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Sunday, March 04, 2007

old man johnny

Yesterday...or was it this morning?
no wait.. THIS, is this morning..
So. YESTERDAY, I was revising for the tests, and I asked Hadi to revise his school work too. Their CA test starts Monday.

I went thru his English Text book quickly, and came across a weird picture. I was thinking that it's odd. How come the old man has a ribbon on his hair... and wait.. wearing a skirt?!

After a few secs, I realised, he did it.
(disclaimer : excuse me, I was studying the night before also and continued in the morning.. my mind was a bit tired. but ok lah tu.. few secs..not that slow).

Cute sey, rayban short-haired girl/man tu.
BUT, more importantly.. budak hadi ni.. has he, or has he not, been paying attention in class?


Just now kan..during the Arab paper, we were given a question, where we had to indicate what type of a syair, it is. Since our Arabic is at the level where, we only remember phrases like.. 'i'm going to the toilet', we depend on some standard words in the sentence, to help us identify the type.

However, in the last question, that standard word, was a twist. Although it's there.. it's not there for the same reason (if a person understands meaning). And I recognised that syair! And I was feeling proud ah sikit. Smiled, as I wrote the answer down, in arabic. Wondering how many of them recognised that last syair.

Later in the evening, we discussed the paper. And I proudly brought up the issue of that question.. telling them, that standard word was a trick,

"actually the 'fi' is part of the musyabbah bih! there's no wajhu syabbah after that word! So the type is 'mursal mujmal'" I told them confidently.

"Really? eh??.... it's mursal mufassal..."

"huh? no, mursal mujmal - no wajhu syabbah."

"dear, no wajhu syabbah is mursal mufassal"

"WHAT?!?!! REALLY??? NO!!!!! then the other question pun salah!"

In that instance, i felt so silly/stupid/geram..... humbled.
Still GERAM... and humbled.

Lesson learnt - Jangan aksen sangat pun..Ingatan and knowledge is pemberian Allah SWT.


Moving on...

Fog on your camera, can produce.. quite a nice effect.

And these are pics.. i've been meaning to post.. but the past week was hectic.


spidey said...

ur son is an artist.
maybe klas boring kot. terpaksa do something to keep awake.

i pernah kira how many "eh tak eh" by my cikgu. sapa yg sama skh tahulah sapa yg i maksudkan. then there was a chinese lady teacher. tapi tak ingat apa hal pula. sch days.

...those were the days, my fren...

blossom said...

hmm.. ya lah maybe boring.
your cikgu ajar, cakap..'eh tak eh'? ha! cute.

=D. At work..I do that too! count repeated word. Like, there's this lady, whom, only during meetings, accompanies almost all her points with 'actually'.

che'fara said...

u and ur kids are so adorable lahhh.

blossom said...

heh. =)
tengok mood..

Azer Mantessa said...

gambaq tu mang sempoi


spidey said...

actually...i pun actually like to say that actually all the time! and actually many people actually use it! you can actually notice it on many tv interviews actually. i actually think it is actually very cute. don't u actually think so?


AM said...

comellah Hadi.

and as usual, gambar2 yang cun!

Lady_A said...

I like ur pics. camera apa awak pakai? hehee

blossom said...

ala... sempoi tu apa?

ekceli..boleh lah jugak gitu, ekceli.

comel.. nakal.. macam2..
semoga jadi anak soleh. ameen.

kita pakai camera olympus.. model lama.. da 3-4 tahun i think. C770. ingat nak upgrade.

Muhammad Hafiz said...

ur son is talented... u cant tell its fakey.. ceh.. look at the shades... he even drew the ellipses correctly... as in not full circle but oval.. means he has some sense of perspective drawing... ceh... mcm mak dia... bleh jadi Drawer!!!

blossom said...

ya lah.. i rasa.. baik kasi dia jadi Drawer..
biar mak dia jadi Dresser sudah..

Zee Dva said...

I had a great laugh when I saw the gender tranformation in the textbook pic! Abis kaki tak bercukur! Kwah kwah kwah.. talented nya your son..

blossom said...


i pun buey tahan.. tengok detail.. tangan & kaki berbulu.. =D