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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yesterday in muhasabah

Few things I think I should improve on..

1) Being more serious.
I'm actually quite talkative and I'd be cracking silly jokes in class. Tak lah sampai attracting the whole's class attention, just the close ones - but still..slalu gitu, no good leh. Memang dari dulu.. dari kecik2. I remember when I was about 6-7 yrs old, satu hari tu, I was quiet. The ustazah was actually quite concerned, and asked, "Awak sakit ke? Kenapa awak senyap aje hari ni?" Wahlau.. sampai gitu my tahap noisy. Sampai orang perasan kalau aku diam.

I think back, about how I was in class yesterday, and imagining if I had been more quiet, I'm sure I'll get the same response from my sisters.."why quiet? are you ok? are you sick?"

But I really.. REALLY.. should learn to be more serious among friends and colleagues. For God's sake..I'm getting old(er).. I do try from time to time, but most of the time I fail. Paling lama serious among friends, 15 mins i think. It's my current weakness. Of course sisters and friends enjoy this weakness of mine. We are all entertained.

But then again kan... takde lah sampai macam buat dosa gitu kan.. And when I need to be serious, I am. So, can I just stay the way I am? .... ok kot? Cuma dalam kelas tu.. cuba lah diam lebih sikit.

2) Appreciating what I have.
Sometimes I forget to appreciate my husband. Actually when I think about it..memanglah I should be thankful. All the things that he let me do - go for extra classes, get my own car, hang out with girlfriends, go Malaysia with girlfriends. Of course, he also gets to do his own stuff. So I really appreciate this 'alone' time we have. Tak lah kena mengadap each other every other time. Having my own set of friends, my own time, keep me being interesting, to me. I'm not bored. I enjoy everything that I am. Alhamdulillah.

So, when he doesn't adhere to my unreasonable requests at times, I must learn to accept and remember all the other stuff he has done or allowed me to do.
And I must also remember pesanan dia.."Jaga maruah diri and maruah suami". InsyaAllah.

3) Time management
I must not try to accomplish so many things in a short span of time. Must not be too ambitious. Set my priorities right.

Ini aje lah for now..even though there is still so much more in my mind. Kalau list all the things I should improve on.. tak abis post.. Sesungguhnya kita ni dhoif (lemah)..

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MySoul said...

Blossom, you're doing just fine with the way you are now. Being 'noisy' is not dosa, cuma maybe we sisters shall try to be more serious in class ;)