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Saturday, March 10, 2007

vote results in Malaysia

Well, I may not know the inner workings and issues within each state. Based on what has happened for Malaysia from my point of view - I think BN has been doing quite good. Actually to me, both Mahathir and Pak Lah.. has their own strong points.

I applaud till now, and truly respect one of Mahathir's decision, for fearlessly going against the Western financial norms, and ignoring all critics, when he decided to cap Malaysian Ringgit against the USD. I think it was a brave and very good move. To hell with what the american finance 'experts' say is right. Their finance 'experts' only thinks about what's best for america alone. They don't give a damn about the people in other country - unless it benefits them back.

Then I like Pak Lah, for his, what seems to me, sincere and honest efforts to resolve the country's issues. TRYING to stamp out rasuah and all that. It's not easy being up there.

Of course there are some things I wish he had implemented to immediately reduce the crimes in Malaysia. I truly believe - if he had adopted the real and honest hudud law, disregarding any 'humanitarian cries' from the west, then the crime rates will see a drastic drop - and the results of this time's vote - MAY turn out quite differently, Allahu'alam.

On the issue of the government, I think as long as the government is doing their job, and we are not deprived of our religious obligations, our basic needs and growth - then we should try as much as possible to stay united under one government and avoid chaos within.

But then again, I guess, nothing is as simple as it seems. Allah knows best.

I'm just stating my comments from the keyhole view that I have of Malaysia.

AND the vote results are out anyway - and I only pray for the best, for Malaysia.

p.s. pictures from last weekend's trip to Melaka is here.

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