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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a useful gift to give

what good is a PSP to a poor boy in a village, when he can't find a proper place to recharge his toy? Instead, what the boy would appreciate more, is.. not too much food neither very expensive ones, but just a little more that what they can afford then. Or a change of school clothes and some school books and that is more blissful for them.

And a gift bring more happiness to those who can't afford most things, than to those who already have most of what they want.

Then, what do you give a rich man? Nothing expensive and branded - you'll be wasting your money cause they'll have their own specific taste. I think a good book is good - or just something he can't get in his rich man's world - which may be cheap.

I know of well-off people, who get loads of presents for their kid's birthday, most are unopened for years, and then sometimes 're-cycled' and given to someone else. I'm sure they keep a tag lah, of who gave them that, so that they don't end up giving it back to the same person. But you see.. what is the point of all these? It's not appreciated, not on purpose though - it's not even the receiver's fault, actually. They just don't need those stuff, not to mention the clutter.

And what I surely would like to avoid, is to give/receive a gift, that was bought without much thought. That is, bought just for the sake of giving SOMETHING. Like I have MANY photo frames still unopened in the drawer.

If we don't have the time to actually think of something USEFUL to get, I think we should just give money. Then, they can get what they want. :) Like the other day, when Hadi got money for his birthday - he collected them all, and now he can get an mp3 player for himself. great.

I believe the best material gift that one can give a person, is something that we know she wants, but has always been reluctant to get, because they don't want to spend on such 'luxury'. Or it is something that they want, but it's difficult to get. Then suddenly, he/she gets it as a gift. 10 secs bliss. Ok.. maybe an hour of bliss. THAT, I think, would be the best material gift.


Anonymous said...

do you really think those who have given your frames did not give much thought before getting you that photo frame? is that a fair statement to make on a dear friend who has bought you the gift wishing that you would place a nice photograph of you and a dear friend? maybe that dear friend is not too dear to you after all. anyways accept gifts from friends and strangers with open arms and open hearts, for its the present that we must treasure before it becomes a past. just a thought.

madame blossom said...

dear miss anonymous,

you have a point. :)