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Thursday, March 15, 2007

human being.. and fish

an afoolme once said, "I know that human being... and fish... can co-exist peacefully."

what's that fish again????

An american/iranian comedian said, everytime he sees this fella on TV, being president and all, he's just waiting for ashton kustcher to run out and say,'Y'all have been punked!'

But, it's so unfortunate that it's not to be. It's for real.

What's an 'afoolme?
Oh I don't know..
HE said it:
"..Fool me once. Shame on.....shame on you..........afoolme can't get fooled again"

Yeeeeeaaaah.. sure. whatever lah.

Have I told you before, I hate this guy?


Yara said...

Salams Erni. Thanks for sharing the clips. I thoroughly enjoyed them. And yes, I hate that guy who is related to a plant too.

DzulRena said...

"that guy who is related to a plant" good one! ~lol~

btw, kita pon tak suka dia tau...

spidey said...

Make bush dance
Political Kooks Of Hazzard!!

blossom said...

glad u enjoyed.. he is a natural. da pegi holiday?

=D ah ah - relatively, plant.

I think ramai tak suka.. i almost think it's a common feeling.. sampaikan.. kalau ada orang cakap dia SUKA dektu.. i'd think this fella is....ntah lah.. tak tahu apa nak ckap.

tks for sharing - itu untuk orang lepas kan geram.

I used to have a game on my Palm. si relative of a plant ni.. dia jadi macam virtual pet.. but u can make him do silly things.. and he's very obnoxious in this game.. but lama2 i was thking.. 'asal sey nak tengok muka dekni kat my Palm?!? menyemak! DELETED.

Freak & Geek said...

make that 2.. i hate him as well!

blossom said...


welcome to the NORMAL people club!

sahrul Izam said...

Akak,bile nak letak shoutbox?