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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sunflower surprise!

I was diligently doing my work (sambil chat), when suddenly at about 3pm, Wati called. Ada delivery for me. I went out to the reception...a big bunch of sunflowers! From my lovely sisters, teddie, pink and sleeping beauty (macam mana kita boleh dapat all this silly nicks? oh cerita dia panjang.. di simpan untuk hari lain, waktu boring2 takde cerita)

Blossom, May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love.  Your sisters : Teddie, Sleeping Beauty & Pink
The surprise on my desk, brightening my afternoon.
Laptop and muvo slim not included.

Sunflowers: $50
Bath crystals that comes with sunflowers : $10
Delivery to TUAS! : $20
Dinner spent discussing this delivery : $20
How I felt, and the BIG smile on my face when I read the card : priceless!

Thank you all! I'm sooo touched and I'm very blessed to have sisters like u all. Love u all, for the sake of Allah SWT.

Sooo, I told hubby lah kan..
"u know, I got flowers delivered to my office!"
"HA? wah.. from who ah?" (jealous jugak..)
"From the girls lah.."
"ooooh. (a pinch of guilt)..actually I nak hantar u pokok.. abeh takde."

Just now pun my bro pun ada send birthday greetings thru sms. Ingat jugak adik aku ni.. I better not forget his! I shouldn't - it's on hari Merdeka Malaysia.

Last night pulak, Baby nur da sms at 12.54am.. (korang ni tak tidur ke??)
As'kum Kak Erni! Happy birthday! May Allah bless you with iman and love, not only today but 4 e many yrs ahead insyaAllah. Love ya and take care! Muah!
:) Ameeeen.. Tks baby! and Happy birthday to you too!!! love u ..

Then..tadi balik kerja, my sweet girls, headed by Hanaa, presented me with a black and white brooch.. aawww so sweet! She said she knows that I like black, so she went to look for something black. Such a thoughtful daughter!

I'm so blessed, masyaAllah. Alhamdulillah.

Someone promised to buy me Pure White Linen, Estee Lauder. Something I totally will not buy for myself. But a gift? =D I accept any gifts of perfumes.** Apparently, this one is not launched in Singapore yet. But we saw it in KLCC last week!
Oh well.. it's ok. I take rain checks. ;)

** Narrated 'Azra bin Thabit Al-Ansari:
When I went to Thumama bin 'Abdullah, he gave me some perfume and said that Anas would not reject the gifts of perfume. Anas said: The Prophet used not to reject the gifts of perfume.
Sohih Bukhari, Volume 3, Book 47, Number 756


bisutulibuta said...

eppy bday

beautykhim said...

happy belated birthday.. wish u be happy everyday!

blossom said...

btb, tku very much sir.

bkhim, tks! we found each other online! hahaha..