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Monday, April 13, 2009

uninvited guest at our not so new house

I didn't tell you yet right? - that we had an uninvited guest early last week.

It was a weekday, and we were all not home, except for Rus.

Rus was coming out from the kitchen, when she noticed something moving at our balcony. She quickly realised it was a monkey. It was happily sitting there, facing the pool, enjoying the breeze and eating our inti-less kuih pau.

Rus scolded him in Javanese with local Malay style, since the monkey is afterall, a Singaporean. Translated as "Hey! waaah.. you happily eat my pau?!". The monkey was surprised by her surprised action, and quickly went away, with another pau that was already in it's other hand.

The thing is, the plate and serviette cover looked like it was untouched. Only when you lift the serviette, you'll notice the 2 paus missing. :)

When my husband told me about the incident, I reacted with excitement. He was not so happy that I was happy about it. If I was home at that time.. I would surely have run for my camera and the picture, if good, would probably be on this blog already. :D

But no lah, I won't consider inviting the monkeys over. We definitely do not want that to become a habit.

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