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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Burgers and burgerdales

Ntah2 eh.. the word burgers ni, come from begedil.

Tengok burgerdale kan bulat, lepeh sikit (lepeh ke leper eh?..) Like how original burgers used to be. Only now they have made it flat to fit nicely into the buns. Maybe lah.. Then, diorang ingat begedil tu.. 'burger dale' . 'Dale' ntah budak mana ke binatang apa. And then back in America, they made their own burgers. And then back in Asia pulak (more accurately Malaysia) comes Burger Ramly (or Ramly Burger).

OR....... is it the other way around? Burgers - di amik jadi burgerdale??.. i mean begedil.

Or maybe... totally not related?


1) *Sigh* Sesungguhnya.. manusia ni... banyak membuang masa, memikirkan perkara2 yang langsung tak mustahak. Out of the 100% of subjects or issues that people think or worry about daily, only 15-20% are real important issues related to themselves. Hmm....
2) Actually this thought came about, when I was deciding to eat mee soto for lunch. Kalau tak keluar cepat, nanti burgerdale abis.

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