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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

rebel with a reason

I posted this on FB

"Those who found Islam, not born Muslim, like to call themselves a 'REVERT' rather than a 'CONVERT' because they believe that finding Islam, is returning to the true nature of man - that is to submit to the ONE God.

Tattooed or pierced - masyaAllah.. that didn't stop him from being a better Muslim that a lot of born Muslims."

There's something else I wanted to say about this man. The other thing that I find interesting is that before he con.. REVERTED, he was a rebellious young man. He was a heavy metal punk musician, and he wrote songs about things he was rebelling about. He was angry about the state of his society. He questioned life. He was sure there is something more to it than just property, money, and wealth.

The point is, he had a stand. He wasn't doing stuff because he is following the crowd, trying to fit in or just plain vain.

I wish a lot of our Malay artistes or singers have something they stand for, that they want to share through their work and their songs. Then, to me, they have essence and substance. I admire singers who write their own songs to spread an idea or message. Of course the good ones. Even if they cannot write their own songs - they are choosy about the songs they sing.

I don't care much about singers who sing other people's songs, with no thought of their own. Those who become artistes not because they see it as a platform to do something good - but just as an opportunity to make money, be famous or be vain. :-|

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