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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Big Event

Yesterday, hubby suruh pegi dengar a talk/forum by Ustaz Ismail Kamus, Professor Datuk Hashim Yahya, both from Malaysia, and Ustaz Nazirudin Mohd Nasir from Singapore. Hubby once attended a talk by Ustaz Nazirudin and dia kata ustaz ni bagus and he is proud that we have such an asatizah kat Singapore. Pink pun pernah cakap dia bagus. So I pun terkilanlah nak nak dengar.

Rupanya this talk is on Isra' Mi'raj, Satu Analisa.

Actually kan, when I was learning about Islam, sebenarnya, I doubted the event of Isra' Mi'raj - due to my kejahilan. Astaghfirullah. Then I found it being mentioned in Al-Quran and Sohih Al-Bukhari. And I believe.

Some quick facts:

1. Isra' Mi'raj happened after the death of the 2 beloved people in Rasulullah's (SWT) life. (His uncle, Abu Talib, and his wife Siti Khadijah)

2. Before the journey, Rasulullah SWT was 'operated' upon. His heart was washed with the ZamZam water and filled with wisdom and faith.

3. He travelled on a white beast, smaller than a mule, bigger than a donkey - Al-Buraq. Satu kali leap/stride, it's as far as the eyes can see. Subhanallah.

4. Our daily 5 times prayers were prescribed by Allah SWT to Rasulullah during this event.

Now, the analysis.

Why was it that Rasulullah was made to travel to Baitul Maqdis first before the ascension to Heaven? The move was horizontal, then vertical.

Ustaz Nazirudin interpretes that as the importance of both horizontal relationship and vertical relationship. Horizontal relationship refering to our relations with all of mahkluk Allah SWT, i.e. other mankind, animals, environment etc.
Whereas vertical is our relationship with Allah SWT - and that covers the aspect of our ibadah.

Because walaupun kita solat 5 waktu, puasa tak tinggal, tapi mengutuk atau menganiaya jiran dia.. dia tetap akan dibalas jahat. Jangan kata neighbour.. buat jahat dengan kucing pun kena balas.

Another interesting analysis is, why make Rasulullah go through an experience that cannot be comprehended by the people of his time. Orang zaman tu, talipon pun takde.. TV and VCD jangan cakap ah..

Well, mukjizat Rasulullah SWT is everlasting. E.g Quran yang sampai sekarang pun masih The Amazing Quran. Orang dulu2 iman dia kuat. When Rasulullah SAW related this incident to his people, diorang percaya, without a doubt. No matter how bizzare it might have sounded. But skrg, kita dah dapat lihat kebesaran and understand how advanced that event was. 1400 years ago, dah ada 'wireless tv' - where Rasulullah was shown the Baitul-Maqdis right in front of his eyes, to describe to his people. Then there's the travelling at the speed of light. Only now scientists sees the possibility. However, even at this time, man with their current capabilities, is not able to travel at the speed of light(about 300,000 km/s - over a billion k.p.h.). When they can, the concept of time as man know now, will be different.

That's the highlights of the eventlah..there were other incidents about the isra' mi'raj being mentioned also. But after that came the Q&A. The people were allowed to also ask questions not related to isra' mi'raj.

Then ada orang tanya..'kenapa orang yang kerja, masih find it difficult to perform the 5 daily prayers?' eh? tanya question ni kat ustaz2 tu.. manalah diorang tahu. Bukan diorang yang tinggalkan solat kan?.

then ustaz Nazirudin, who was picked to answer, said, kalau seseorang tu, dapat menghayati dan memahami the reason for his solat, then, he'd be able to enjoy his solat, and make an effort not to tinggalkan solatnya.

But I wish he had said more to that. About the whole thing about solat, why we must solat, what we do in solat, what solat does to a Muslim. But I guess it is a big topic and he only has about 5 minutes to answer. :p

Overall, I benefited from the talk, my required dose of input.

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