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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Multiply dah kawin 3

Waaah.. Multiply blogs can now be linked to LiveJournal, Blogger and Typepad. So now, whatever I post here (in Blogger) will also be available in Multiply.

Memang for blogs, I was only using Blogger, perhaps because I'm more comfortable with the look and feel of Blogger's blog, compared to Multiply's Blog. But for photos, I feel that Multiply punya photo page is nice.

For videos, I still use Youtube.

Actually this post is also to test the cross-link. I want to confirm if it's updated to Multiply without any hitches. =D

Ok.. mari kita gi tengok if it's updated!
(teringat cerita P Ramlee punya dialogue - "mari kita tengok siapa yang kenaa!!")

Happy trying!
Selamat mencuba!

p.s. 1...2...5...30min...1 jam kemudian.. Tak update pun kat Multiply?!.
how da de?

p.s. 11pm.. masih takde. However the later post.. the muhasabah thing WAS posted automatically...
Oh well,.. kalau go, then go lah.. kalau tak...still ok.

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