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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Science of Authenticity

The Science of Authenticity is a greatly needed subject in the modern world where lies and deceit are rampant.

This subject exists in Islamic studies where scholars are required to determine if hadith (stories of the sayings and actions of the Prophet SAW) are indeed authentic (sahih) - in order to avoid new practises or beliefs based on hearsay.

When I was studying U'lum Hadith - the Science of Hadith - I was very much amazed at the level of scrutiny the scholars of old, did on each hadith. Each informant of the hadith must be accounted for - until it reaches Rasulullah SAW. Alhamdulillah, by the 3rd to 5th lines of informant, people have begun to write books, and copies of these books exist to this day. E.g. Imam Malik's 'Muwatta', and Imam Bukhari's 'Sahih Bukhari'.

Not only does each informant have to be accounted for - their moral values and personalities are also studied. Are they known to be forgetful (even if it's a single word that he forgets)? Are they sincere and honest (even to animals)?

Those scholars of old have very very good memory. (If they sit for any exams now, I'm sure they'd get full marks.) Imam Bukhari was known to have memorised tens of thousands of hadiths - and he memorised each word and the names of each informant for the hadith and their traits. And of course, he memorised the whole Quran too.

Subhanallah. I'm not sure if there is anyone in the current times who can come as close, to his knowledge, intelligence and ability.

One thing common in these people of knowledge is that they are humble. Personally for me, if I meet someone who seems intelligent, but he is arrogant - I don't believe he has gained that much knowledge yet.

I believe that if someone has truly attained the desired level of intelligence and knowledge - he would naturally be humble. He would realise that his knowledge is still a meagre of the whole knowledge that is available on the earth, and not to mention, universe. He knows and he feels it, that these knowledge can only come from Allah SWT.

Noted - I digressed a bit.

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