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Thursday, January 17, 2008

can you please listen faster!

while I was typing an email to pink, i heard someone on the phone saying, "aiyah.. can you please listen faster!" Ok, that's weird. I don't know how anyone can LISTEN faster - i guess she meant, digest the information faster or respond faster or stop asking questions. OR I shouldn't care.

Then, there was this one time, when i heard someone said "I'm not being rude, i'm just saying that you're fat." I don't know if I heard that wrongly or if she mispronounced the words - anyway that's what I thought I heard.

And at that time, I was on YM with pink. So I was telling her what I heard. At the same time also, I was doing a repetitive task - closing all long pending problem logs in the system - with standard remarks like "Closed based on meeting dated XX.XX.XX". So I'm copying this remark, pasting into the system remarks column, save, close log window.

When it comes to doing repetitive things, I can work like robot, and fast. openLog-paste-save-closeLog. openLog-paste-save-closeLog. openLog-paste-save-closeLog.

But I was also on YM with Pink kan.. in my robotic-speed tu.. I accidentally copied the "I'm not being rude, I'm just saying that you're fat"
OpenLog-paste-save-'OOOH Shit!!'-closeLog. Eeeeshh!!..I was too fast to even stop myself. And in that system, there is no way to edit or delete the remarks. Bagus kan?

Sometimes, I think I should slow down.

Happy Thursday!



Anak Mami said...

hehehe... kelakar la you ni..

I pon kekadang camtu.. if I'm typing and somebody said something to me like hello ke apa, I'll be typing that person exact word! Katun kan?

JenGGo said...

cutenya gitu... hehe..

Mak Su said...

hahaha, so, sekarang ni. copy faster ler? hihih

AM said...

uisyh. berdebarnya. hehe. cute la tapi.

bluewonder said...

now that's original!

BTW dont have twins.. they belong to my SIL.

have a nice day!

nurfiza said...

haha! u're cute as ever ..


madame blossom said...

anak mami,
tak kartun sangat la.. macam biasa jugak. Pernah satu kali.. otak berserabut dengan ntah apa2 ntah.. i nak start solat.. i said 'Hello' instead of Allahu Akbar.. pastu ketawa sendiri. ITU kartun.

:D eh? I totally didn't expect to get 'cute' for response. i hope i'll see you tomorrow!

sib baik task yang itu, time tu aje buat. skrg kalau lepas paste tu.. slalu check dulu.

memang berdebar time tu.. like.. 'apa nak buat ni?!?!' Then i consoled myself.. thinking.. they probably will not notice or read the comments out of the 100s of problem logs. I hope.

ooooooh.. :) have a sweet day you!