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Sunday, October 08, 2006

One tough cookie

my tough cookie

"Hello, are you Nadhrah's mother?"
"This is her teacher. There has been an accident, and she's hurt."
"(oook....keep your calm..).. ok, how bad is it?"
"It's not bad, she's ok, but you need to take her to the doctor now. Can somebody fetch her?"
"(right.. if she's ok, why do we need to take her to the doctor now? how bad is 'not' bad). Ok...."

Last week Nadhrah had a slight accident. They were playing some games in class, she ran and fell. She hit the floor, and I don't know how, but her chin was koyak..

The doctor had to give her 3 stitches, but not before cleaning up the wound and giving her 4 injections to make the area numb. She didn't cry one bit throughout the whole procedure. The doctor was amazed. If fact the teacher said, she didn't cry after she fell, or while waiting to be fetched.

At home, she wouldn't let anyone else change her wound dressing, except me =D. While I was doing it, she said, "Nadhrah, takut sakit, tapi nadhrah tak nangis.. bila nadhrah rasa sakit nadhrah buat gini aje.. (she showed me how she clenched her fist and feet).

My girl, IS one tough cookie.

Korang nak tengok her stitches right?.. Here..


MySoul said...

How can Nadh, not be one tough cookie when you are simply just like that sis dear ..?

Anyway, for a girl of her age, maybe they wouldn't b as strong as her.

May she have a speedy recovery, insyaAllah, due to her strong will-power.

BQ said...

looks kinda bad, huh? Kesian Nahdrah. Hope she gets well soon. 8)

DadhaSpoke said...

Okay, will be seeing Nadhrah soon, bawak buah and bikut okay.

I just wanna share my policy (and company's policy) when it comes to describing a child's injury over the phone.

1. Never underestimate a child's injury. In this case, "not so bad" is unacceptable. Overestimate? If done professionally, can.

2. Describe the injury as accurate as possible; assure parents that child is getting the attention- not from other teacher but herself.
Sound out your suggestions BASED on past experience, otherwise first-aid knowledge.

3. A value-added act would be the school to send the child to the nearest clinic, bear the cost. At the same time inform parents.

4. Follow up with a call or better still, a visit to the child.

Yes, a the skin can koyak due to a fall. One student ran to the toilet, missed a step, hit his forehead on the edge of the toilet seat. The cut was deep. If i could remember, it looks like a baby's mouth. Before the child sees it, I used my bear hands to stop the bleeding.

Hope this will NEVER happen to the kids in our family.

nujum pak belalang said...

hmmmm....itu petunjuk seorang 'PERWIRI'.

blossom said...

I tough eh? mana u tau? =D

Looks bad, but she seems to be doing just fine.. cuma dia malu aje kalau orang tanya2 dia :)

I always think that u're among the best teacher a student can get. If I have a choice, memang I want u to become my children's teacher. sooooo dedicated.

p nujum,
siapa PERWIRI? si nadh ke.. si dadha?

DzulRena said...

oh my... it look kinda bad.. hopefully she will recover soon ya.. insya-allah..

Lady_A said...

hope she is feeling better now..

blossom said...

it was bad, but alhamdulillah now much better.. but got new story :(

alhamdulillah, she's fine actually. i don't know, dia tahan sakit ke.. memang tak sakit sangat. she's quite tough.