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Friday, April 17, 2009

a plan to reach higher

I've told my friends.. I want to climb Bt Tabor in Melawati Malaysia, before I turn 40. One of them, Aida, married with children like me too, has offered to go with me. :) And after one or two plans yang tak menjadi, we are finally going tomorrow! I mean tomorrow go KL, then Sunday morning we climb.

The main purpose of the climb, is to watch the sunrise and snap some pictures. Second purpose to for me to accomplish a slightly higher place, by foot.

Coincidentally, I started on a book called Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin - on humanitarian efforts. Greg Mortenson is a REAL mountain climber. And his descriptions about the difficulties in climbing, and how all that is rewarded by a beautiful sight when you reach a high place - is really making me more excited. It's like motivating me. :D

Okay... granted, Bukit Tabor is not even Gunung Ledang. In fact, Anis said, we can take a 'leisurely stroll' if we're early. I wonder how easy it is. But anyhow, this is my own target for accomplishment, my own small goal.

Oh yes, I was saying about how I haven't charged my camera batteries? Yes, I've remembered to charge it last 2 days. For both cameras, all batteries and the spare one also. As I was telling Nurleen, imagine bringing my camera and tripod and what-not, and reaching the top only to find that all camera batteries are flat! Then I'd have to plan and make another trip to KL again. Hmm.. which doesn't sound so bad. :)

I pray and hope it doesn't rain on Sunday morning (Ameen), cause my husband asked me to promise not to climb if it rains. I promised him I won't do anything stupid and dangerous - I want to go back and see my children also. insyaAllah. Ameen.

So, yes.. I need to pack later, but I have to go for a farewell dinner first. I'll pack tomorrow morning.

MasyaAllah. :)


| nur hafizah | said...

hey darls,

i forgot that u're going to panjat till kak aida msn-ed me this afternoon. anyway, wish u both well. may u both have a safe journey to and fro, insyaAllah. Ameen. Take care aites.


MHB said...

congratulations! you did it!! masya-allah ;o)

madame blossom said...

thanks fiza.

thanks mhb :D