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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

too many papers

After a hectic time at the office, i come home to a pile of unopened letters, brochures, pieces of leaflets saying that there are people who wants to buy our house, among other junk mails.

I asked the girls to help open the letters, but i guess I shouldn't have.
Because I only had to do more work, clearing the mess and segregating rubbish from letters.

The pile of what-was-once-a-tree-from-forests-that-are-fast-dissappearing-from-the-face-of-this-earth, now sits there.. waiting for me to sort out.. to file or throw, or read, or act upon.. or post, or admire (the girls drawings were also in the pile). Why oh why, do we have sooooooo much paper?!?! Do we really NEED this much junk??

Why is our life made complicated with these 'thing-that-was-once-a-tree-from-forests-that-are-fast-dissappearing-from-the-face-of-this-earth'(s)? Can I just go sell the house then go live kat kampung.. tanam sayur sendiri..and live a simple life?

oh but I still need broadband internet connection.

but you know, life without so much....err...letters.

I know it's impossible. illa masyaAllah.
Because hubby would definitely not agree to that - the part about living kat kampung.

I think we have to consider employing a part time home-clerk to do this.

No wait.. we already have a part time home clerk.



n2f said...

Dear sis...


you need one, def. it seems to me tt the ppl ard me r feeling the heat (literally, too).

i pray tt you will get out of the pressure cooker fast, insyaAllah!

hang in there! and errr FUZ! FUZ! hehe

Yara said...

Did you get all the junk mail in your mailbox? I thought with the new type of letterboxes we can avoid all the junk mail? I only get those that are left at our main door and that always land straight into the dustbin.

blossom said...

thanks baby!

i hope so, in 2-3 weeks.
hmm.. but there is a 2nd phase.. arrraggghhh!

it's ok.. it's ok. i'm cool.

especially with sisters like you around, i'm blessed!~

Iyya awak!

i get them.. even tho, we use the junk mail filter thingy.. but agaknya.. these junk mailers in the west.. up sikit.. macam gitu pun, diorang rajin selitkan into the tiny crack.

I've seen them at work before.. sungguh cepat & cekap. :(

spidey said...

i hate junk mails. not only i hv to face the pieces & envelopes, i constantly hv to clean up my mailbox too! byk sekali spam emails. nilah gara2 bdk2 pake my email to subscribe to duno-wat. somehow the spam filter tak terfilter bebende ni. byk sgt! urgh!

...anyway, can see u r very the busy & stressed. like my son just said yterdy, "relax & stay calm." ;)

NurFiza said...


relax darling ..

hmmmph, if bro-in-law doesn't lke the idea of living in kampung, then we sisters should just have fun there in a couple of days'!

what about that? nvm, when saturday comes, its time to destress urself darling.

love u!


AM said...

tadi baru buang sebundle kertas. sebab both sides dah guna.

still. rasa berdosa!!!! sorry, pokok-pokok!

blossom said...


skrg i ada 2 email ac.. one is to register with untrusted sites.. where i let junk mails collect dust.

the other one ni pun.. da asik kena junk mail.. but so far.. yahoo has been quite smart.


=D kampung.. KL camna?
Can't wait for Saturday :)

=D cute la u.. ber-sorry dengan pokok pulak..

hmm.. but pokok pun mahkluk Allah jugak eh? yang sentiasa berzikir kat Allah..

Azer Mantessa said...

oh, i use shredder. i have this hobby - making objects outta shredded papers. with the industrial glue, i have quite a big sturdy table, yes ... a table outta it.

i love paper junk mails.


blossom said...


big sturdy table out of shredded paper?? seriously?!?!

show me!