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Saturday, January 12, 2008

death by scrabble

My life has been a rollercoaster this past 2 months, when it comes to my favourite gadgets.
1. lost my hp and olympus camera in KL. :(
2. came back and cannot find my smaller lumix camera after the children played with it. :((
3. got a new hp, after about a month, when hubby suddenly said, 'come let's go and get your new hp'. :D
4. And then I FOUND my lumix camera at home, stuck behind the daybed. :D :D
5. And then, I accidentally spilled water all over the laptop at the office. :(

All efforts to revive it proved futile:






i know.. not related. food are all fake.

The laptop is now just waiting for a qualified doctor/technician to declare it officially dead. I don't mind if they give me a desktop to work on instead or a 2nd hand laptop, cause it's my fault :(

Oh.. the title has got nothing to do with my laptop. No lah.. it didn't go dead because i played scrabble ke apa..

Just now I was looking for some short stories to read right after lunch, and I came across this cruelly funny story. Somewhat 'roald dahl'

Death by Scrabble - by Charlie Fish.
Charlie Fish probably plays scrabble all the time too.



AM said...

hahaha! Death by Scrabble is funny. err, and yes, in a sort of cruel way lah. heh. but I like it!

madame blossom said...

Ya! i like it too! how the story develops into something unexpected. :D

madame blossom said...


the laptop was suddenly alive at the service center. It's working well now. thank you.