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Friday, March 30, 2007

Lord, forgive me when i whine

i realise i've whining in the last few many entries.
For now, whine, i shall not.

Want to read an assortment of totally unrelated stories?


t'was 930pm thereabout.

me to nadh : Nadh, gi bilang kak eema.. main computer 5 more mins, lepas tu, smayang, pastu tidur.

nadh went out to tell : Kak eeeemmaaa! nanti dah 5 yrs old.. smayang asar! abis lepas tu, tidur!


listening to english nasyid, zain bikha, I heard..
'salt.., & sugar are wonderful things..'

salt and sugar? lagu pasal apa ni?

checked the title.
'sabr and shukr'
(patience and gratitude)


Men, should avoid wearing colourful and interesting shirts. I'll tell you why.

That day, Fuzz couldn't pay attention to the GM (i forgot.. GM ke AD lah gitu) - that man was wearing a colourful shirt, with numbers, some more. Instead of listening to the man talk, fuzz was trying to see if all the numbers (1 - 9), were there on his shirt.

how interesting.
and distracting.


masyaAllah, friday again.
how fast.
how much more time?

have a good jumuah and a wonderful weekend.
oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marliza!

*a bit unplugged*


Azer Mantessa said...

colorful real life jokes :-)

hv a nice wkend 2 u 2

Yara said...

Salams Erni,

Very interesting anecdotes to start off the end of another working week for me. Thanks =)

You have a good day and weekend too dear.

AM said...

thank you :-)

comelnya Nadh tu!

NurFiza said...

salams darling bloss,

nadh is soOoo cute to have said that to eema .. hee!

and for u, guess that ur hectic work had influenced ur mind to be in a whirl when hearing zain bhikha's song .. haha!

kak fazi is cute too! to be concentrating more on the numbers rather than the listening part! that shows how observant she is .. :)

oh and yes, ALIF!

Have a good Friday darling sis & looking fwd to meeting u tmrw, insyaAllah!

spidey said...

'salt.., & sugar are wonderful things..'
better check ur diet. hehehe...
ur nadh is sooo cute!
have a great weekend, insya Allah.

blossom said...


=D colourful indeed. i was also distracted that day.

'start of the end' =D

=) maalish dearie.
have a sweet day too.

fazi.. ironic. yes, fazi can be quite cute.. kelakar. nadh memang selalu. :)

i love sugar.

Azer Mantessa said...

half of my wkend is ok oredi
liverpool 4 arsenal 1


Freak & Geek said...

hope u have an enjoyable weekend with ur loved ones!

blossom said...


i'm so happy for you.
so sad for my hubby.

thank you darling. i hope you had a good weekend too.

cik alin said...

Kelakar ah nadh. Can imagine her saying the sentence with her doll- like voice.