Madame Blossom's Book of Poems

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

showing appreciation

One day, the boss of a manufacturing company that produces paper weights decides to get 3 brand new expensive cars for his employees. He asks his secretary to give it to Employee A, B & C.

Employee A receives the car without a word of gratitude whatsoever. He comes to work late now. Once, he even smashed the potted plants outside the office with the given car, and showed no remorse whatsoever.

Employee B is very grateful for the car. Every time he passes by the boss and his secretary, he would greet both of them, then say thank you to the secretary for the car. When the secretary reminds Employee B that the car was a gift from the boss and not her, he would tell the secretary to relay the gratitude to the boss for him, ignoring the boss who is right in front of him.

Employee C is very grateful for the car too. He doesn't thank the secretary. He doesn't thank the boss either. He buys the paper weight that the company manufactures, puts it on his desk, and everyday after greeting the boss, he turns to the paper weight to say to it, 'thank you for the car'.

What do you think of Employee A, B and C?
Have they shown due respect and gratitude to their boss for the gifts?

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