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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

BENCI banks!

Happy B'day fr ***Bank
Enjoy 6 mth S$ TD @ 2.5% pa $5K - $40K
Bring 3 friends & enjoy 2.8% pa Valid for 2 wks T&C apply Call 1800 00000000 for info. To unsub sms UNSUB ***Bank

Kasi up darah aku aje! Bank-bank ni punya tricks and tactics and constant harassments.

Generally, banks take every opportunity to encourage people to make a fool out of themselves by BORROWING money and pay them interest?!?!?! Oh, call it whatever they like.. 'overdraft', 'advance cash', 'ready credit', 'cash on line' - the base of all this is that you BORROW from them and pay interest. Bday org pun nak buat gini. What the FISH???? Da gitu nak suruh jebakkan kawan2 yang innocent?! Oh PLEASE!!!

People who truly need to borrow, cannot borrow. People who have money to pay them interests they encourage, harrass, to borrow from them.

Astaghfirullah.. today's businesses, especially banks ni, dah full of deceit and greed. VERY difficult to find honesty in businesses nowadays. Kalau ada satu yang honest, boleh sampai jadi news.

So people.. PLEASE lah.. don't fall into their stupid trap, their flashing money across your face to make you take up loans that you don't even need.

Macam AMEX lagi teruk punya case menjolok orang. They will actually send you a cheque of a certain amount of money like 5K. You just need to bank into your account and you're in debt with them. When I get this kind of letters.. aku koyak2 kan.

I wonder how much they spend on printing this colourful, uniquely cut, deceit letters to send to people - sungguh2 membuang duit - baik pegi route those costs to helping ease world hunger & poverty.

They of course, totally don't care what you use the money for and what happen to you after that.. just as long as they get your loan, a signed contract that promises them your constant flow of blood money.


p.s. No offense to friends and family working in banks. Asal diorang tak talipon aku suruh amik loan, offer credit card.
"Don't call us, WE'll call you, IF we need it"
And MAYBE there are banks who are not like that. Bank with Islamic Muamalat rules, is better.

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