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Monday, March 05, 2007

multi tasking, the next level

boss : i think we need to finish those testings by tomorrow - that's urgent. and then, the reports also, we need to clear. what about the other module - can we start tomorrow? data migration, we'll let users check.

J : testings and reports both urgent, which one to do first?

boss : it's best if you can do it parallely.


I know lah..we women can multi task. but this is taking it to the next level ...

blossom multi tasking

p.s. hafiz, and dont' tell me i'm a Drawer. I want to be a Dresser. :p


Simply Me .. said...


Busy huh? Hope everything goes well for u darling..

Nice drawing!

* You pun dah jadi se-creative & se-kaki like pink dgn bro JenGGo .. Syabas!


Muhammad Hafiz said...

ermmm... kak... i tink u... ermm... a dresser yg ada DRAWER!!!! bluek!! Multi-Task---> Multi Talented!!! MARHA MARHA!!!

AM said...


multi tasker, extraordinaire, we women are.

AM said...

* multi tasker extraordinaire (no comma intended) :)

blossom said...

ah ah.. busy giler.. (abis buat apa ni eh? jawab comments?)

masyaAllah. like you mah..

Girl Power!! =D

spidey said...

waa...blh tgk notes & laptop at the same time. tak kero ke mata? LOL!

blossom said...

bole kero ah gitu.. tapi tak nak draw gitu ah.. nanti tak cantik ;)

DzulRena said...

very cute drawing...

and was indeed multi-tasking eh.... till sempat reply comment hehehehe ~wink~

blossom said...


=D and still trying to increase the tasks in multi tasking ;)

che'fara said...

hello dear :)

blossom said...

hi che'fara!

Azer Mantessa said...

:-) more on women can do multi-tasking please


arin said...

women-multitasking... selamat hari wanita!

blossom said...

insyaAllah.. if there are new feats on multi tasking, that's worthy to 'brag' about..
mana tahu boleh masuk guiness record.. =D

hari ni.. hari wanita? :) yeah!
ok.. so what will we get today..
btw, selamat hari wanita to you too!
err.. if you're a woman la.. masa2 kini names can be misleading ;)