sound, the sight, the feel, the tranquility. Masyaa Allaah.

Subhanaallaahi walhamdulillaahi wa laa ilaaha illallaahu wallaahu akbar.

I am experiencing it now, just lying on my bed, looking out the window at the houses further away, with the hills topped by clouds in the background. Soft cooling wind, blowing my curtain gently and lightly. the leaves of the plant on my bay window, flickering when touched by the wind. Peace.

Suddenly, pretty pictures of places with beautiful trees and plants near forests or lakes and beautiful sceneries, became not as tempting. I didn't feel like I HAVE to go there to experience the place and moment - only for a day or two - or a week. I have my own little paradise here. Makes me wonder if I was being ungrateful, to be excited about pretty places far far away. Note : Having some plants and keeping a place clean sure help with making any place look pretty, I think.

"But you prefer this worldly life, when the Hereafter is better and ever lasting." 87:16-17

And I have to remember - this is dunya, it's temporary. Imagine the Hereafter!

As I experienced this little taste of paradise, lying on my bed - I am reminded of Jason Mraz's - Song For a Friend.
"Cause I bet if you had it all figured out, then you'd never get out of bed."
Masyaa Allaah - so true. At this moment - I don't feel like I need to do anything, to work for anything else. But alhamdulillaah, it's only this moment. I have not got it all figured out. There is still a LOT to figure out. Life is not suppose to enjoyable ALL the time - it's a test.

As I type this, I'm still looking out my window. I wanted to record this moment. I wanted to express the thoughts and feelings that are going through in my mind and heart - as it comes. You can do this if you had taken typing classes and can type without looking. :P

The moment I described above, can never match the actual. And sometimes, putting them into words, only limits it's beauty.

Oh yes, I tried to take a video or a photo of this just now - but masyaa Allaah - it spoils the real look. Maybe my phone camera is not good. But I also questioned myself, the need to take a picture or video of it. If I don't, does it make this experience less beautiful? less meaningful?

Anyway, I was making doa just now, that Allaah make me contented with what He wants me to be contented with, make me like the things He wants me to like, and make me not long for things, that He doesn't want me to long for. Aamiin.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Why we should still believe in existence of God?

Why I’d Still Believe In God Even if the Bible Was a Fairytale

Next step is to realise that the Creator is a Loving God and did not put man on earth without a guide on how to live and what to live for.

And then, to use our God given mind to sincerely determine which is the right guidance.