Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Thursday, April 16, 2009

praying for a safe journey

everytime before a journey, especially without my family, I'll have this thought like, what if I won't return home, alive?

Then the funny thing is, I'll be quite conscious of what I say to loved ones. I'm afraid to tell them things I seldom tell them.. or saying 'take care' or like suddenly call my mum, or tell my friends we shall meet when I return, insyaAllah. Cause that would remind me, you know about how you read in newspapers about somebody's death and how they'd say 'allahyarham/ah' said this and that before he/she left. I don't want to imagine that coming out in the papers.

But I know, whatever is going to happen is decreed. (Just as mentioned in the poem below :) ) So I'm just going to pray for my safe journey, and hope you do too.

May Allah forgive us all our sins, and give us long life in iman, health and wealth, goodness in this world and in the HereAfter, and make our life meaningful and not wasteful. Ameen.

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