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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

sunday morning at the hospital

This was Sunday morning, at KKH - hospital for women and children. It's quite nice.

The night before, Nadhrah had asthma. We brought her to the clinic at 10pm, for the neubilizer. But it didn't seem to make that much of a difference, and it only got worse after midnight. It was hard to see her having difficulty breathing, so tiring. kesian. I couldn't wait till morning. So at 3am, i decided to just bring her to the A&E, at KKH - for perhaps a stronger dose.

She was awake, but weak and very tired. She vomited just as we were about to reach the hospital. I got a wheelchair from the entrance and wheeled her in, thinking about her soiled dress.. mana nak cari baju seh pagi2 buta ni. I took our queue number - not many people around and it was immediately our turn. The nurse checked nadhrah's pulse and oxygen level, and then told us to proceed to the resuscitation room.

Once inside - I asked if they had any spare t-shirt of something, and the nurse let Nadhrah change into the hospital's top. Then onwards, it was like a scene from ER or Greg Anatomy..2 doctors came in and 5 nurses started to busy themselves around Nadhrah. They gave her oxygen, put a needle in her hand and started to give her 2-3 different injections through that, and taking her readings from her body and fingers. And all the while, Nadhrah kept her cool - just like before. She just wanted to hold my hand.

Then the doctor said, she has to be warded for 2-3 days. "Is it that serious?" I asked. "Yes it is. I am even considering to put her in high dependency unit for close monitoring, if her condition does not get better in the next 30 mins.".

Alhamdulillah, Nadhrah's condition did improve. She was put on the puff every 15 mins. An hour later, after handling her admission papers and all, we were at her ward already. And now they are giving her the puff every 30 mins. The doctor said, they will be monitoring her up to the time when she can get on 4 hourly puffs. And her oxygen level was low, so she had to be on oxygen until she can get enough of it, on her own.

MasyaAllah and with the very regular puffs and constant oxygen and timely medicine, she was recovering quite fast. By Monday afternoon, she did not want to use the oxygen mask already and seem comfortable. She also started to enjoy herself, going around the hospital on the wheelchair with her sisters, watching tv and playing games. She actually said, "best jugak eh tinggal kat hospital..." Oh ya, and the hospital food was not bad at all.

After 3 days, just now, she was certified well enough to be discharged. Alhamdulillah again, cause i was getting tired of staying at the hospital also, and sharing Nadhrah's bed for the last 2 nights. (The first night i slept on the chair). Actually diorang adalah kasi a simple reclining chair as a make do bed, but it's too low and tak selesa, compared to the bed. Luckily Nadhrah is small size, and so am I.

But when we were about to leave the hospital, macam sedih sikit. The staff there were very kind and helpful and prompt and friendly. Including this robot, it brings our meals daily.

It had been a very pleasant stay for me and Nadhrah.

And thank you to all your doa's and all those who came to visit and made Nadhrah's day brighter. We love you all!

cute bear from Sue's girls. Nadhrah said, she likes the card very much. :)

Nadhrah's ward and bed.

Gang yang ni pun datang.

On the last day, Nadhrah finally made acquaintance with the girl across our bed, Shania.

One last ride before we leave the hospital.


hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

nadhrah! chak!

AM said...

owh. Nadhrah rupanya. alhamdulillah everything's ok.

Zee SHK said...

oww.. sedihnyer baca. but alhamdullilah, semua ok. i showed my eldest the pic with the Jumbo book. he got excited, coz he is also doing it now.. he he

Yara said...

Alhamdulillah. Bless you and your family.

madame blossom said...

nadhrah tersenyum when she read your comment. :)

yes, alhamdulillah.. speedy recovery.

heheh - nadhrah pun suka do work on the Jumbo book, so that she also has 'homework' like her sisters.

Syukran kathiran.