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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

within my neurons

or someday, cat steven cross the road also.

You haven't seen that skit? Go watch, find -aha teaching english, at youtube.

What I was going to say is... sometimes, I really wish I can talk about all my issues to someone.

But you can't tell it all to someone, because someone may know the subject someone that some of the 'all' is related to, and you wouldn't want someone to know THAT about the subject someone.

Or, sometimes you want to tell a closer someone, but the closer someone is too close to you to understand, and may react defensively, for my own good no doubt, but an overeaction I would think. And I want to avoid that. Like how a child will not tell the parent EVERYTHING that has happened to them. I'm aware of that - I went through that.

So I keep it to myself, and I let it out like this.. but for what?
To remind me that there is something going on in my life? It makes me more interesting?

Sometimes we are.. I am.. quite pathetic like that.

this blog, was suppose to reveal my inner thoughts, what is within my neurons.
I wanted to pen down, what peculiar stuff I was thinking about. I want to read them back months or years later.
And smile at my own thoughts.

Can I start doing that again?

Maybe I just did.

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