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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


after i think,1 year or more after it's launch, i am finally trying out singapore's free wireless internet. trying out from a hospital (more on this later, hoping to come home today).

im trying fm wifi phone, not as complete as when using the laptop, but workable. like this post. not bad.

ok lah, more updates later.


Mak Su said...

congratulation, ada alternatif

AM said...

u'r in the hospital? mengapakah? hope everything is well.

Yara said...

Hope you get well real soon.

hAiRiL/spiderman_pink said...

just be careful not to drop the phone. the 8gb isn't flash, but harddisk. unlike the N95 :D

sahalfikri said...

very bad not having one (laptop or phone with wireless network)

madame blossom said...


a-ah, alternative yang baru skrg di explore.. lambat sikit.

itu lah.. baru post pasal hospital. all is fine now. alhamdulillah.

thank you. :)

hmm.. ok boss. seram eh. akan ku jaga dengan jiwa raga. insyaAllah.

hmm..sedih.. sedih ah jugak.. but u got a good camera kan? kan? ;)