Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Friday, March 23, 2007

weird busy

i am so busy
that when i took a short nap just now
I dreamt that I was working,
working on exactly what i was working on, before i took the nap.

And in the dream, i was wondering..
if i was dreaming or if i was really working
and then i force myself awake, and realise i was in fact dreaming
and the work still lies in front of me.

i am so busy
that i forgot today is friday!

i'm looking forward to april.
before that..
i'm looking forward to tomorrow and sunday
and before that
i'm looking forward to tonight

if i'm so busy, why am i blogging?
taking a break.. can or not.



NurFiza said...

is tt your shortest entry ever darling sis..? hmmmph, not sure though.

i guess, when u immersed urself in work, u start to dream abt it too .. :)

anyway, i'm looking fwd to meeting u and the rest too tomorrow!

take care darling!

Pak Tuo said...

salam Bloosom,

minum air suam banyak-banyak dear.


AM said...

CAN! hehe.

spidey said...

u kena busy-hazzard-syndrome. cepat ke klinik relax-and-stay-calm, insya Allah...tak tahu apa akan terjadi. hehehehe

blossom said...

c u later! insyaAllah

pak tuo,
tks for the reminder. memang jarang minum air jarang/suam.

tks for the support! =D

my klinik relax-and-calm - are during relaxing outings with family or during classes. :)

Zee Dva Haven said...

Your first four lines - I attest to the truth. It happens to me many, countless times. I alwats dream of DOING work while that SAME work is pending. And when I wake up, I realise I have been fooled. Because the SAME work is still pending and it has not moved any mirco inch since I last left it. Blame it on our subconsciousness. Nak tido pun tak tenteram.


U just gave me an inspiration for another one of my poetry. Thx.

Yours Truly said...

salaam sweetie,

lama tak jenguk sini, hope all is well on your side. =)

AM said...

last night I mimpi buat all the thing that I have to do today: attend court, call client, write to another client.

bangun tido rasa macam dah betul2 buat semua tu. leteh betul.

blossom said...

sorry dearies, for my late replies..

after that incident, i dream of the same work some more. then last night I attended wedding dinner and at night i dreamt of the wedding dinner. hmm..

looking forward to reading it when ready :)

hi yt!
i'm ok alhamdulillah. and i hope you'll succeed in ur endeavours. :)

kesian eh.. tidur pun penat.. haha.
hopefully tak sampai mengigau cakap 'OBJECTION!'

ok! got to go to work!


As I's finished and posted. Silakan over.....

blossom said...

alright! driving there now...