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Thursday, April 30, 2009

jane austen book club

Last night, hubby watched TV in the room, which means that I'm 'forced' to watch also. Normally, I'm just too lazy to turn it on - which is good for me. Cause, when I start watching TV, and there happens to be a good (entertaining) show on (like Monk), I'll end up glued to it, even after the program.

Anyway, we were watching American Idol & Get Shorty (hubby was switching channels - he's good at that, I just leave him be). As I was telling him, it's very obvious who the American Idol will be. Of course, Adam Lambert, insyaAllah.. and the runner up - either Gokey or that lady. But based on my suspected male/female ratio of voters, for which there will most probably be more females, cause males usually watch sports or, even if they watch this show, only half of them will bother to vote - yes, based on those suspicions, I think Gokey will be runner up.

But the main purpose of this entry is actually, to state how I've watched and like the movie jane austen book club, which happens to be after the movie Get Shorty, on HBO. Since I have not watched that movie, and it was on, I stayed up to watch. (see!)

I cried. Why did I cry? Oh yes.. I always cry at scenes when the woman who is strong emotionally, or containing her emotions for quite a while, breaks down at some point, or they falter sometimes - yeap I always cry at those parts. Like for all the 3 times I watched Sense and Sensibility, I'd cry buckets when Emma burst out crying towards the end.

I guess it's because I really look up to, and aim to be an emotionally strong woman... and I do realise, at some point, those emotions may struggle to be released, in one way or another - we are after all, human, and a woman at that.

The two woman characters that affected me most in the jane austen book club movie, were the single blond friend who was trying to get a guy for her just-divorced girlfriend, and the pretty lady teacher who was emotionally ignored by her husband (not intentionally) while being seduced by her cute student. No, I don't remember ANY of their names.. of except Grigg - because that was being mentioned so many times and even spelled out. Yeap, Grigg is the widget, used to distract the divorcee from bellowing over her ex-husband.

But what I DON'T LIKE about this movie is that, someone in the production group, is obviously promoting gay relationship - and trying to make it look oh-so-normal and acceptable. It is still NOT normal, and it's NOT acceptable, no matter how much they try to make it sound like it's some kind of natural human condition. It's not. It is a serious social and humanity issue, it is a psychological problem that needs to be tackled. They need to be saved. :-/

It's so important to be conscious and aware of what some people in the media is subtly trying to plant into our subconscious mind. There is a new kind of jihad, that the morally-sound people needs to really get into. It's the media.

*ponders........ *

Well.. It's a friday kind of Thursday today, and I'm on half day leave. :D Yeah.


MHB said...

And Adam Lambert is gay!! sigh...

madame blossom said...

Alaaaaaaaa... although.. hmm. I was wondering that, from the way he moved last night. Tch.
so sayang.. kesian the girls.

Anonymous said...

Gonna watch the movie... sounds like my kind of movie.... =)

annjoeninna said...

Ms Anonymous was me...haha

madame blossom said...

:) when it first came out.. I was quite skeptical if I would enjoy the show. But I did.