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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The USS story

So finally I managed to convince my parents to come along with us to Universal Studios Singapore. My mom, cannot walk long distance. Her legs would hurt. I promised her I'll rent a wheelchair to push her around.

What came as a good blessing to that is, people on wheelchairs + 3 accompanying people get Express Access to rides! Haha. So my mum was coaxed into getting on a few rides, just so that we can get Express access. :p But we didn't make her go on the Mummy ride, Cylon or Human. The older kids got the Express tickets because of the crowd. It was worth it. An Express ticket, entitles you to the Express lane, but only once per ride. They went about on their own.

So when we arrived, the first ride we took was a Madagascar indoor boat ride - i forgot the name of the ride. Three quarter through the ride, the sound system broke down, and these mechanical characters were just moving about without accompanying music or dialogues. Needless to say, the ride was closed down for repair right after that. We were glad anyway that we managed to complete that ride.

Then we went for a few other rides and attractions, had our lunch and after that went for the newly opened Transformer ride. The Transformer ride was good! The ride itself is quite mild, with a few jerks here and there. It's the 4D scenes and effects that were awesome. As the ride was about to end and we were about to reach the alighting bay, the whole ride broke down. We were stuck in the capsule for about 10-15 minutes before they finally decide to let us out of the capsule and walk on the track. My mom survived the big step down from the capsule and the 15m walk to the exit. Alhamdulillah we were near the exit. So.. that ride also closed down for repairs right after that.

We were planning to go on the Battlestar Galactica rides (Cylon & Human). After the two breakdowns - we were not so sure. We had our solat and coffee breaks. We stayed around until night time. Finally hubby and I, did take the Battlestar Galactica rides - yes both of them - thanks to our children coaxing us to do so. It was.. hmm. crazy but fun. I nearly lost my voice. The older kids had gone on the two rides 7-8 times in total.

All in all, everyone had a great day at USS yesterday, alhamdulillah.

I won't be going there again anytime soon - unless we get free tickets. After a while you do find that it's all the same old thing, you know.

As I walked out of one of the last rides, I thought to myself, masyaAllah, subhanallah - how God granted knowledge and creativity to these people to invent such rides and experiences. Some quite amazing. Can't help wonder and thinking about how much more amazing Reality must be. Subhanallah.

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