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Monday, March 19, 2007

music to my ears

M Nasir's Suatu Masa, is one of my all time favourite. Ruffedge's Membebel, in fact the whole album is ok for me, S07, I think peter pan only sound good on records. and the only album i like is Bintang di surga. I like Spider too, thanks to Hadi (his favourite band). I like Mariah Carey's old songs - her first album - (before she decided to bare most of herself). I like The Beatles - i think all singers should learn their music.

I like some of P Ramlee's songs too, sung by him. I like Rabbani. I like Zain Bhikha - very melodious voice. I do listen to, and like some of Scorpions and Rainbow or Pink Floyd, or the likes.

I like some of the classical music or anything that sounds classical. If only akon's 'smack that' had more decent lyrics, i wud have liked it too. Micheal Jackson's songs are also nice - he is talented.

You get it. I can listen to all kinds of music - catchy tune, decent, bearable lyrics.

but these few weeks, the volume on my car stereo is set to '0'. No radio, no CD. Just the sound of the car engine and tyre against the road.
It's been hectic, stressful, these few weeks.
And some peace and quiet is what I want, when I'm driving, alone in the car.

currently listening to : Misyari's recitation of Al Baqarah.

Here are some overdue and recent pictures. :p

apom and tose.., drowned tose..


spidey said...

i listen to all sorts of music include chinese opera. it's actually nice, u noe. i'm great fan of slow rock. once my gals were so into hillary, now hanna montana pulak. smtimes i can hear the song in my head, "we get the besstttt in both world." whatever the lyrics are.

& of course, quran is always the best!


Belum cuba Misyari's recitation.....hmmm must try to find.

I usually have recitations by Sheikh al Ghamdi in my MP3.....and some other rojak songs. c{:^)

NurFiza said...

Hey Darling Bloss,

Know it has been very stress, hectic weeks for u. Try to relax whenever u can.

Take Care.

Love u always!

AM said...

Suatu Masa is my all time fav!

ya, bila jiwa kacau, I turn my radio to IKIM station and listen to some ayat Quran/tazkirah. memang soothing.

Yara said...

Like you I don't stick to just one genre of music. Like you now I have not been listening to music for quite a while. But not due to stress but more of fatigue and lethargy. When I feel better then my ears will start listening to music again but for now the mp3 is silent.

I agree with Spidey "& of course, quran is always the best!"

blossom said...

Ok.. u betul punya versatile.. i belum ke tahap chinese opera.
in fact.. i also totally don't get any kind of opera..

u can go to my link yang tulis.. Quran recitations tu.. kat situ ada Misyari. I like.

I stress, jumpa u aje da tak stress :)

ya lah.. sometimes.. after a while, that's all, yang soothe.

so kira u ikut season u la? musical season or not..