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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

doing it with love

Once upon a long long time ago, hubby and I were strolling on the streets in Gold Coast, Australia, when I noticed a trash truck slowing down. A man in t-shirt and denim jumpsuit, shades and headphones on, got off and walked to the beat of whatever he was listening to, towards the trash bin. He picked it up, emptied it and was on his way, still to the beat playing on his headphones. I remember thinking.. 'the way this fella does his job, it's like it's the best job in the world..' And seeing him also makes me think that the job of a cleaner, don't look bad at all! In fact, it looks like fun - how that man was doing it.

And I remember it to this day. And sometimes I'd be thinking.. imagining.. see that kind of attitude, especially for the blue collared workers and the younger ones. Ada jugak ah I nampak.. kadang2 budak2 yang jual Ramly Burgers tu.. macam enjoy kerja diorang. That's good.

Cause u know.. every decent job is important. Kalau tak ada orang nak buat.. kecoh jugak jadinya. Imagine if nobody wants to empty trash bins or clean toilets. Boleh jadi national crisis...

You have to have some 'L-O-V-E' for the job you're doing . The determination to do the best you can, no matter what it is that you're doing. Cause every job we do, is for the benefit of another. Every job is an ibadah, when you do it with the intention to give the best, to the person receiving the product of your job. In the end, it will bring satisfaction to yourself. Especially bila kerja tu.. kita buat lillah, kerana Allah SWT - it's even more noble.

U know, I can sometimes see or even TASTE the difference in the food of a cook who loves his job, and the one who is preparing the food, just for the sake of earning. Serious!
U'll be able to see/taste it, especially if you frequent the particular foodstall.

Therefore we shud give our best in whatever it is that we're doing. And I'm not just talking about our jobs.. even our other tasks lah - apa2 pun. masak ke, mop rumah ke, kemas katil ke, cuci toilet ke... InsyaAllah, we'll be more contented and happy. I'm reminding myself too!!

There is a saying (which was quoted to be a hadith, but I really cannot find or confirm the source. One mentioned that it's from Imam Muslim - I cannot locate it. Then on another article it is said to be from Imam Tamadhi - whom I've not heard of so far, Imam Tirmidhi, I know. If anyone knows of the exact source of this saying, please inform me).

It says "Allah loves a person whom when he does a job, he does the job dilligently and to the best of his ability. " The arabic word used is 'amali tuqinah' which means 'does a job diligently and to the best of his ability'. Some arabic words are just so rich in meaning.


Happy working!


Anak Mami said...

happy working madame! Nice entry, sangat melekat di hati..

AM said...

saya yang sentiasa perlu diingatkan tentang perkara ini telah diingatkan lagi pada hari ini. terima kasih :)

Mak Su said...

enjoy and love your life, semua jadik mudah, ek

madame blossom said...

anak mami,
syukran :)

me too!

yeap, and to remember yang semua ni adalah Allah's test untuk kita jugak.

Yara said...

I love Allah. I love my job. I love my family. I love my friends. I love love.

madame blossom said...