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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ever since I watched Cicakman, sometimes, I would pick up my coffee mug to drink, and I'd stop, to check with my spoon, if there's any foreign object inside the mug.

I don't want to be cicakwoman. No matter how fancy the costume looks.

Actually, a colleague of mine from an old workplace, have had that experience. She finished her tea to find that there is a lizard at the bottom of her cup! or was it a mug? - I forgot. (Eeuwwwh.. yoooo...blueeek... ai yoooooh!.. )

Cicakman - cerita dia mengarut la kan.. and aznil is loud - literally. Like most opinions I've heard or accidentally read, - the graphics is good, but story, hmm.. ok lah.. so-so. I mean like, what to expect of an imaginary superhero movie - of a super cicak pulak tu. Of course, it could be better.
BUT but, seriously, there are other MORE SERIOUS and REAL things to be concerned about like - am I ready for death. Da cukup ke amalan aku?!
Yeah, so.. hmm. That's the end of that.

But Hadi, has a weird sense of enjoyment. He enjoyed the show a lot. He memorized some of most the dialog. Yes, he is always memorizing dialogs of movies that he likes and he can repeat them, with the same tonation and all. I most enjoy his rendition of Madagascar. Of course everytime he does that, we'd tell him that it'd be good if he can hafal the Quran like that.

So, on Cicakman. since I've heard him repeat some of the dialog over and over again, i think I'm beginning to have some favourite phrases from that movie.
They include:

1. "Asal aku punya turn, sangkut. Asal aku punya turn, sangkut. Asal sangkut, aku punya turn."
I can use that during traffic jams..
"asal aku punya lane, sangkut. asal aku punya lane.. sangkut. Asal sangkut, aku punya lane."
"Tukar lane ah!"
(then I'll find that I'm still stuck in the jam.. and I can repeat this dialog again..)

2. "Dengar sini semua, dan semua dengar sini!"
I can use this on my children when I want to get their attention.

*Can you sense that I'm kind of stressed?


spidey said...

the citer mmglh mengarut, byk part ter-over sgt but oklah...i enjoyed myself.
...& talking abt cicak, this creature semenjak 2 menjak ni, suka nah singgah kat my toilet. imagine i hv to hold myself till the thing's gone! so if u wana say stress...hmm...aku lagi stress ah!

spidey said...

psst...i realised that lately i'm always the 1st to comment. err...takde medal ke? ;)

Yara said...

I don't like cicak too. Spiders are ok. Spidey pun ok.

Yelah Bloss. Give that Spidey a bukan....a medal. Plastic punya pun ok.

spidey said...

...sori bloss, tompang jap eh. yara, wen u said spiders are ok,...err..kecik2 ada tangkap spider tak? >:(

Yara said...

Sori jugak eh Bloss.... kita pun tompang jap.

Spidey, kecik-kecik memang hantu spider tapi sampai teenage years aje dah pencen from this "sport".

Lady_A said...

Sis, can u email me ur email. I dah ter-lost it. I nak invite u to my boys khatan and gerl cukur rambut, insya allah this 1st april.

Thanks eh.*yay! dpt jumpa lagi*

blossom said...

nak medal eh.. hantar pakai email boleh?

spiders, spidey, spiderman.. pun ok.

and.. korang tompang2 lah.. tak kisah.. ni kan 'kopi bin' tempat bersembang.


Minah Celoteh said...

Kebetulan lalu kat sini.....donno camner boleh blockbuster si cicakman. Agaknya yg buat bagus cos ada Saiful Apek.

There's also another phrase...frm another filem, Bujang Senang (Saiful Apek jugak)...."Asal kau keluar malam; Asal malam kau keluar" utk anak2 bujang yg taktau duduk kat rumah bila dah senja hehehe

Lady_A said...

you got mail!

blossom said...

hello mingah,

oh yes.. i vaguely remember that one from bujang senang..

Oh, i think i belum tengok bujang senang.

I think.. this cicakman.. promotion dia, ok. And the graphics, it's a change. :)

GOT it! :)
c u soon.. insyaAllah.

JenGGo said...


nevertheless.. banyak impt aspect kita leh blajar dari citer ni.. i nak kluarkan entry on it.. masih in the drafts.. hehe.. so.. dengar sini semua dan semua dengar sini...

nak tau ape dia?


blossom said...

mingah... mingah?!
apa punya spelling tu kat atas?! sorry eh.. baru skrg perasan. i meant MINAH!

ok.. kita nantikan pelancaran buku.. eh buku pulak.. blog entry dari the one and only.

dah siap.. bilang eh?
(oops again.. bilang tu.. maksudnya beritahu - sometimes i forget.. ada orang dari seberang yang baca =D )

Zee Dva said...

Ha ha so farnie! I can also recite dialogs. From P Ramlee films. Biasalah. Tapi I can also recite from Ali Setan, Mekanik, Azura, Kembara Seniman Jalanan and movies from that era. You know why? Sebab dulu, when my parents were bored at home, so I used to play them videotapes (dulu kiter record these movie off the tv lah) to entertain them. Suka tak suka, terpaksa I hafal dialog juga.